My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 122 - Sun Ce“s Begin His Counterattack 4
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 122 - Sun Ce“s Begin His Counterattack 4

Chapter 122 – Sun Ce's Begin His Counterattack (4)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Cough, cough!” Old Wu's has been coughing blood. His body already scarred. The stump where his old arm should be was also bleeding profusely. But even with an injury like this, Old Wu still stood.

Earlier, Old Wu had a showdown with the black-uniformed man who called him a cripple. But now he is stunned because his hand was slashed by Old Wu's long sword. The hand that earlier was holding a long-sword now dropped on the ground.

“Heh, you are right, Lu Bu’s army only had old and disabled people. But this old and disabled wolf can still kill dogs like you!” The corner of Old Wu’s mouth rose.
He is a wolf. Wolves are social animal. As long as they stayed in groups, they can spread terror everywhere. But Old Wu is a lone wolf, being kicked out of his pack.

He was talking about his previous successes all day, but now he must show off his story. He misses the day when he first became a wolf, he misses his comrade-in-arms.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH, MY ARM, MY ARM!!!!” the black-uniform man cannot believe this event. His arm was chopped off by one disabled person. Not having an arm is equal not having a life at all. The Zhou clan will not tolerate a disabled garbage.

“I want you dead, DIE!!!” the black-uniformed man called Cheng Quan is screaming toward Old Wu. He has been trained by the Zhou clan since his childhood. This time he wanted to get meritorious achievements but who knew his arm would be chopped off by this disabled person.

That shout for help made several black-uniformed men to rush their battle and quickly ran toward the brother who had just lost his arm in order to protect him. They are the subordinates of the man who just lost his arms.

“Big bro, are you okay?!” those subordinates said with a caring tone, but they are truly smiling and snickering in their hearts. Competition in the Zhou clan's private soldiers is very intense. Only the top ranking can gain recognition from the master. If they perform meritorious deeds can they be given freedom by the master, no longer a slave and become truly independent. When that time comes, he can truly bring honor to his ancestors.

Now when their leader is injured, their first response is not that of concern but of happiness. How can a crippled person still block their advancement?

“Kill them, kill them for me!” Cheng Quan is truly hysterical. He was destroyed by this old and disabled person.

“We naturally are going to kill him, but this is not by your order Chief Cheng!” A voice sneering toward the leader.

The leader looks at that person who sneering toward him. “Gu Jun!!!” This person is the vice leader. Usually he is very submissive, but now he actually dared to speak boldly to himself now.

“Gu Jun, you cannot be presumptuous to the team leader!” The nearby black-uniformed man scolded him.

“WHAT? You also want to teach me how I should speak?!” Gu Jun's eyes flashed a cold gaze toward the person who scolded him. The black-uniformed man quickly held his speech. Gu Jun is the number 2 man in this team, opposing him is never a good thing.

“Gu Jun, as long as you kill them I will give you this team leaders position!” Cheng bit his tooth and said it with heavy heart. He knows that this disabled wolf already ate this dog.

He was too proud, if not how can his hand be chopped? If he did not have his arm chopped, how can this Gu Jun be presumptuous like this? Regretting it now is too late. In his eyes showed only hatred toward the disabled and coward person who made him like this.

“Wah, so nice of you. If it’s like that, many thanks to you Chief Cheng. Gu Jun will certainly exact revenge for you!” Gu Jun shows a satisfied smile. He then looks at Han and Old Wu with a fierce gaze and smiled “You injured our team leader. According to logic, we must kill you immediately, but I, Gu Jun, will show you mercy. I will let you choose how you will die!

Either you hang yourself or I kill you!” Gu Jun thanked them very much. If not how can he obtain the opportunity as a team leader? This time he won in Wancheng city, as a team leader he definitely can be recognized by the lord. And if the master is happy, it will not be difficult for him, Gu Jun, to be promoted and become a general.

“If you want us dead!!! DO IT YOURSELF!!!!” A wolf's principle is to stand until the very end never kneeling in battle. Old Wu has taken again the long-sword that has fallen to the ground.
His arm is trembling, but that is not fear; he is unable to hold his excitement from his battle.
He feared that he will be unable to grip the long sword, so he ripped open a piece of cloth and tied up his long-sword with his own hand. This way the long-sword will not be discarded, unless his hand is cut off too.

“Little boy Han, I will stop them here, get out of the city wall, run as fast as you can!” Old Wu said it in low voice.

“I do not go!” Han refused to go, because he had been saved one time by Old Wu if he ran away again now, then he truly can be considered a cattle!
Although Han is afraid he still had anger. His fellow villagers were already dead. If this time he ran away, then how he will answer their spirits?

“Go away! You will only slow me down!” Old Wu exclaimed angrily. “You know, if you remain here, you will only give trouble to me. Without you or your Guangling’s Army here this old body can only hit ten times. With you here, you will only slow me down and even can be killed when I go on a frenzy!”

“Do not look down on us!” Han put on a resentful face, he is truly angered by shame “Our Guangling Army, although not good, our Guangling Army has also gone to the battlefield!”

“Hah, gone to battlefield? Only sieging Xiapi, you can boast? Do not joke with me!” Old Wu said with disdain.
At that time, when Xiapi was besieged by Chen Deng, how many Cao’s army troops are stationed in Xiapi? Less than 10,000 troops and also they are old, weak, sick and disabled. With that as an advantage, Chen Deng dare to lead his Guangling Army to attack them directly.

“YOU!!!!” Han became angrier.

“Go away! I will not say it again!” Old Wu's complexion become really grim. Making Han tremble with fear.

“FINE, FINE, I WILL LEAVE!!!!” Han is truly angry, he threw down his long-sword and quickly left.

Looking at Han leaving, Old Wu became more relaxed.

“WOW!!!!” Gu Jun's lips showed happy expression “Very touching eh, very touching. Cursing him in order to let him escape!” After that, Gu Jun's complexion become cold “You really thought that he can escape, huh?! It is a joke! Since all of you do not want to commit suicide, I will first start by killing your companion!”

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! OVER MY DEAD BODY FIRST!” Old Wu suppressed his pain so that Gu Jun can close up to him, enough for Old Wu and Gu Jun to do mortal blow uninterrupted. As long as it hit, it can kill him. Even it did not kill him, it can mortally wound him also.
This is a wolf’s final determination, it is this determination that was feared by invaders. Even if a wolf suffered a severe wound, even if it already lost its limbs, as long as he did not die, they can hold the enemy behind.

“Hahaha, waiting for me to strike to kill me?!” Gu Jun sneered. “You think I am like that idiot Cheng Quan?! Oh, first things first, I am sorry that previous team leader spoke slandering remarks toward you!” Gu Jun's mouth said sorry but his facial expression did not show anything at all.

“DAMN IT!” Cheng Quan pinched his hand until it bled, insulted by Gu Jun.

“FULL RUSH! GIVE ME A FULL RUSH!!!!” Gu Jun is not alone now, since he is a team leader, how can he fight the battle personally? He is the commander, he did not care how many of his men died as long as it can give him money and a promotion.

“Eh?!” Old Wu started sweating. He has lost too much blood. This new leader is quite good, he knows that Old Wu was going to do final strike on him. Now he sent out his subordinates. Old Wu can only take one of them at a time, but killing these subordinates is no use.

Old Wu clenched his teeth. Whether he took others with him to die or he died by himself, he had done his deed; to help Han escape. Little boy Han, sorry that this old bag of bones can only give you this much.

“Surround him, kill this old man!” Gu Jun waved his hand and black-uniformed men one by one surround Old Wu.

“Kill him with a full rush, the city wall has been taken, we also have other matters!” Gu Jun was already not interested in Old Wu. The city wall has been taken. As long as they wait for the private army of other nobles who collaborated in this crusade, Wancheng city is as good as in the bag.

“Poof!!!” The Long-sword and Old Wu's flesh connected. Although Old Wu is a wolf and former elite of Bing Province Army, he is now old, he is missing an arm and is injured. If one gives him a good horse, one returned his youth, how can these black-uniformed man be a threat? Even if they came altogether, they will not be a match for him.

“RRRAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” Old Wu's sword stabbed a black-uniformed man. With the long-sword stabbing him, blood splashed all over the place. Blocking the vision of his comrade and all of a sudden, his arm is already on the ground.

Old Wu also was not in good state. A black-uniformed man attacked his flank slashing his shoulder. Fortunately that shoulder that he slashed was where his missing arm is but it is still very painful.
With Old Wu already in this state where blood kept flowing and his ribs is showing, he has become a terror for these black-uniformed men.


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