My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 69 - Hunted by tiger 1
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 69 - Hunted by tiger 1

Chapter 69 – Hunted by tiger (1)
Translated by Bloodfalcon

Back to Lu Bu POV, Inside Lu Bu army main tent “They not only returned the toll fee, but also they let us through and received us warmly with hot food?!” Said Lu Bu with his brow wrinkled. This treatment is really unexpected. Even allies did not receive this grand treatment! It is just like as if Lu Bu are old best friend with Sun Jian. Even with Yuan Shu, his relationship is not that good, he just take advantage of borrowing grain and provisions. Even if they have friendship before, Sun Jian is now dead therefore any friendship should be over right?

When Sun Ce decided to return the toll fee can be seen as goodwill toward friendship to Lu Bu, but now they also receiving him warmly, what does this imply?

One who seized a region and become a warlord already give an impression as a no good person. Lu Bu can and will not believe that this Sun Ce to be so kind!

“Gongtai, how do you see this?!” Lu Bu really could not comprehend this act of Sun Ce so he asked other people opinions.

Chen Gong really surprised at Lu Bu’s change. If Lu Bu before, when Sun Ce gives him this advantage, he will just receive their offer, never thinking about the strategic aspect.

“I also cannot discern his motive!” Chen Gong also cannot discern about Sun Ce’s treatment to Lu Bu army. If one have a graph on Lu Bu’s army treasure. It will show that they right now are in a very deficit states with only a few gold and treasure and horses, but now giving Sun Ce jewelry, he rejected it! And about horse, Jiangdong have many waterways. Sun Ce may have cavalry units but impossible to be a lot because cavalry is totally useless on water.

Does he want to swallow Lu Bu army? Does Sun Ce did not fear get choked by Lu Bu Army?

“Okay then, since they did not want our toll fee but also receive us warmly. We will discern his motive step by step!” Lu Bu decide firmly. They do not want anything from us, there must be something that they cannot speak right now at the back of their mind. Even though no free lunch in this world, who dare to refuse Lu Bu’s demand?!

“Where is Hanyang?!”Lu Bu just remember Liu Mang. Although that boy’s martial arts skill still few, but he had proposed some twisted ideas before, so it is possible he can know what Sun Ce is thinking.

“Maybe he went to hunt!” Chen Gong said with uncertain tone.

Chen Gong is right! Liu Mang and Gao Shun is going hunting now. Going hunting is actually just an excuse, because Liu Mang want Gao Shun to teach him archery. Liu Mang’s coach in wushu have been changing so fast due to his diligent. The main coach is still Lu Lingqi but when it comes to archery, he was coached by Chen Deng’s two familial generals, Chen Deng himself and now Gao Shun and Zhang Liao.

“General Gao Shun! Please judge my next shot!” The arrow in Liu Mang hand flying to the bushes hitting a rabbit while still jumping.

“General, nice shot!” Praised Cheng Yu who stand nearby. Although Cheng Yu’s strength is excellent but his archery is not so good. So, when he saw Liu Mang hitting a moving target, he naturally very envious of him.

Liu Mang did not care Cheng Yu’s praise because he is just a novice in archery, it is what the expert comment that counts.

Gao Shun is also speechless. But he can’t help to think that this Liu Mang Liu Hanyang is really terrifying, not about archery but his growth.

Two weeks ago, Liu Hanyang is a person who knows nothing about archery, but after those two weeks, he can always hit every stationary target with his bow and he also can shot slow motion target.

The present rabbit served as a witness.

Gao Shun is really a man with very few words. Therefore he can only express his answer through his gestures, nodding if it is OK and shake the head if it is not good. If one is not familiar with Gao Shun, then it maybe can be considered as an insult.

However Liu Mang knows him well. If Gao Shun nodded after his shot, then that means it is a good shot but when he shook his head, means that he must further practice. Right now Liu Mang has just shot a slow-moving object, then he cannot grade his shot.

“Okay, we go back! Today’s prey should be enough for dinner!” Gao Shun’s teachings benefited Liu Mang greatly especially after Mt. Bagong battle. Liu Mang always said he wanted to become strong and stronger, but Rome was not built in one day, so he still need to practice even harder from now on to bring his desired result.

While Liu Mang is very frustrated due to not yet reached that result, he is also surprised to discover his body changed, more buff up and his vision becoming more clear, he can see leaf veins from 50m distance and also his strength kept increasing. But as a drawback, his appetite also increased, he can eat three food portion of average persons’ food portion.

One must know, that becoming a soldier in ancient time, naturally will eat a lot because of the training and battle. Eating three portion of regular person portion is considered as normal.

”Um!”Gao Shun also nodded, because his Formation Breaker need to be stationed. He let his lieutenant go to prepare the camp, but he little worried so he also need to be there to prepare the camp also.

Suddenly from the woods there is a very loud roar, like declaring superiority and feeling very hungry.

“What the hell?!”Asked Liu Mang while calming his restless warhorse.

”Oh no, this roaring sound!!!” Said Cheng Yu become more pale. Perhaps Liu Mang do not know, but Cheng Yu knows whose roar this belongs to.

“Tiger!!!!” Gao Shun opened his mouth.

“Hurry general, we must leave quick!” Cheng Yu said again “Hearing this roar, the tiger must be hungry for a long time, hungry tiger must never be our enemy, even a first-class general will certainly avoid it!”

“Run!” Gao Shun also speaks as he approve Cheng Yu’s words. Why today’s hunting session because it is give Liu Mang further training his archery skill. So they do not bring any soldiers. If encountered a full tiger, Gao Shun will leave it alone, furthermore if hungry tiger, Gao Shun will do everything in his power to avoid it. But now with three people, the priority of safety is Liu Mang not Cheng Yu. If a tiger lunging into him, it will be hard for Gao Shun to rescue Liu Mang, because Gao Shun strength himself is only second-class general.

“Alright, we go now!” Said Liu Mang while hitting his horse to go from there. His tone was firm, but one can see that he also pitying the tiger’s roar.


”Did someone yell for help?!” Said Liu Mang startled.

”Is there? No, I do not hear it, general!!!” Cheng Yu also heard come people screaming for help, but he actually pretend not hear. He knows that his general’s compassion is great, but their opponent now is a hungry tiger, how can they survive? He feared that at this critical moment, his general want to be selfless and save the others, when that happens, that is the end!

“RUN..” Gao Shun also heard those yelling for help, but when he is still speaking, he already cut off by Liu Mang’s next speech.

“No, I definitely hear someone yelling help!” Liu Mang brow wrinkled even further. Is it just illusion? Why both of them have not hear it???

“RUN, GENERAL!” Cheng Yu already asked Liu Mang to leave.

While Liu Mang hesitates, suddenly from the forest there are two pretty ladies coming from the forest and following them are 3 – 5 people young male servant, their expression are PANIC.


"PLEASE HELP, PLEASE SAVE US!" Both pretty ladies screaming for help.

“I am certain that there are people yelling for help!” Liu Mang once again rectifying his hearing to be sure.

“General, PLEASE, LET’S GO!” Cheng Yu almost cry. He thought “We are not deaf, General. We just pretend not hear. WE ARE NO MATCH FOR THAT TIGER!” The situation got fucked up real soon, because after the fifth person emerge from the forest, that hungry tiger also emerge.

“QUICK, RUN!!!!” Gao Shun take out the weapon from horseback, fully alert.

“GROAAAARRRRRRR!” That tiger lunged toward those five people all of a sudden. That last male servant met his end already, his foot are bitten and dragged by that tiger.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!” That pitiful scream stopped suddenly, that first unfortunate servant is bitten on the throat by tiger.

That tiger was not satisfied by only one victim, it dropped the corpse and start lunging again toward another male servant.

One companion’s death, making those four male servant panic and those two pretty ladies also dropped to their knees on the spot, and yelling again for help toward Liu Mang, their last chance to live “General, please save us! PLEASE SAVE US!”

“We cannot rescue!” This is Gao Shun’s answer.

“Forgive us! We also unable to defend ourselves!” Cheng Yu pulls up Liu Mang’s warhorse rein and whip Liu Mang’s horse buttock. The warhorse who is in pain dashed into the other direction ASAP.

Those three warhorses already disappeared from their vision, making those five people really desperate.

“AAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Three other male servants also died in a flash with throat bitten. All that remained are those two pretty ladies.

Those pretty ladies hug each other in fear.

“Big sister, we are gonna die!” Said the younger sister shivering from fear.


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