My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 70 - Hunted by tiger 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 70 - Hunted by tiger 2

Chapter 70 – Hunted by tiger (2)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

After that hungry tiger killed the last young male servant, the tiger lunged toward those two pretty ladies. Outside the woods suddenly there came an arrow flying in between tiger and those two ladies. Those two ladies saw a golden-armored general riding a warhorse like a knight in shining armor.

“Big sister, they came back to save us!” Said the little sister while pointing toward Liu Mang.

”Yes, I see it too! Thank the gods!” The elder sister was also ecstatic, because previously she thought that they too will die by the tiger, but suddenly came joy after sorrow.

“GENERAL, GENERAL DO NOT GO THERE, YOU ARE NOT A MATCH!” Cheng Yu was really shocked, because this rookie general is actually challenging a hungry tiger. If Lu Bu was the one who came in this hunt, he will definitely avoid fighting it, but Liu Mang actually rushed towards it.

“Stupid!” Gao Shun was also shocked. That is not ordinary hunting. The opponent is a tiger, A HUNGRY TIGER. When in a starving state, even a sparrow will feed off the carcass of dead birds in order to survive. Let alone this beast.

“DAMN IT!” Liu Mang forced himself to smile because he almost cried. In the present time, a tiger is caged in zoo, they are tame and docile. But for Liu Mang, this does not fit its definition. A tiger is a carnivore and the one who stayed on top of the food chain.

Since ancient times, the one who can capture or kill a tiger is regarded as a hero, they will have their own stories told about their heroics, because they know that tigers are beasts that eat people.

Liu Mang also knew that he cannot directly assault the tiger, because the warhorse he was using had problems. When Cheng Yu whipped his horse to return to the camp, suddenly this goddamn warhorse sensed something, and it changed direction!!!! Dashing straight to the direction of those two pretty ladies.

“Fucking hell, my opponent is tiger!” In his heart, Liu Mang already wishing for death, but his attention was captured by those two pretty ladies, he was suddenly stunned by their beauty.

Two pretty ladies are wearing a white silk cloth that looks like a hagoromo, totally like goddesses, using beautiful cosmetics and with skin as white as white jade, they are too beautiful for men’s eyes. PLUS, they are like twins. If it was only one person, maybe Liu Mang will definitely escape after this. After all, Lu Lingqi also a very beautiful woman. But this, this is beyond Liu Mang’s comprehension.

TL: sorry guys, I put Japanese language here, because I do not know Chinese language for goddess cloth, so I could only use the terms from Japanese tale, hagoromo. ONCE AGAIN, WHO ARE THESE TWO GIRLS??????
Both of them are exactly the type that men will drool over. They are the kind of women men fantasize taking home and fucking at the same time with or without permission.

Not to mention, that both sisters are panicking right now, their expression is very gentle and charming, inviting desire from anyone.

“Fuck, one distraction, now and I’m dead!” Liu Mang knows that after that shooting, he no longer can retreat. Because the tiger also stared at him, its gaze is fixed on Liu Mang as if he was its next prey.

“Vile beast, I challenge you!” Said Liu Mang raising his bow and ready to shoot.

“ROAAARRRRR!” The tiger changed its target to Liu Mang. According to it, Liu Mang has disturbed his hunt, so naturally Liu Mang must die.


Liu Mang’s archery practice for the past two weeks was not useless at all, he brandished his bow and arrow. With a strong bow and his archery skill, that arrow is just like a bullet shooting at that tiger.

“Puff!” The arrow has entered the flesh, it flew from tiger’s forehead and stuck its ear.

“NICE SHOT!” Gao Shun nodded his approval. From his POV, that arrow is clearly moving towards the tiger’s skull, strong and powerful. If not for that last second, the tiger ducked, that arrow would definitely have hit his head.

However, it did not hit its head, only its ear.

The tiger just held the pain and its bloodthirst surged like never before. The tiger suddenly lunged toward Liu Mang.

“HISSSSSS!” The tiger lunging after its prey is the basic instinct that all tiger's must have. Lunged by the tiger means the tiger wants to kill. If one has been successfully pounced by a tiger, one cannot survive, for example those five young male servant, one by one they were bitten at the neck, their blood suffocated them and they died.

“Not good!” Liu Mang also knows that he had aroused the tiger's fury, he do not have time to retreat with his horse. He jumped directly from his horse as it is the only option he has.

“HIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!” Neighed the horse. Liu Mang managed to escape the tiger's lunge but the warhorse's luck is extremely bad. With together tiger's presence alone, it was scared shit less preventing it from running, now the tiger already lunged at it, pinning it down.

On its neck, its flesh has already been ripped by the tiger, revealing the throat bone. Its thick skin was ripped by the tiger like it is a paper.

Instantly, a lot of blood came gushing from the warhorse's body.

“Thump, thump!” The warhorse twitched several times before it ceased all movement and become a corpse. The warhorse blood is dripping from the tiger's mouth, so the hungry tiger swallowed it up and moved its attention to Liu Mang.

“AAAHHHHH!” Two pretty ladies simultaneously screamed by seeing that warhorse being eaten. That tiger moved its attention from Liu Mang because of their scream, so the tiger switched back to its original target.

“Damn it!” A burst of foul language came out of Liu Mang. He thought with that warhorse dead, that tiger will be satisfied due to the horse's meat being a lot more than human's, but now, it is finished.

Liu Mang himself did not dare leave those two girls alone. If this continues, these two living treasure will probably lost forever.

Liu Mang decided that he will not let this beast kill people again. Life is very frail, for Liu Mang it is impossible to see these girls bit to death without doing anything.

“ROAAARRRR!” Liu Mang also roared. He has also read about the animal world. In an animal's eye, there are two most intolerable things, one is snatching food and the second is contending for domain, both of them will definitely provoke a life and death battle.

But, no matter how loud he roared, his roar just was just like a weak and old tiger compared to his opponent.


And that proved to be effective, the tiger left those pretty ladies and slowly started walking toward Liu Mang.

“RUN, RUN QUICK!” Liu Mang shouts toward those girls

With Liu Mangs shout, those girls started to move. The little sister had been frightened to the max already, she cannot walk. The big sister held her hand and ran away.

“General do not panic, Cheng Yu has come!” Cheng Yu and Gao Shun caught up with Liu Mang but now seeing Liu Mang is in a deadly battle with this tiger.

“Do not come here!” Liu Mang suddenly shouted. Both Cheng Yu and Gao Shun are riding warhorses. Those warhorses are naturally fearful of the tiger, king of the mountain. He knew the risk, because before his warhorse was eaten by this tiger, it was frozen in place by the tiger's roar.

Both Cheng Yu and Gao Shun who went hunting with Liu Mang did not bring any weapons, instead just a long bow and arrows. Therefore they can only subdue the tiger with arrows! Only Liu Mang brought his shield with him

Now Liu Mang can one-on-one with the tiger because he has the protection of his Aries gold cloth and the great shield also can buy him some time until help comes.

“Cheng Yu, quick, go to main camp, bring some reinforcement to help me!” Liu Mang ordered Cheng Yu.

“But General...!” Even though he was only equipped with a bow and arrow, Cheng Yu cannot bear to let Liu Mang die.

“If you’re still babbling and not going, you will see my dead body in a few minutes!!!” Liu Mang roared again. Cheng Yu does not have any choice now, if he attacks too, he will possibly be also die under that tiger's attacks. The only way now is to ask for help from main camp, and rush with several hundred cavalry soldiers to make this king of forest retreat

“I will stay here and provide cover!” Gao Shun nodded, he drew his long bow already. Though his strength is less than Cheng Yu but Gao Shun is still proficient with a bow arrow, so he can cover Liu Mang.

“General Gao, I will leave his highness to you!” Cheng Yu bite his teeth and then galloped his horse to main camp “Your Highness, PLEASE, you must wait for me!!!!”


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