My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 53 - Liu Mang Become Bait once again
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 53 - Liu Mang Become Bait once again

Chapter 53 - Liu Mang Become Bait (once again)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by TearsOfLoki

Below Mt. Bagong, inside Urban Army’s camp, There is a general who was wearing Aries cloth and riding a warhorse whispering something in his mouth, and if one were to approach him, one could hear his mutterings. “Chen Old Man, Fucking old bastard with no asshole, this young master of yours will remember this day, the day that I became damned bait again!”

TL: As requested by eytr, I change Bagongshan to Mt. Bagong

This general was Lu Bu’s son-in-law Liu Mang. He was cursing Chen Gong along with the decision that was made during last night’s war council.

Due to what Zang Ba said about Mt. Bagong’s secret entrance, Lu Bu’s mood was much lighter now. So he called his senior officers and Liu Mang. Although Liu Mang’s division was just the small Urban Army, he was also commanding a battalion consisting of 1,000 soldiers, so he was required also to enter the war council.

”Milord, let my Formation Breaker division storm them tomorrow!” Said Gao Shun with enthusiasm. He knew that Lu Bu was angry due to the insults hurled by Chen Lan and Lei Bo just this afternoon.

“Formation Breaker had tried to storm them already. Milord, tomorrow let my Bing Province Heavy Cavalry to storm!” Even though Zhang Liao knew that this fight will be very hard to be win but he also knew that the original Formation Breaker had been crippled and the original member only consists less than 200 people. If any damage was to be taken again, Gao Shun will weep bitterly.

Therefore, Zhang Liao offered himself out of concern of his old buddy.

“Wow, both of you are so eager to fight, May I know for what? Is it to seize Mt. Bagong?!” Lu Bu teased his unit. It was the first time Lu Bu teased his unit. “For this time, both of you need to stand down, as for this fight, I have decided to use someone else other than both of you!”

“Hm?!” Gao Shun very puzzled.

Chen Gong then said “This time the leader is General Zang Ba!”

“Huh?! Zang Ba?!” Both Zhang Liao and Gao Shun’s brow both wrinkled. They were both surprised not because Zang Ba did not have the ability, but since the Battle of Kaiyang, He did not have any division to lead. How then will he lead the assault on Mt. Bagong?

“Zang Xuangao?” Liu Mang also looked at this person. In Kaiyang, this man has clashed with Lu Bu frequently, why he is still given a chance to prove himself?

“Xuangao knows Mt. Bagong have another secret entrance. That entrance will directly breach enemy lines. So, in this battle, I hereby, relinquished my command authority to Xuangao temporarily. So, all officers and all divisions must obey Xuangao and no other, that includes me, Bing Province Heavy Cavalry, Formation Breaker and Urban Army!” Said Lu Bu.

“Commanding Boss Lu?!” Liu Mang a bit surprised. Liu Mang also thinks that Zang Ba would just be a guide while Lu Bu leads. Now, it really was unexpected that Zang Ba was given full authority and responsibility in this battle.

“Milord, you!” Zang Ba is a little surprised that Lu Bu was willing to relinquished his command albeit temporarily. Did this not mean that Lu Bu was willing to do a decentralization of each his divisions?

“Worry not, Xuangao. Regard me as an ordinary soldier under you! This is because in mountain battles, I, Lu Bu, am inferior to you!” That statement from Lu Bu was indeed correct. What Lu Bu’s division most excels in is Cavalry charge. So, regarding cavalry battle, ten Zang Ba tied up together is not Lu Bu’s match, but when it comes to mountain battles, the reverse is also true, ten Lu Bu tied up together is not Zang Ba’s match.

“Yes, sir!” Zang Ba had received the order.

“Milord! If we solely depended on General Zang Ba, then it is not good!” Said Chen Gong.

“Oh?!” came Lu Bu’s puzzled reply.

“The Formation Breaker and Bing Province Heavy Cavalry, when they leave, they can leave without making a fuss. But you, Milord. If Chen Lan and Lei Bo discovered that you are not at the mountain’s foot, they will be startled and keep alert at all times!” Chen Gong continues to explain.

”Me?!” Lu Bu understood immediately. This Poseidon armor set that was bestowed by Gaozu Emperor was too dazzling, attracting too much attention due to its golden color both Chen Lan and Lei Bo already knew to fear Lu Bu with his current appearance, and so if he was to disappear suddenly, won’t the both of them be very agitated and extremely uneasy? At that time, both of them may have already discovered the second entrance that was located after main peak, and making assault impossible.

TL: Gaozu Emperor or Great Emperor as has been written in earlier chapters is Liu Bang, founder of Han Dynasty. Please tell me, should I continue as Gaozu Emperor or Great Emperor? Right now, I will be using Gaozu Emperor

So, in summary, Chen Gong’s advice for Lu Bu, is Lu Bu to stay, but Lu Bu was not willing to stay. He was Lu Bu the god-of-war. Only With his existence can Lu Bu’s Army display their maximum prowess. On the other hand, Chen Lan and Lei Bo must be killed by Lu Bu’s own hand for they have insulted him so. If not killed by his own hand, then Lu Bu will be very unhappy.

Looking at his lord’s unwillingness, Chen Gong Old Man suddenly looked at Liu Mang and smiled.That gesture made Liu Mang’s heart surprised and feel very bad! He knew Chen Old Man had the idea to use him as bait again! And as expected, Chen Gong said “As long as Hanyang stays at Mt. Bagong’s feet, this Chen Lan and Lei Bo will feel secure!”

Fucking hell! Liu Mang wanted to shout and curse “Motherfucking bastard”, Hey, Chen Old Man, you want me to act as a father to reassure Chen Lan and Lei Bo, huh? Or you want me to take Chen Lan and Lei Bo to go to a picnic, so they will not suspect anything?

“Wait a minute!” Liu Mang thinks, if I just stay at the foot mountain, then we will not need to fight at all, I can relax.

“Very well, I will stay at foot of Mt. Bagong, you guys do not need me to join into fray right?!” Liu Mang said all the while gazing profoundly at Chen Gong’s wisdom.

Hearing Liu Mang’s question, Chen Gong smiled. He knew that this boy will comply with the order.
“You just need to attract the attention of Chen Lan and Lei Bo from Mt. Bagong’s feet, so naturally you do not need to attack the mountain!”

“That is good, I accept the order!” Liu Mang complied immediately. If he was to attack the mountain, there will definitely be big casualties, but if he stayed at the foot of the mountain, he will not need to throw his life.

“So tomorrow, Hanyang will stay at mountain’s foot to attract Chen Lan and Lei Bo, Xuangao is to bring Formation Breaker and Bing Province Heavy Cavalry to the mountain fortress’s secret entrance to subdue Mt. Bagong!” Lu Bu commanded, issuing several orders in quick succession.

“This General Zang Ba receives the order!”

“Hanyang receives the order!”

After looking Liu Mang left the big tent, Lu Bu said this “Gongtai, you ordered Hanyang to do this, It is not just to make Chen Lan and Lei Bo’s worry away, right?!” That’s right, if it solely to trick the enemy, Lu Bu can just take off his armor and helmet then find someone with similar stature to put on. As long as they did not say a word, the same effect can make Chen Lan and Lei Bo’s worry away.

”Milord is wise!” Chen Gong showed his thumb to Lu Bu. “Even though Hanyang has been given a title of prince, he is also Milord’s son-in-law. This makes may officers to have a very discontented feeling” For son-in-law’s position in government to be bigger that his honorable father-in-law, in the end people will asked, what will this army called? Was it still Lu Bu’s army or had it already become Liu Mang’s army? Before, when Chen Gong made Liu Mang to go to Shouchun it was to solely subdue Yuan Yao, so other people in Lu Bu army saw he, Liu Mang, was also a part of Lu Bu army, so Lu Bu’s army personnel also risked their life for Liu Mang.

“Risk their life?!” If Chen Gong was the one who said these words, Liu Mang will absolutely strangle him. But Lu Bu was the one who said these words. In battlefield, no matter how menial the task is, how was it possible that there is no danger involved?

”Gongtai, while your idea is good, you did not fear that I, as your lord, will have a different opinion?!” Lu Bu’s gaze grew more profound when looking at Chen Gong. Actually, even though Liu Mang’s task was to provoke Chen Lan and Lei Bo right now, it can be said that he is gradually accumulating merits and prestige. Now Liu Mang’s title is higher than Lu Bu, once merits and prestige accumulated, won’t those merits overshadow Lu Bu’s own? And if Lu Bu got suspicious, Chen Gong and Liu Mang cannot escape death.

Chen Gong did not reply immediately, but asked one cryptic question “Milord, are you able to do it?!”

TL: What Chen Gong wants to say is, “Milord, are you able to gain peace and prosperity and maintain it? I believe Hanyang has the ability to do it!”

Lu Bu did not speak, but continuously looking at Chen Gong.

Chen Gong also staring at Lu Bu. A scholar and a general, a warlord and an adviser look at each other for half of incense stick. Then Lu Bu’s mouth corner formed a smile while shaking his head “Gongtai, oh Gongtai!”

TL: Incense clock, in ancient China, one incense burn rate is one hour. So whenever there is a sentence “One incense time” that mean it is one hour.

“Milord!” While Chen Gong face was indifferent, but his sleeve and palm was already cold sweat. Transferring merit and prestige to people is a big taboo to a warlord. Other people may not know it, but Chen Gong actually felt an extreme killing intent from Lu Bu, once Lu Bu burst out, then it is over.

But fortunately Lu Bu was not such a person at all! Correction, Lu Bu was not a competent warlord.


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