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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 380

The servant turned to look at the scene only to find himself dumbstruck. Liu Mang was sitting at his desk reading his book as though he did not pay any attention to the racket outside.

The only difference was that his robes looked lower than usual and that his chair looked taller than usual.

However, Lu Lingqi would not care about such things at this point in time. She had plenty of things to say to Liu Mang but now that she has met Liu Mang, she no longer knew what to say.

Liu Mang had been extremely occupied in his studies. He picked up a pastry to eat but the pastry had already been stained by ink. Despite that, Liu Mang did not care and just ate the pastry. Only he would know whether the ink was tasty or not.

“Lord Husband.” Lu Lingqi called out. When Liu Mang heard Lu Lingqi, he lifted up his head in annoyance as if wanting to find out who was the person that dared to disturb him. A pleasant surprise was shown on his face, hiding the panicked state he was actually in.

“Ling Er!” Liu Mang looked at Lu Lingqi happily. After all, she was his wife and one of the few people who is actually concerned about him in that world. Liu Mang longed to see her after several months of separation. Liu Mang wanted to stand but remembered that he was actually naked. Fortunately, Lu Lingqi did not mind. She simply looked at Liu Mang in a distracted manner and called for him.

Lu Lingqi acted like a woman in the bedroom. Liu Mang have seen such movements from Yuan Fang and Da Qiao before. These two women had learned the art, one from heritage and the other from books. They knew what men liked to see. On the other hand, Lu Lingqi was Lu Bu’s daughter. The things she learned was about how to take charge. As a result, her current appearance showed a huge contrast to her usual appearance.

“Is it nice to see?” Lu Lingqi asked as she spun in circles, like a beautiful fluttering butterfly.

“It is.” Liu Mang nodded. Lu Lingqi’s sudden change in style made Liu Mang’s eyes lit up. Her actions combined with the fact that Liu Mang had not seen her for a long time caused Liu Mang to want to walk towards her. However, he remembered his condition and remained motionless.

“Ling Er. You must be exhausted after rushing here from Yangzhou. Go and take a rest. Take proper care of your own body. I still have a little bit of military affairs that I need to finish. We can slowly continue this at the rear court once I am done.”

Lu Lingqi became disappointed after hearing Liu Mang’s words. She rushed here and had even learned tricks from Da Qiao to have more time to spend with Liu Mang only to find the man busy. Fortunately, she understood that Liu Mang was like her father. The both of them tend to walk on thin ice and any small mistake would cause a huge disaster. In the end, she nodded and agreed to leave.

Lu Lingqi’s response made Liu Mang relax. He would not be able to keep this up for long.

“What are you all waiting for? Prepare her a room and bring her food!” Liu Mang then shouted at the nearby servants. The servants then started to move to take Lu Lingqi away when suddenly another voice was heard. This voice had caused Liu Mang to panic again.

“Oh. Your Majesty is unexpectedly busy!” The voice was sweet and delicate. Although it should have been a pleasant to hear voice, Liu Mang only heard the voice of a demon.

“Sister Yu!1” Lu Lingqi saw the beautiful figure enter the room the moment she turned around.

Da Qiao dignified figure seemingly had unspeakable temperament. She looked at Liu Mang as if she had eyes that could speak. By right, Liu Mang should be spending more time looking at this beautiful woman. However, he was unable to stare directly at her as though he has a guilty conscience.

“Yu Er.” Liu Mang could not help but give a wry smile. The little tiger had been dealt with easily but the big tiger arrived. The heavens must really want me gone!

“Lord Husband. We have not met for many days. You still seem safe and sound.” Da Qiao smiled but her smile looked like a sneer to Liu Mang. Da Qiao was a person with high IQ comparable to women of the Huang Family. The only difference is that she uses her intelligence for household matters. Liu Mang only managed to survive this long because of luck.

“Lord Husband.” Another person called out softly from behind Da Qiao. This person was Yuan Fang.

“Fang Er.” Liu Mang greeted back. Yuan Fang did not speak much. She was the one that acts most like a woman from ancient times.

“Why are the both of you here as well?” Lu Lingqi asked.

“Sister Ling. Uncle said that we would need to sleep outdoors if we were to dally. As it is damp at Huainan, uncle was afraid that my body would not persevere.” While the dampness of the area was one of the reasons, the other reason was that Yuan Fang was homesick. After all, Shouchun used to be her home. The closer she got to Shouchun, the stronger her feelings became. Although Yuan Shu was a terrible Lord, he was a good father. He had raised his son Yuan Yao and his daughter Yuan Fang responsibly. He refused to place his son’s life into the hands of others. Unfortunately, his son’s luck was bad and his son had perished together with him. On the other hand, he took out all of his family heirlooms and information in Shouchun as bride price to ensure that Yuan Fang remains taken care of by Liu Mang.

As a result, Yuan Fang also decided to rush on ahead right after Lu Lingqi had left. They both arrived at Shouchun at roughly around the same time.

While Yuan Fang explained to Lu Lingqi her reasons, Da Qiao looked at Liu Mang silently. Her silence made Liu Mang break out in cold sweat. She looked as though she had caught him cheating on his wives.

Da Qiao looked at Liu Mang with a happy expression but it was also filled with doubt. She understood her husband after dealing with him for so long. She knew that he liked to read but it was never to the extent where he would miss food or sleep. The ink at his mouth was still dry.2

Da Qiao knew that Liu Mang hated to be disturbed when studying but found it strange that he could still be so indifferent after they had arrived. Normally, Liu Mang would go out to greet them as the man was weak to women, especially to those within the family. Lu Lingqi had tried to give Liu Mang a surprise and also tried learning a lot of tricks from Da Qiao to win Liu Mang’s favour. Da Qiao believed that Liu Mang would have certainly made a move from Lu Lingqi’s actions. Yet, Liu Mang remained indifferent with the excuse that he was busy. However, if Liu Mang was truly busy with military matters, he would not be in the study room. All of this made Da Qiao even more suspicious that something was going on.

Da Qiao looked around. Her actions made Liu Mang nervous. Although Da Qiao looked everywhere, she was still observing Liu Mang. From the corner of her eyes, she could see that Liu Mang had become extremely nervous from her actions. He had the expression of a guilty person.

Da Qiao’s suddenly tried to smell with her nose only to find a fragrance.

‘What is this smell?’ Da Qiao asked as she continued to smell the scent. The more she did, the colder her heart. In that era, men have not yet begin to wear perfume so the scent of perfume that Da Qiao noticed would definitely be from women. Besides that, normal women would be unable to afford perfume. This meant that Liu Mang had been unfaithful in Shouchun. As these scent did not come from the three of them, it meant that there was another women in the study room.

Although having four wives in ancient times would be normal, Da Qiao still felt uncomfortable by this. The first was jealousy. Liu Mang already had three beautiful wives at home. What more does he want? The second was the timing. If Liu Mang intended to cheat, do it when they are not around. Instead, he cheat on them and did not bother to come out and greet them when they had arrived. Da Qiao wanted to see how what kind of person was able to bewilder her husband to this extent.

“Lord Husband. That vase looks nice. That bookshelf looks nice too.” Da Qiao said as an excuse to inspect those two respective places. While the vase was big, it was not enough to hide a person. It was also fortunate that Lady Zou had been unable to climb the bookshelf or he would have already been busted.

Liu Mang agreed as he pretended to be calm. “Yes. The bookshelf is made from sandalwood. It is one of the things left behind here when my father-in-law left Shouchun!” The father-in-law mentioned by Liu Mang this time was Yuan Shu. “If you like, I can have people make you one!”

“Hm?” Da Qiao felt a sense of misgiving. She did not actually like that bookshelf even though it was expensive. She was used to a life of extravagance and did not care for that bookshelf at all. She simply wanted to find the person hiding in the room. She wanted to know what Liu Mang was trying to hide.

Da Qiao continued to look around by turning but found nothing. She felt disappointment that she could not find the person but at the same time, she did not want to be able to find that person. Those two feelings contradict each other.

After a while, Da Qiao gave up and called for a servant to prepare her room. Yuan Fang and Lu Lingqi had already left much earlier, leaving only Da Qiao and Liu Mang behind.

Da Qiao then approached Liu Mang. During this period, Liu Mang was screaming for her not to approach internally. He had never felt so tense even during life or death moments on the battlefield yet a single woman had caused him to end up like this.

Fortunately, this was just false alarm. Da Qiao went behind Liu Mang and placed her hand on Liu Mang’s shoulder.

A sweet smell drifted into Liu Mang’s nose as he felt his shoulders massaged.

Da Qiao felt that she had misunderstood her husband as she could not find the hidden person. Since she misunderstood her husband, she needed to make up for it.

“Lord Husband. You must be tired for the past several months.” Da Qiao’s had good massaging skills. Both she and Xiao Qiao were born after their father had grown old. Fortunately for their father, the two of them were filial. They had learned how to massage to make their father feel better.

After a while, her hands slowly moved down to Liu Mang’s chest, making him feel excited.

“Lord Husband. I know that you are tired. You may want to conquer the land but you must be able to balance your work. You should eat properly at night. Alright?” Da Qiao quietly spoke as she held Liu Mang’s face. The combination of his wife’s beautiful appearance along with the light breeze made his little brother stand up. That being said, the bigger problem was that Liu Mang was beginning to forget about the other beautiful woman that was hiding under his robes.

Lady Zou was touched by something, causing her to gasp immediately. This voice almost caused Liu Mang to jump. If Da Qiao were to haer this, Liu Mang would not need to see his three wives for the rest of the year.

“Hm?” Naturally, Da Qiao heard this voice and furrowed her brows. She wanted to look for the source of that voice. Unexpectedly, Liu Mang struck first and quickly gave her a deep kiss. Da Qiao’s eyes grew wide. She was unable to break away from Liu Mang’s strong grasp. On top of that, this kind of kiss is really rare in this era.

Da Qiao had truly loved Liu Mang. When she was kissed in such a way, she turned silly. The self-restraint of Liu Mang’s body dropped even further.

The one that suffered the most would was the woman under Liu Mang’s robes. This is because Liu Mang’s private part was now jumping up and down. She never had much space under those robes in the first place but that space had grown even smaller. In fact, his private part had touched Lady Zou’s face earlier.

Lady Zou was experiencing unspeakable suffering from Liu Mang’s continuously shaking private part. To stop the suffering, she had to stop it from moving. Unfortunately, she had to balance herself with her hands. With no other choice, she used her mouth.

Liu Mang groaned in pain and happiness.


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