My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 61 - Deadly battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo 3
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 61 - Deadly battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo 3

Chapter 61 – Deadly battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo (3)
Translated by Bloodfalcon
Current translation is MTL, it is not translation checked, proofread or heavily edited yet.

“Hey, no wonder Lei Bo is dead, look at this people, their unity are this strong with that golden-armored man's leadership!” Chen Lan have started to descend from Mt. Bagong with main army, and looking at Liu Mang with only five people charging cannot help but admire him. But that admiration only temporary, immediately after that, Chen Lan's face become bloodthirsty again and shouted in cold voice “Lu Fengxian, you and me did not have any grudges at all! But you seize my Mt. Bagong and now you kill my second brother! Now I will make you taste the sadness of losing on of your senior general!” Chen Lan then raised his sword and exclaim again “Transmit my orders, KILL THEM ALL!!! THE ONE WHO OFFER THAT GOLDEN-ARMORED MAN'S HEAD WILL BE OUR THIRD KING!”


At Urban Army main force right now, they no longer have 100 cavalry bodyguard, only these supply troops left. Liu Mang's order is to phalanx formation to stay here actually is to protect these supply troops from being annihilated by Yu Province cavalry.

“Supply troops brothers, go save the general!” Cheng Yu right now do not have anyone available to dispatch to Liu Mang's position. Urban Army cannot withdraw, once he removed, the whole division will be annihilated, but if he do not withdraw, Liu Mang will be dead undoubtedly. Therefore Cheng Yu need to place his hopes on these supply troops.

Nobody dared to move, for they already afraid by Yu Province cavalry. With great difficulty they had maintain survival, and you want to make them go out again to certain death??? You kidding, right?

“Supply troops brothers, who do you think saved you, HUH???? Who do you think has helped you survive???” Cheng Yu roared “If not general orders, ALL OF YOU ARE DEAD, DEAD!”

Still, nobody moves, even in the crowd there are people who talked back “Making us go again??? Are you insane??? Just to survive for us is a miracle! But now, you order us to march to our death again? Your general is a bad leader! Some of our supply troops brothers died in the hand of your general!!”

“Why you want to make us dead again?! If your general is in danger, you go save him yourself!”
“We do not go! We are not marching to our death!”

One of back row soldiers of Urban Army who hear that rebuke, already want to slash those supply troops, those assholes who maintain miserable existence. “ALL OF YOU ARE A SON OF A BITCH WHO DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE, BASTARD CHILD OF OUR ARMY!!!” Said that soldier. “The general already brave danger open up his phalanx formation just to make you retreat, now you do not seek to repay his kindness but speak malicious remark toward the general!!! Yes, the general killed your people but why? Because they tried to attack our formation, they tried to desert us at a very critical point. So he handle them according to military law, by killing them. If our Urban Army has been destroyed at that time, how all of you can still stand and speak now? All of you will become dog food right now by those cavalry soldiers!!!” This veteran who speaks is a survivor from Xiapi and Kaiyang battle and also Cheng Yu's fellow villagers.

“Wang Hao, STOP!” Cheng Yu hold down Wang Hao's sword, they cannot afford quarrelling anymore. Urban Army forces casualties has reached 20% of its original roster. One by one, its row are starting to get eliminated by Yu Province Cavalry. But that is also the same situation for Yu Province Cavalry. Their casualties also already not small so both sides are doing all-out.

As far as eye can see, one can see repeated actions from both side. Urban Army stabbing their spears into Yu Province cavalry soldiers, Yu Province Cavalry troops also swinging his sword into the body of Urban Army soldiers.

Due to the Yu Province Cavalry's charge, their impact is causing Urban Army soldiers to spurt out blood along with damaged organ. This kind of damage cannot be cured even by present time medical standard, let alone this ancient age.

These Urban Army soldiers also know that he could not survive after this battle, therefore each soldiers who have been severely injured made a resolve that they must trade their life with these Yu Province Cavalry soldiers. Even if they do not have any weapon, even if both their hands are chopped, as long as they are not dead yet, they are certain can kill these Yu Province cavalry soldiers, even with only teeth as their weapon.

So their massive loss have made these Urban Army soldiers vent their dissatisfaction to these goddamned supply troops.

“Lieutenant General Cheng! We retreat, we retreat! We save general now!” This is all Urban Army soldiers have agreed upon.

“Cannot retreat, we cannot retreat!” Cheng Yu can only reply that response. He also want to save Liu Mang, more than anyone in this unit. If Liu Mang did not exist, Cheng Yu also would not exist to this day because with Liu Mang's help, he can manage to escape from Xiapi and survive Kaiyang. Also Liu Mang give him strength and courage to keep on living and to take his revenge.

But he cannot retreat now! Liu Mang's order have made him nailed here.

“Lieutenant General Cheng, is our brothers sacrifice do not have worth? As they died for saving these good-for-nothings??? I, myself, already seen this good-for-nothings as an eyesore!” Shouted another veteran.

“Enough of that bickering, if you already fed-up with then you can complain to me later!!! Tenth row spearmen, prepare to press on!” Cheng Yu exclaimed.

Supply troops soldiers did not speak at all. If the Urban Army is not here, they would probably dead by now and cannot talk anymore.

“Splash!” Suddenly Cheng Yu kneeling.

“Lieutenant General Cheng, what are you doing?!” Shouted some veterans. Urban Army who are currently engaging Yu Province Cavalry have Liu Mang as their leader and Cheng Yu as second-in-command. But now their second-in-command kneeling unexpectedly in front of supply troops, so those veterans also want to prevent him from doing this.

“Lieutenant General, what are you doing?!” Said supply troops with doubt

“I beg you, supply troops brothers! Consider I, Cheng Yu, asking a debt from all of you. Please save our general now!!! The Yu Province Cavalry soldiers who you fear have been halted by us!!! Halted by our Urban Army, so long as our Urban Army and I, Cheng Yu, still breathing, those Yu Province Cavalry will not take another step from here! The only enemy that you need to face now is a defeated and broken hearted bandit brigade who descended from the mountain, you only need to save our general!!! Mt. Bagong has been broken by our lord, Chen Lan army now are stray dogs. So long as we persevere for a while, our lord's army will come and save us!” Cheng Yu kowtow toward those supply troops. Cheng Yu whose mother has died, even when Xiapi is broken and facing death, he vows to never bow his head again, now kowtow toward those good-for-nothings supply troops begging them to save Liu Mang.

“We, we!” Those supply troops have been moved, although Cheng Yu is only a lieutenant general but he is also second-in-command of Urban Army. Definitely, one can call him a general and such general now bowing to them now, asking them to save Liu Mang.

“Come on, let's go!” Whispered some people who already been moved by Cheng Yu's gesture.

“If you must go, then go! I don't want to go, I am not a death seeker!” Some people also voiced their disagreement. An army that does not have a courage is the same as a limp dick, useless. So are these supply troops, they are an impotent army.

“Then all of you are garbage, waste, coward! All you do is to stay behind while others fighting and kneel when you are about to be killed. Limp dick all of you!” Exclaimed Cheng Yu angrily.

“We are not garbage, not a coward!” Although supply troops is only second-line troops but they also have hot-blooded person, they are stirred by Cheng Yu's words.

“If you are not cowards, go save our general! Without him, all of you now already corpse, already become trash!” Cheng Yu can't no longer hide his anger in his heart. Urban Army may be decimated in this first battle, but if Liu Mang died can they raise up again another Urban Army??

Although Urban Army forces formed not long, but in each Urban Army soldiers heart, they already though that their general are the best that one can have. Their general shouted their slogan “Together, we live or die; together, we share riches and honor”, let them sing! Even though the song only remember them about bad times in their life. He share with them good wine and good food! Although only a very little piece of meat and those good wine already tasted like water, but their general also share the same thing. Is not their general treat them like one of their own?

In chaos times like this, human life's worth become as low as a dog. But their general raise their dignity up again, so they become human once again.

Supply troops also silent, Cheng Yu looks at these supply troops, he have lost hope already. He already resolved his heart to make Urban Army to retreat and save their general. Without Liu Mang there will not be Urban Army, even if the whole army annihilated along with their general, they also do not care at all. Is not that “Together, we live or die; together, we share riches and honor” slogan meant???

“I go!' A supply troop soldier stood out.

“I also go!” And there is another one.

“I.. I am not a waste, not a coward!” Soldiers will never lack hot-blooded person.

“My grandma and me owe our life to the general, the least I can do is repay him with my life!!!”

“Let's go, let's go! The worst outcome is only death by blade!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Cheng Yu really excited but he do not know how to praise or express gratitude, so he can only say thanks many times and kowtow to them until his head bleed.


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