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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 408

After feeling relieved about the situation about Linhuai, Liu Mang went to Xiangyang. It was not the first time Liu Mang had been in Xiangyang. He had once travelled to Xianyang in the modern era for the Three Kingdoms culture. Liu Bei’s three visits to Zhuge Liang happened in Xiangyang.

Xiangyang in the current era was not as big but it still had an ancient charm. Even though it was now a central area, it is still an important strategic town and a battleground for strategists.

Liu Mang looked at the walls of Xiangyang and noted that it was shorter than the walls of Shouchun and Wancheng. Xiangyang was surrounded by water which made the land damp and soft. On top of that, there was also the Jingshan mountain range that allowed one to clearly see everything inside Xiangyang.

It was not a city made for defense. Its actual defensive lines were other cities like Fancheng and Xinye. The Yangtze River was also one of its defenses. Once the enemy gets pass those, Xiangyang was already lost. On the other hand, Xiangyang is one of the most flourishing cities because of the heavy traffic from the river.

“Your Majesty. Milord is waiting for you in the city.” One of Liu Biao’s men respectfully said to Liu Mang.

“I understand.” Liu Mang nodded. No matter how flourishing this city was, it had nothing to do with him. Liu Mang wanted to make Shouchun a production city. He will make Shouchun the most flourishing city in all of China. He came to Xiangyang for provision to make that happen.

“Let’s go.” As soon as the soldier said that, Liu Mang took his first step off the boat and into the heart of Jingzhou.

As Liu Mang was surrounded by soldiers in formation, he drew the curiosity of the people of Xiangyang.

“Who is that person? He does not seem to be a guard.” One person asked.

“I don’t know. He must be a general!” Another person replied. However, his reply didn’t make sense. A general wouldn’t be escorted by a thousand men. Only the Lord of Jingzhou had this kind of extravagance.

“What general? This person is of even higher standing! If I say his identity, you would die from fright!” One little boy who seemingly understood the situation proudly declared.

“Hmph! Er Gouzi! What do you know? Why don’t you hurry up and become someone’s servant instead of acting so cocky!”

“Cocky? I know who he is. Do you?” Er Gouzi raised his voice as though he wanted to start a quarrel. However, the other people there was not willing to quarrel. They wanted to satisfy their curiosity more and decided to side with this Er Gouzi.

“That’s right! This Er Gouzi knows who he is. Do you? If you do then say it! If you don’t, get lost!”


“Hmph! Let me tell you! This person has very high status! He is related to the Emperor!” Er Gouzi stated.

“Ah! He is a relative of the Emperor?”

“Isn’t that just like Liu Jingzhou?”

“He is of even higher status than Liu Jingzhou!”

“What? He is of higher status than Liu Jingzhou?” The people started to frown. To them, Liu Biao was already of the highest status. They cannot help but sigh at this. Er Gouzi was very pleased with their reactions.

“Am I of higher status?” Liu Mang who had been training has improved hearing. He was able to hear their conversation. Although his official position was of higher rank, his was much younger than Liu Biao. As a result, it was not good to say who had a more dominant position.

“Let me tell you! Even Liu Jingzhou came out to personally greet him!” Er Gouzi continued speaking.

“Hm?” Liu Mang heard this as he approached the city. He could see a lot of soldiers and generals gathering. The one leading them was the elderly man, Liu Biao.


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