My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 59 - Deadly Battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo 1
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 59 - Deadly Battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo 1

Chapter 59 - Deadly Battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo (1)
Translated by Bloodfalcon
Current translation is MTL, it is not translation checked, proofread or heavily edited yet.

“You dare to charge here with so little men! Since you seek death, let me help you fulfill your wish!” Lei Bo is the vanguard of Chen Lan Army infantry division now. His 3,000 soldiers start scurrying down the mountain like ants evacuating their nest.

“Together, we live or die; together, we share riches and honor!!! Urban Army charge!!!!” Liu Mang has no other options now, once he let these 3,000 infantry troops joining with Yu Province Cavalry, then Urban Army will perish! His option right now is to buy time for Boss Lu’s arrival with these 100 cavalry bodyguards.

“SHAAAA!” On mountain feet, Urban Army and Chen Lan Army collided with each other. Those Chen Lan’s infantry have the big advantage because they have great shield called forest, if there are no shield, those infantry will certainly become meat patty. Lei Bo is a veteran general, so he know about this advantage and disadvantage, therefore he intentionally slowed down his infantries’speed when descending down the mountain.

First wave of charge, Liu Mang’s sword already drink blood. The impact of his horse and his weapon enabling him to kill three people at once. His entire squad already gone into big frenzy, flesh and blood are dancing in the air.

Loss of his soldiers has not made Chen Lan and Lei Bo sad, because loss in battlefield is inevitable. On the contrary, Lei Bo is very happy, because these hundreds of sacrifices made by his infantry actually shows how desperate Lu Bu Army is now. What Lei Bo needs is just surrounding them with his remaining army and these micro cavalry unit will die.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, SHAAAA, SHAAAAA!” Chen Lan Army casualties is numerous and Urban Army also suffer big casualties. When Urban Army’s horses starts to tire, it is Chen Lan Army turn to massacre them, toppling them down off their horses and then killing them.

“Persevere! We must persevere!” Shouted Liu Mang while killing Chen Lan soldiers. His shout actually want to raise his bodyguards morale but was damped by the sound of battle, so they could not hear. Also those bodyguards who are following him now less than ten people, from the original of 20 people

During initial Urban Army charge, Chen Lan army casualties is about 500 people. But this does not matter because there are still 2,500 troops remaining. But Urban Army cavalry cannot afford that loss, for losing even one soldier, will compromise their potential.

“Lei Bo is here, General of Lu Army, you will be dismounted and die!” Lei Bo roared and charged directly to Liu Mang. His sword has been brandished and those who had any effort to stop him has already become corpses.

“Lei Bo?!” Liiu Mang stared at him, his eyeball almost fall from its place. This is Chen Lan army vice-commander, should not he be in Mt. Bagong? How can he appear here?

In Three Kingdoms novel and historical record, his name also appear on both of them. Although he is just a one-time character who appear in one chapter, but he also must have the ability, otherwise how can his name written in both novel and historical records. Liu Mang did not have any time to further thinking about it and started to retreat from him.

“Who are you Lei Bo? Are you a country hick from nowhere??? I heard you want my life, right??? Come take my life, if you really have the ability!!!” Said Liu Mang intentionally. He cannot afford to lose his momentum, so he can only insult him in order to raise his unit’s morale. Let me ask you a question, if you are face with famous general that want to take your life in battlefield, what is your response? Liu Mang’s response is definitely to run away, that is the most optimal choice or the second one is to avoid face-to-face confrontation.

However those both options is not good now. If he ,as a general, run away from enemy, where the hell your troops morale will go? To gutter or toilet? Your cavalry will be decimated in no time, if you show fear. So Liu Mang cannot back down at all even facing with famous general, for he is the soul of his army.

A country hick? That insult proved to be quite effective, as the enemy troops unexpectedly also watching their general and losing their focus! The morale of Urban Army cavalry troops immediately risen again and start charging again.

“Excellent courage!” While Liu Mang successfully rising his squad’s morale, but he also rousing Lei Bo’s anger. From the beginning of this battle, Lei Bo is in a bad mood. Was hunted by Boss Lu, driven out from his home, able to escape only with great difficulty. And now, he meet up with young general who not only insult him for being a country hick but also kicking down his pride as a general. How he cannot be angry with this asshole?

“Today, I want to rip you apart!” Lei Bo’s rage has peaked, while brandishing his sword, suddenly he have a big boost of strength.

“Bang!” First clash has started, Lei Bo’s sword has been clashing with Liu Mang’s long sword sending sparks everywhere. But still no damage on them.

“His strength is too big!” From the initial clash, Liu Mang’s arm is shivering. Even though now, he is unharmed from initial clash, but he is just taking the advantage of using horses momentum. If Lei Bo have a warhorse or he wore heavy-armor infantry equipment, then Liu Mang will certainly die during that initial clash.

“Brat, you are good!” Lei Bo initially want only to scare Liu Mang, but he did not expect that this brat can also retaliate, even with his little strength assisted by his warhorse.

“Country hick, you are also very good!” Liu Mang just pretending not to feel Lei Bo’s sword impact and insult him again intentionally.

“Brat, you really seeking death!” Lei Bo whose temper just got better, got insulted again by this brat again naturally angry again “Brat, I will tear your mouth before I kill you. You filth!!!”

“If you really can do it, then come!” Liu Mang swing his sword again toward Lei Bo immediately. Begging for mercy to survive now is impossible because once in battlefield, the only result is you die or I die. Liu Mang become ruthless once again. He proclaimed in his heart, “If I cannot survive this battle, at least I will bring you down with me!”

“HAAAAA!” Lei Bo begin charging again toward Liu Mang.

Liu Mang also do not show his fear at all and facing him head-on.

Now, Liu Mang do not have the advantage horse momentum anymore. So this battle is very hard for Liu Mang. Although Lei Bo is only a small figure in Three Kingdoms novel and historical records but watching him fight now, he is clearly have the strength of second-class general. His strength at minimum is over 70, but his opponent, Liu Mang, only have strength around 5 points. So, it can be only persevere in this battle, waiting for Boss Lu’s rescue.

So, his Aries gold cloth become a very important defensive tool here.

“Bang-Bing!” Lei Bo’s attack is directed on interconnection between Liu Mang’s gold cloth. Because that place, whenever and wherever, an armor made, it always has the most thinnest layer of defense. If Xiahou De found this weakness earlier, then it is Liu Mang’s death. Lei Bo is stronger and more experienced than Xiahou De, naturally he noticed this weakness.

“Chi Chi! Looks this time, your mouth is not so toxic like last time, Brat!” Lei Bo teasing Liu Mang.

“Sorry, what was that? No toxic? In what way?? Hey, my mouth’s toxic is much better than traitorous dickhead who now become a stray dog!” As old proverbs of etiquette said, one does not beat face when giving beatings, also one does not curse one’s dark past. But Liu Mang just said everything from Lei Bo’s past from betraying Yuan Shu and to be driven out from Mt. Bagong, how he cannot be furious now.

“Initially I want to let you survive, but now I want you die!!!” Lei Bo is really furious, no longer teasing Liu Mang. His sword is in frenzy immediately and started to hurt Liu Mang’s body. Liu Mang began to bloodied by his own blood.

Earlier, when showdown with Xiahou De, it was really fortunate that Boss Lu arrive on time. But now, showdown with Lei Bo, Boss Lu still in Mt. Bagong, so impossible to appear here.

“Is this my fate to die here?!” Said Liu Mang, while puffing blood from his mouth. Too much blood loss has made his consciousness blurry. Now he is trying to suppress sleepiness with all his might. He cannot rest, must not rest, once he closed his eyes, he will not open again.

“Remember in hell, that the one who killed you is I, Lei Bo!” Lei Bo once again slash his mortal strike towards Liu Mang neck.

“No, I cannot die! Cannot die!!!” Reflexively Liu Mang tried to ram Lei Bo, unknowingly the horn part of his armor has skewered Lei Bo’s neck.

“Puff!” Blood sprayed Liu Mang’s face. This amount of blood can only be produced if someone skewer or slash an artery.

“Am I dead?!”


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