My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 78 - First Aid in Three Kingdom’s Era End
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 78 - First Aid in Three Kingdom’s Era End

Chapter 78 – First Aid in Three Kingdom’s Era (End)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

Liu Mang pinned He Yue's body on the ground his hand tearing into her clothes.

He Yue filled with helplessness, can only lay in fear.


“Brother Yu? Even if your grandfather came here it would also be useless!!! I AM NOT PART OF SUN CE'S ARMY!!! HOW CAN YOUR BROTHER YU POSSIBLY CONTROL ME!?”

“You can keep calling for help, but in this vicinity only my men are around. Try calling for them and see if they listen to your order or not!” Liu Mang said with disdain to the pinned down He Yue.

“Rips!” the sound of white silk tearing up, a piece of white cloth was now in Liu Mang's hand.

“I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU, EVEN IF I AM INTERESTED, SO WHAT? DO YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO RESIST ME???” Liu Mang is right, if he had any evil intention those two ladies be unable to escape from his clutches.

“BE QUIET AND STAY HERE, DO NOT MAKE A NOISE OR WHINE, OTHERWISE, I'LL RAPE YOU!!! HUMPH!” Liu Mang threated He Yue. He did not want to threaten her actually, but this lady is really annoying him. All day annoyed by this little tigress, Liu Mang could not stand it anymore. When Liu Mang ripped He Yue's clothes, it was not to rape her, but to gain a white and clean silk cloth to bandage He Yu's wound.

Hearing Liu Mang's threatening words really made He Yue's scared and obediently stay put. Liu Mang really did not have an ounce of pity in his heart.

Then he turned back to He Yu's side, her clothes already removed by Liu Mang along with her undergarments.

“Haaaahhhhhh!” Liu Mang took a deep breath to remove all distracting thoughts, because after he removed He Yu's undergarments, it reveals a jade white skin, with beautiful pair of bosom. A real beauty.

If He Yu awoke now, she would definitely choose death, rather being treated like this by Liu Mang. However because of her wound, she was deeply unconscious, therefore Liu Mang could do “whatever he wanted”.

Liu Mang lifted He Yu's arm gently. One single movement from her body, made her bosom jiggle, making Liu Mang repeatedly gulp his saliva.

“Smooth and white jade-like skin, really beautiful!” A moment ago, when cleaning He Yu's wound, Liu Mang did it without touching her skin, but now when he was bandaging her, his hand made contact with He Yu's skin. It was smooth as silk, Liu Mang couldn’t help but compare her and Lu Lingqi.

Under that white skin, there are almost visible green blood capillary, adding one more point of her charm.

Liu Mang suppressed her wounds with white cloth first and then he slowly lifted her delicate arms, unconsciously Liu Mang's arm touched her bosom. His heart jumped again and again, his thoughts began to wonder and started comparing their hugeness with Lu Lingqi's.

She is not as big as Lu Lingqi, but she has a different beautiful bosom.

“Bah, what am I thinking?!” Liu Mang's complexion is becoming redder and redder. Although Liu Mang come from modern age, he had only seen sexy ladies in TV like Baywatch or some porn film that was set in some island. His had not yet held a girl hand, not to mention Lu Lingqi's hand.

Although Liu Mang is vulgar, and has fantasized about island nation porn film, he only also “experience” practicing with his left hand…… a lot of times….
He was nervous touching an unconscious, severely wounded lady.

Liu Mang suffered in mind and spirit until he finally finished bandaging He Yu.

“Phew!” Liu Mang voiced his relief. With her wound bandaged bleed again, because it already started clotting. As for the scar and infection, it will depend on He Yu's luck.

“Thank you for saving my big sister!” He Yue finally opened her mouth. To be honest she was really frightened by Liu Mang a moment ago. Thinking Liu Mang will defile her, but she did not think that Liu Mang only wanted to scare her. At that time Liu Mang tore her silk dress in order to bandage her big sister.

“I don't deserve the thanks!” Liu Mang coldly replied He Yue who a moment ago still being treated as a shameless lecher, and what’s worse? She threatened Liu Mang a lot of times again and again.

Glancing at He Yu's, he remembered that he had torn clothes, so it was hard to conceal her bosom. Moreover the weather is already dark, so cold air will come shortly.

“Wear this!” Liu Mang remove his gold cloth and threw his robe to He Yue “Use this to cover you and your sister both, it is already dark, cold air is coming.

“What about you?!” He Yue asked.

“I can manage!' Said Liu Mang. He wanted to leave return back to main camp, but suddenly he turned back after He Yue shouted


“What else?!” Liu Mang was becoming impatient now, his present mood was very not good. His penis had been erect for so long, he needed to find a place to relieve himself. Otherwise he felt like it would explode at any moment.

“You, what is your name?!” He Yue asked, her face little blushed, but because was already dark, Liu Mang did not notice.

“Liu Mang, Liu Hanyang!” Liu Mang was already irritated, so he responded rudely to He Yue. In Liu Mang's eyes her He Yu was very ladylike, her level ascended to goddess status for him. But He Yue on the other hand, although she was already 16, her behavior was like a kid who is throwing tantrum. On top of everything that occurred Liu Mang found this very irritating and wanted to scream out loud.

Although Liu Mang already dressed He Yu's wound, walking on the mountain road was very difficult. It was filled with bumps, and rocks, he was afraid that He Yu’s wound would open again.

Therefore Liu Mang ordered Cheng Yu to cut down two trees to make a simple stretcher using He Yue's gown.

Because of the wounded their traveling speed severely decreased. They arrived at the main camp when moon is already high on their head (possible around 8 – 9 PM)

At the main camp, the prey that Liu Mang had killed already been processed, but because Liu Mang not comeback, his Urban Army forces had not eaten yet. They are waiting for Liu Mang to the share meal.

“Next time, do not need to wait for me. Eat on time!!” Liu Mang brow wrinkled again. He is touched because they were waiting for Liu Mang to eat together but this is a bad practice, so Liu Mang will have to revise it.

A whole day’s march, everybody was tired. To top it off they had not yet eaten any food, how would they have any strength to fight if there was a night raid? Moreover late night meals will be harder to digest and will affect their rest.

“Yes!” Cheng Yu nodded.

Liu Mang had already assigned most of his prey to his divisions. He kept and sent his wild chicken leg to army doctor to make chicken soup for He sisters to eat. Military provisions really unpalatable, they said it was edible, but it was a mix of barley, flour and rice husk! These three mixed together then became the so called “edible” rations. Its taste was not that different than hard bread, sometimes they added cockroach and insect to spice up the menu.

But this kind of meal, was already good for that of soldier, because at least these rations can make them survive a bit longer. In this age, what is the reason one become soldier? It is not to protect one's home or defend ones country. It also not for bestowing title and leaving inheritance to their descendants, but it is to eat until your belly is full!

In this time of chaos, one only became a soldier if they wanted to eat to their hearts content.

However, these fine gentlemen did not become a soldier of their own volition, but because of their situation. So if one soldier died in war, there is always a replacement for them, because in this age everyone wanted to eat until they dropped dead.

90% of the Generals from ancient times came from a noble family. Poor people normally do not become generals, but a single general led an army of 10 thousand soldiers. So all the soldiers most likely came from poor families. Only 1 out of 10 generals came from poor families.

After Lu Mang finished eating he ordered his soldiers to build a cage for the two tigers cubs. Liu Mang then returned to his own tent and because of the built up exhaustion he fell asleep almost immediately.

Today he fought tiger, did first aid, and successfully repelled the ravenous urges of a virgin. He was exhausted both physically and mentally.

While Liu Mang slept, he do not know that the two girls he rescued today were thinking about him with full curiosity “What kind of a person is he?!”


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