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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 416

Unlike the complicated situation at Jingzhou, the situation at Linhuai was easier to understand. Zhang Liao must confront an army with seventy thousand men.

His scouts had already been dispatched all over as he waited for Sun Quan to send reinforcements. He did not need to wait long for the scouts to report that troops were advancing towards Tuzhong at a really fast speed.

“General. We will be at the borders of Tuzhong after we get out of this forest.” Ling Cao told Lu Meng.

Lu Meng nodded in response. He and Ling Cao were close friends and grew up together. Although they were close, Ling Cao placed importance in military position and only addressed him as ‘General’ ever since they entered the military. Lu Meng was also forced to change.

“Zigan. Have the army set up camp inside the jungle to rest!” Lu Meng said to his friend.

“Set up camp in the jungle?” Ling Cao was stunned. What was Lu Meng trying to do? Weren’t they supposed to join up with the defenders as soon as possible to defend Tuzhong? Why are they resting so far away from Tuzhong? On top of that, forests could be filled with ambushes and could be set on fire.

“Haha. Zigan, have you seen the map? Once we leave the forest, it would be a plain. Do you think we can stop the Xiliang Cavalry on open plains in our exhausted state? Have you forgotten what the Military Advisor said to us?”

Ling Cao nodded. He knew what Lu Su had said and understood Lu Su’s considerations. However, he did not know why they had to set up camp. They could just sit on the ground and eat their provisions without setting up camp. “Setting up camp here or at Tuzhong wouldn’t make a difference!”

“The enemy is outnumbered and only have one thousand infantries. They would not be able to capture Tuzhong so quickly. If they want to capture Tuzhong, they would need to send their entire army. By camping here, we would be able to launch a surprise attack.”

“What about ambushes?”

“Zigan, can you hear those birds? No matter what, men would not be able to hide themselves from the birds. The birds will warn us if there is an ambush.”

“What about fire?”

“Haha. There are a lot of water in this area. As a result, it rains frequently. Fire would not start on its own so easily in such damp weather. If someone purposely start a fire, the fire could also be doused easily.”

All of this were proven war theories from the past. Lu Meng even took a branch to show Ling Cao how difficult it is to burn things in this jungle.

“This jungle will be our protection. Even the Xiliang Cavalry would not dare to enter this jungle! If they do come, hahaha. I will need to thank them for providing us with merits!” Lu Meng’s words calmed down Ling Cao’s anxiety. “Go and make the preparations.”

“Report! We found an enemy scout ahead!” One messenger suddenly said.

“So they have come?” Lu Meng nodded.

“General. Should I go and get rid of them?” Ling Cao asked. Only by killing the scouts can they avoid being detected.

“Why should we get rid of them? Let them know where we are! Don’t bother attacking them unless they come within hundred paces near the camp!” Lu Meng waved his hand. He wanted to tell his enemies that he is here and he is watching from within the jungle.


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