My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 76 - First Aid in Three Kingdom’s Era 1
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 76 - First Aid in Three Kingdom’s Era 1

Chapter 76 – First Aid in Three Kingdom’s Era (1)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Kyrato

“The fault lies not with them, but with times of the world?!” Liu Mang appears to understand, but he really did not comprehend anything at all. What Lu Bu said kept ringing in his head: “During times of chaos, people eat people? It's at those times, a human beings fierceness can be compared to a tiger’s fierceness. If the tiger does not eat meat, then what does it eat? Is it supposed changed its diet and turn into a vegetarian?

The group then left the cave. Lu Bu did not bring that tigress corpse with him to make medicine for Liu Mang. Lu Bu did not even propose what to do about those two little tigers. Those He sisters already carried those cubs in their bosom.

Those five male servants were also buried properly by Lu Bu's army. Although they are victims of the tiger, they cannot leave their corpse without a proper burial.

“Hey, Hanyang. What is your next plan for these two He sisters?!” Suddenly Lu Bu asked a very strange question.

“My next plan? Once we arrive at Wancheng city, I will certainly take them to their homes!” Liu Mang is looking at Lu Bu strangely. After saving people, it is natural to escort them safely to their home. Otherwise, these two homely girl who did not have any bodyguards now will be just like the proverb, "escaping a tiger’s claw only to enter a wolf’s den" , especially in this time of chaos.

“Realllyyyy…. Escort them home?!” Lu Bu gave a faint smile at Liu Mang “you're willing to do that???”

“What do you mean by willing?!” Liu Mang really did not understand Lu Bu’s question.

“Hahaha, that is good then. I am giving you the responsibility to escort those two sisters home! Gao Shun, we should go back to camp!” Lu Bu smiled when looking at the confused Liu Mang, and he suddenly hit his horse and returned to camp with Gao Shun.

“Really weird!!!” Said Liu Mang while shaking his head and puzzled at Lu Bu’s question.

“AGH!” That scream came from behind Liu Mang, it came from one of the girls who was now riding a warhorse.

“What happened?!” Asked Liu Mang who immediately turned his head.

“Big sister, it bite me!” Said the younger sister He Yue while pointing toward the golden little tiger.

“Really he bite you?!” He Yu checks her younger sister to comfort her, but where did it bite you?

“How can it bite you, huh, young lady??? Think about it, it is still a small tiger, just a newborn, it did not have long teeth yet, and how can it bite you?? With its lip, huh?!” Liu Mang already had a bad impression of the younger sister, so naturally he will speak to her in a bad tone.

“Gimme that guy!” Liu Mang took that small tiger from He Yue. “You see now eh? It is still small and young. It cannot eat solid food yet, let alone bite you!”

Then Liu Mang acted like he was confused “Strange, how did it not bite me just now?! Why did it only to bite you, heh?” Said Liu Mang sarcastically who decided to carry the little tiger back to the main camp.

“You, you!” He Yue was rendered speechless by Liu Mang.

Cheng Yu who actually understood what had happened, pointed at the cub and said “General, this is maybe very awkward, but it is possible that this cub nipped her…” Said Cheng Yu while pointing to his breast.

“How was that possible, it still does not have any teeth!” Said Liu Mang while holding the cub. Suddenly he also felt that his chest was scratched by a little paw and then he sees the cub trying to dig up his chest with its paw, while its small mouth seeking for nipple. It is starving and wants to drink milk, and because of his armor the little cub was trying to find nipple everywhere.

But it is different regarding both sisters, below that white silk clothes there are breasts that are not covered by armor.

No No No, the more polite words is bosom.

“Cough!” Liu Mang hurriedly coughed two times to interrupt his train of thoughts, but his eye, staring at that "place", quickly looked the other way. Those tiger cubs had torn those two sisters ‘silk clothes and from that gap, one can see a very pure, jade-like white skin.

Big sister He Yu also understood and now was awkwardly staring at Liu Mang because Liu Mang’s eyes are just rolling between him and her younger sister. She also knew that the tiger cub was possibly attracted by her sister’s bosom, but she could not say it directly as they are girls, naturally she will be embarrassed by it and also it is against this era’s etiquette.

“General, are you there? General?!” He Yue calling Liu Mang several times until Liu Mang awakens from his daydream.

“Sorry, I am really sorry!” Liu Mang also knew that he was being rude to those girls, he shook his head fiercely. “Damn, the reason that I am drooling over them is because I have been lonely for such a long time, how could I avert my eyes from them?! Those silky white skin, those great figures!!!” Because of recent events Liu Mang has changed, not only has he become more bloodthirsty but also his mindset towards woman have changed.

Originally whenever he sees a beautiful woman, it is just for his eyes enjoyment, but now, whenever he sees beautiful girl, he has the urge to ravage her on impulse.

After Liu Mangs eyes finally averted his gaze, suddenly He Yu screamed loudly in pain. What the hell is wrong? Did that little yellow tiger also want to drink milk?

Liu Mang had guessed correctly, those two cubs were starving, their mother went to look for food, but it died in Lu Bu’s hand, therefore these two cubs had not yet eaten.

But He Yu’s scream did not sound like the cub nipped her bosom, it was a more painful scream.

Above her chest, there was a long and bloody wound (it is located around the 1/3 upper part of major pectoralis to almost the shoulder). This wound was caused by the tiger’s pursuit.

At that time, He Yu’s wound’s caused her to fall from her horse, were she was punctured by a tree branch. The branch although small was very sharp, half of it was stuck in He Yu’s wound. Not thinking she pulled it out carelessly, further opening up that wound.

A wound that was not treated well would leave a scar that can be split open at any time.

During the time of the accident she could not feel anything because of the adrenaline, but now when everything has settled down, that wound was opened again by that tiger cub’s insistent pressing.

“Big sister, are you alright?!” He Yue is really alarmed when she saw all the blood, because even though He Yu tried to cover He Yue's eyes, all that she saw their servants bitten to death by the Tigress with lots of blood gushed from their wounds.

Currently that big wound now had blood flowing from it, how could she not be startled?

“I am okay, I am okay!” Said He Yu while patting He Yue’s shoulder comforting her. But that pale face could not cover up her condition.

“What do you mean all right?! This wound is really bad, one more centimeter and I can see your bone!” Liu Mang frowned while looking at He Yu’s wound. Perhaps this kind of wound is considered a minor injury to a soldier but if this appeared on a girl, it is a heavy loss to her.

Let alone the possibility that this wound might get infected, if anyone saw this big wound they will definitely sat that “This is going to leave a scar” A scar this big on a girl, it is a complete disaster. Liu Mang also lamented in his heart while slapping his forehead gently "Goddammit, I am a medical student but I am also hapless here. If only I also brought styptic and all first-aid equipment with me, I could heal her as soon as possible!!!! Shit, shit, shit!!!!!"

Moreover the wound is still bleeding. Not only did He Yu’s clothes not suppress her wound from opening, it in fact made the wound start bleeding again. If it kept bleeding, then her life would be in great peril.

“No, No. Please, General!!! Please save my big sister!” He Yue already lost her haughty aura and started begging Liu Mang.

“Oh yeah, Cheng Yu, order the army doctor to help her dress her wound at once!” Liu Mang ordered as he recalled Cheng Yu come with reinforcements. Calling reinforcements also meant an army doctor come with them in order to cure the wounded. As long as the doctor cleans up the branch-punctured wound slowly, remove the fragments of the branches, then bandage the wound with piece of clean cloth, then it is okay. As for the infection, the doctor can apply vulnerary on her wound.

“General, about that…!” Cheng Yu responded

”What is it?! What is the problem?!” Liu Mang looks at Cheng Yu. This injury is still in good point for dressing.

Cheng Yu smiles awkwardly and said “General, I forgot to bring the army doctor!” Liu Mang then sees those who are following Cheng Yu are all cavalry soldiers, definitely no one knows the basics medical knowledge.

Cheng Yu himself does not understand how to dress up wound. Each time he goes to battle, he had help from others to dress up his wound.

“Che, again no medicine, no doctor. There is only me now.” Liu Mangs brow wrinkled again. From here to the main camp, the distance is quite far and Liu Mang came to this forest especially to train his archery skill not to polish his first-aid skills.

“I am okay!” On He Yu’s pale face there is a smile, this smile is directed for her younger sister so as to not worry her.

The wound on He Yu’s chest was reopened by that tiger cub, blood kept flowing from the wound. The way from here to main camp is way too bumpy, it could make the wound bleed much faster and she would likely be in shock before reaching the main camp, in addition, this ancient age did not know about blood transfusion and currently Liu Mang did not possess the correct instrument to perform transfusion as well.

Making He Yu wait here for the doctor is also not a feasible idea either, because night will come soon and the forest winds are really cold. If she waited, not only could she catch a cold but the wound would get infected as well.

“No matter what, I must dress her wound right here and bandage her!” Said Liu Mang. But he is in a very awkward situation, he is the only one here who has medical knowledge. If He Yu was man, then Liu Mang would have helped him bandage the wound right away, but He Yu is a lady, it is very inconvenient, not to mention her wounds location was slightly above her bosom.

“I will make those sisters decide whether I should bandage or not” Thought Liu Mang and then he said to them “Your wound must be dressed now. If we carry you to the main camp there will definitely not be enough time, because your wound would keep bleeding. If left alone, you will be in shock in no time!”

“In shock?!” Both sisters did not understand the medical terminology called in shock.

“Simply put, bleed to death!” Answered Liu Mang.

“Ahh!” He Yue was scared by Liu Mang’s explanation.

“Our army doctor did not come together with our reinforcements, so right now, only I can dress your wound and bandage it, but the decision for that remains yours!”

“Can’t my younger sister help me dress and bandage my wound?!” Said He Yu. As she said that her consciousness started to blur. She now felt the dizziness from blood loss. The chastity of a maiden is of the utmost importance in this age and right now it is in big peril.

“Yes, she can!” Liu Mang nodded “But, can she do it?” Liu Mang then asked back. Everyone can do a simple dressing and bandaging, but the technique Liu Mang knew is different and more advanced than current age's technique. A person who knew basic first aid can stop the bleeding by dressing wound and bandaging it. If the person was inexperienced in dressing wounds it would only do more harm than good and the wound start bleeding again,

“But, but…!” He Yu also knew that her younger sister did not understand medical knowledge, but making this stranger touch her body... This is against all that she had learned during her childhood. Being in a well-educated family made He Yu reluctant to accept.

Liu Mang also knew why He Yu is having a hard time making a decision. So then he added “Oh right, I forgot to tell you! Our army doctors are all male!”

Ancient warfare is not like modern warfare where females can join as soldiers. In ancient warfare, women were very rare in an army camp. Only those with prowess like Sun Shang Xiang and Lu Lingqi can form a female soldiers unit, whose strength can be compared to a man.

Therefore there is no doubt in Liu Mang division or in the entire Lu Bu army, all army doctors are male.

“Big sister, what about you then?!” On the edge, He Yue’s face is very worried about her big sister. If her wound did not get proper treatment, she could go into shock at any time. They have been very close since childhood like twins, therefore their affection runs deeply.

“Okay then, you help me dress and bandage my wound!” Seeing her sister’s concern as well as her own pain and her own body start weakening, He Yu bit her teeth. She did not have a choice, she cannot be due because of a wound while she herself escaped from tiger’s jaws.


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