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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 351

“Kill! Save General Yang Wu!” An army rushed towards the Wolf Cavalry and the Xiliang Cavalry. This sudden attack caused the Wolf Cavalry to become startled. On the other hand the Xiliang Cavalry regained their will to live and broke out with unprecedented strength.

“Reinforcements! The Left General has brought reinforcements!” Hu Che Er shouted loudly. Hu Che Er originally wore the armor of a general and should have been fighting the Wolf Cavalry but he knew that he was in a terrible condition thanks to Wei Yan and avoided a direct confrontation. The Wolf Cavalry also chose to fight against the stronger soldiers which was why a crippled like him was overlooked. This allowed Hu Che Er to survive.

They had seen the battle between Zhang Xiu and Lu Bu. Zhang Xiu’s defeat had caused the Xiliang Cavalry to collapse. Hu Che Er also believed that he would have died there because he was a Qiang and also a crippled.

However, the situation has changed. Reinforcements have arrived. This made Hu Che Er’s will to live spark again. He was a heroic general serving as the Deputy General of the Xiliang Cavalry under Zhang Xiu. He may have been demoted after losing seven thousand troops but he still had his prestige. He issued a call for action, causing the Xiliang Cavalry to fight back for survival. Their strength had increased by three times. The Wolf Cavalry was unable to react in time, allowing the Xiliang Cavalry to rush out of a gap.

“Stop them! Stop them! Wipe them out!” The Wolf Cavalry generals and their soldiers struggled hard but the battlefield was already too chaotic for them to chase the enemy.

“Kill!” With Hu Che Er as a gathering point, the number of Xiliang Cavalry soldiers around him grew as time passed. About a thousand resentful troops followed him while the rest became difficult to help. A cavalry is more powerful when they grouped up. This was the only way they could show their strength.

“White Eared Soldiers! Kill!” The army carrying the name Liu had been so brave because they were the White Eared Soldiers. Their quality was on par with the Wolf Cavalry. With their presence, Liu Bei could continue to rise up again. The reason why Liu Bei brought the common people with him when running from city to city is because he wanted them to stop his enemy from chasing them while preserving the strength of his White Eared Soldiers.

Even amongst the White Eared Soldiers there are a few groups. There were also those that haven’t encountered a real battle before and then there were the veterans that knew that if they could not kill the enemy, they would be the ones dead. After killing plenty, they would finally become true elites. These true elites were all skilled warriors.

If the Wolf Cavalry was the King of Cavalries, the White Eared Soldiers would be the King of Infantries. The battle turned chaotic once the White Eared Soldiers joined the battle. The surrounded Xiliang Cavalry were now able to fight back again. The Wolf Cavalry used to be more powerful but after being ambushed, they now had less than two thousand five hundred men. That was half the number of the White Eared Soldiers. On top of that, they had already been fighting against the Xiliang Cavalry and had lost their momentum. This caused to them to be caught unprepared.

“Where is the Formation Breaker?” The Wolf Cavalry had suffered losses from the Xiliang Cavalry. Now, Lu Bu had encountered misfortune just as he was about to wipe out the Xiliang Cavalry. This made Lu Bu angry. Also, the Wolf Cavalry would not be able to hold out for long if they continue to be attacked from two sides.

“Gao Shun is here!” Gao Shun appeared from behind. Lu Bu had brought three thousand Wolf Cavalry to fight against three thousand of the Xiliang Cavalry. The remaining Xiliang Cavalry that belonged to Zhang Xiu were held back and then slowly wiped out by the Formation Breaker and the Taishan army. The Taishan Army was still clearing up the mess behind them but Gao Shun went over to Lu Bu’s side as he was worried. As they had worked together for a very long time, Lu Bu understood the operation methods of the Formation Breaker. Likewise, Gao Shun knew not to interrupt Lu Bu’s battle against Zhang Xiu. Now that Lu Bu called out for him, he quickly appeared.

“Formation Breaker! We fight to the death!” The Formation Breaker had ambushed seven thousand Xiliang Cavalry with five thousand men but only lost two hundred men. They did not suffer much losses and immediately joined the battle.

The Formation Breaker were also amongst the top of heavy infantries. They have also gone through more battles than the White Eared Soldiers. The things they have experienced was so much more compared to the White Eared Soldiers. Although not all of the five thousand soldiers in the Formation Breaker went through those experiences, they were trained by Gao Shun.

The two heavy infantries fought each other. This was not the first time they clashed against each other. The first time happened at Xuzhou but the ones that fought was only a small part of the White Eared Soldiers. At that time, Liu Bei’s main army had gone to fight against Yuan Shu. Although Liu Bei wanted to take revenge when he attacked Xuzhou, he did not want to become Cao Cao’s bullet and did not dispatch his troops. Cao Cao also did not mind as Liu Bei was his ally and had given him a good fighting situation.

It was finally time for the inevitable battle between the two heavy infantries. Both sides fought at their very best, knowing that death would await them the moment they drop their guards.

Gao Shun and Chen Dao commanded their men to fight. In comparison, Gao Shun was less passionate than Chen Dao but he was also calmer. His calmness allowed the army to move like a rabbit. They would be motionless but the moment they moved, the enemy would be dead.

“Kill!” The battle between the two heavy infantries was fiercer compared to the other battles. This is because both sides wore heavy armor, protecting them from the blades. In the end, the soldiers could only die if their head gets cut off or their chest caves in.

“Slave of Three Surnames! Let General Yangwu go! Come and fight your grandfather Zhang for three hundred rounds!” The White Eared Soldiers engaged in battle against the Formation Breaker and nearly half of the Wolf Cavalry. Zhang Fei rushed out to fight against Lu Bu alongside his elite Qingzhou Army.

“Renegade Zhang Fei! Your grandfather Zang Ba is here!” Just as Zhang Fei rushed towards Lu Bu, Zang Ba also arrived. Zang Ba had five thousand men. Three thousand joined the battle while two thousand were made to guard their provisions.

However, Zang Ba’s troops was unable to stop the Qingzhou Army as he had been intercepted before this. A soldier carrying a sword charged towards the Taishan Army.

“Move aside!” Zang Ba step forward to eliminate this person. The man that stopped them was not someone that Zang Ba recognized. He could recognize Liu Bei’s generals and knew that Liu Bei had four powerful generals. The first one was Guan Yu who became famous after slaying Hua Xiong at Hu Lao Gate. The second one was Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei was uncouth but he was as powerful as Guan Yu. It would be difficult for Lu Bu to deal with Zhang Fei. The third was Chen Dao, the general of the White Eared Soldiers. He could also be considered as the leader of Liu Bei’s bodyguards as Liu Bei would not put the White Eared Soldiers far from him. He was to Liu Bei what Zhang Liao was to Lu Bu. Although Chen Dao was not famous, he was also not any worse compared to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. The last one was Zhao Yun who had helped Liu Bei at Xuzhou but Zhao Yun now served the same side Lord as him.

Thinking that this man was none of the four generals, Zang Ba decided to quickly finish him off but he ended up surprised because the man was very skilled.

“Who are you?” Zang Ba asked in interest.

“The Left General’s subordinate, General of the Yuzhou Army, Liao Hua Liao Yuanjian!” The general replied. Liao Hua’s Army had also suffered heavy losses in Yangzhou and only had five thousand men commited to battle. The entire battlefield turned chaotic. Liu Bei brought all of his troops over to show his benevolence.

“Circle Eye Thief! I will let you go this time and deal with you in the future!” The Xiliang Cavalry now had the advantage as the Wolf Cavalry had to fight against the Xiliang Cavalry the White Eared Soldiers and also Zhang Fei’s men. Even if Lu Bu was powerful, he could not deal with all of these enemies and also Zhang Fei himself so, he chose to retreat.

“Hm?” The only one confused was Zhang Xiu. He had experienced a crushing defeat and even confirmed the truth about his skills. While in despair, reinforcements arrived from Liu Bei, a man he was cautious of. This is because Liu Bei was being too kind to Zhang Xiu to the extent that Zhang Xiu became afraid. Initially it could be about getting Zhang Xiu to deal with Lu Bu but that would not justify the good treatment he received after that. He received provisions and did not even need to fight. If Hu Che Er had not gotten ambushed along with the ambush he just walked in, he would not have lost a single man. Although Liu Pi had attacked the Xiliang Cavalry, Liu Bei had shown his sincerity by giving gold, horses and even Liu Pi’s head. Such an ally would definitely be conspiring something.

Zhang Xiu believed that Liu Bei would not come to save him. The man he dispatched was just for psychological comfort. He never expected Liu Bei to come with his entire army. Another confusing thing for Zhang Xiu was that Lu Bu refused to kill him. Even if Zhang Fei and the rest of the Liu Bei’s Army was charging over, all Lu Bu needed to do was swing down his weapon. After all, Zhang Xiu was no longer able to resist.

Instead, Lu Bu waited for Zhang Fei to approach. This was simply Lu Bu giving him a chance to live. Either way, Zhang Xiu did not want to die. He had just made a breakthrough. With some time, he would be able to improve. This prompted Zhang Xiu to take a spear from one of Zhang Fei’s men. Although he could not win against Lu Bu, he would still be able to defend himself.

Zhang Xiu took a deep breath and advanced towards Zhang Fei.


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