My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 150 - Three Heroes VS Huang Zhong 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 150 - Three Heroes VS Huang Zhong 2

Chapter 150 - Three Heroes VS Huang Zhong (2)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“HUANG ZHONG, GIVE YOUR LIFE TO MY BROTHER!!!!” Jiang Qin screamed. Jiang Qin’s looked as if he was a ghost from hell. Every part of his body had parts chopped off by Huang Zhong.

Jiang Qin suddenly jumped off from his warhorse in order slash down toward Huang Zhong. Jiang Qin’s heart is oozing killing intent and anger, now he needed to be released at the body of this old fart.

“I will send you to your brother!!!” Huang Zhong said coldly while grinning and gestured to prepare to jump also. A jumping down-slash indeed will help to increase your attack due to gravity, but if your slash is countered by a master, you will not be able to change the direction of your fall. That kind of flaw will definitely be taken advantage of by a master and Huang Zhong is that kind of master.

“GONGYI!!!! WATCH OUT!!!” Taishi Ci quickly jumped to block Huang Zhong. If not, Jiang Qin will be cut into two by Huang Zhong.

But when Taishi Ci jumped, he kind of regretted for acting too rashly, because Huang Zhong did not jump at all. With this eyesore jumping, then the hindrance is gone to cut down Jiang Qin.

Jiang Qin who had jumped into the air will fall down anytime. Since Jiang Qin jumped first, Huang Zhong just sat down on his warhorse, waiting to for the trap to spring and kill him.

“SHAAAA!!!!” Jiang Qin’s eyes are bloodshot full of killing intent and hatred surrounding his body. In his eyes, there is only Huang Zhong, even if Huang Zhong disappeared, he will go to the ends of the earth to find him.

“GO DIE!!!” Huang Zhong moved his golden curved dao for kill. This time Taishi Ci is unable to hold Huang Zhong’s assault anymore and quickly closed his eyes in order not to see Jiang Qin killed. Although their sentiment is not as big as Jiang Qin with Zhou Tai, they are comrades who served under one lord.

“SHAAAA!!!!!” Jiang Qin also knows that he will die under Huang Zhong’s strike this time, but he cannot retreat. He must get revenge for Zhou Tai, even if his own broadsword only brought slight injury to Huang Zhong’s finger.

“Damn it!!!” Huang Zhong’s instinct suddenly felt big danger from his flank, so subconsciously Huang Zhong's curved dao changed the angle of his strike

"Poof! “Whiz!!!”

Two sounds were simultaneously heard. The “Poof” is the sound of blood splashing. Although Huang Zhong quickly changed the angle, that slash got Jiang Qin’s left hand. His slash is so clean that the severed blood vessel did not spurt out blood immediately.

And the “Whiz” sound is from a long spear that coming from his flank. Its speed is extremely fast and was directed toward Huang Zhong’s chest. A moment ago, if Huang Zhong did not change his angle and keep his focus toward Jiang Qin, at that time, Jiang Qin will die and Huang Zhong would have received a mortal wound.

“AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” The extreme pain made Jiang Qin’s sanity return. He truly discovered that just now, he had one foot already stepping in hell and he quickly jumped to the side of that spear owner. That spear owner quickly withdrew his spear and started to attack Huang Zhong again with intensity.

That guy is Sun Ce, Sun Bofu! Jiangdong’s army’s boss. This guy’s age and Huang Zhong’s little lord’s age is similar but he already had domain in Jiangdong.

Some historians said if Sun Ce managed to live, there will be no Three Kingdoms. If Sun Ce is alive, when Cao Cao battled Yuan Shao in Guandu, he would have lost his Yu Province. When he got the news of that, he will quickly retreated to Xu Du and after that, he would have died by a pincer attack initiated by Yuan Shao and Sun Ce.

Big-eared Liu Bei will lose his footing altogether in Yu Province and disappear from history. And with that there will never be an event when he borrowed Jing Province from Liu Qi and also there will never be an event where he conquered Yi Province and proclaimed himself as Shu-Han Emperor.

That is because Jing Province and Yi Province will not be able to withstand The Little Conqueror’s assault. With Jing Province, Yi Province, Yu Province and whole of Yang Province under his control, Sun Ce will be able to force Old Cao to submit under his rule.

Why that will happen? Because Sun Ce, the Jiangdong’s Little Conqueror is too powerful in all aspects. Not only does he have strength similar to Lu Bu, he also he is much younger than Lu Bu and much smarter than Lu Bu. Those factors alone made Sun Ce a promising lord.

During the battle of Chibi. When Cao Cao led his army to Jiangdong, most of Sun Quan’s subordinates urged Sun Quan to surrender, because they feared Cao Cao’s rumored 830,000 troops. Similarly, Cao Cao also feared a living Sun Ce but Guo Jia’s assessment was that Sun Ce was only half qualified to be called as Cao Cao’s enemy, along with Liu Bei.

When Sun Ce died, Cao Cao was very relieved. Only after that did Cao Cao quickly prepare to do battle in Guandu.

And that promising lord actually brandished his own weapon to attack Huang Zhong. Regarding the weapon that Sun Ce used, it was spear. It is very good and elegant, just like the two-edged sword.

In the Three Kingdoms age, there are many people who are proficient with spears. Those people who have reached the pinnacle in spear skills are Zhang Ren, Zhang Xiu and Zhao Yun and all three of them studied under tutelage of great spear master Tong Yuan. Also regarding strength, Zhang Ren and Zhang Xiu both only reached first-class generals and Zhao Yun himself is the pinnacle of first-class. With that all three of them unleashed their spear skill in order to assist in pacifying this times of war.

The next one is Chen Dao. This guy’s good point is overshadowed by Zhao Yun and was eve cut out from Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel by Luo Guanzhong.

Chen Dao’s strength is actually more or less the same as Zhao Yun. If he was a waste, he would not be have been appointed by Liu Bei as the leader of White-Feathered soldiers and at that point, the counterpart of Chen Dao in Lu Bu’s army would be Gao Shun.

Gao Shun’s strength is only a second-class general but he is able to train his soldiers. With his regiment, the Formation Breaker did not fear any opponent.

With that kind of skill, one also needed special weapon. Zhao Yun’s spear is the Dragon Spear while Sun Ce’s spear is called The Spear of The Conqueror. One of the reason that Sun Ce was called Jiangdong’s Little Conqueror is because of him using The Spear of The Conqueror.

The Spear of the Conqueror full name is The Spear of the Conqueror of Western Chu. This spear was once belonged to Western Chu’s Conqueror Xiang Yu and was lost when he committed suicide after losing to Liu Bang. Somehow, the Sun clan’s ancestor found it again and made it the heirloom of the Sun clan and was now used by Sun Ce.

This entire spear length is about 4 meters and was very heavy. Its weight is about 90 jin and the entire body was made of pure iron and the spear head was made of pure steel.

Taishi Ci has tasted Sun Ce's skill with this spear, now it is Huang Zhong's turn.

The Gold curved dao currently is deflecting The Conqueror's Spear. Huang Zhong's hand felt almost destroyed. His gold curved dao's weight is 72 jin and also it is much shorter than the spear, only having the length of long sword.

“I must close the distance!!!” Huang Zhong quickly decided that. He currently cannot win fighting Sun Ce from a distance, so he can only do close quarters combat with him. Only with close quarter, can Huang Zhong show his superiority in combat over Sun Ce.

Huang Zhong quickly squeezed his warhorse and quickly dashed toward Sun Ce. This horse also responded to Huang Zhong's gesture and complied with his rider.

Sun Ce also knows Huang Zhong's idea and he increased the velocity of his thrust. If he got near him, then it is his loss.

“Clang!!!” Within few seconds, The Conqueror's Spear and golden curved dao had been clashing more than ten times with Huang Zhong quickly getting closer and closer toward Sun Ce. Now Sun Ce is unable to show off the full potential of his spear but Huang Zhong is able to attack Sun Ce with his full potential.

“HAAAA!!!!” Huang Zhong quickly slashed toward Sun Ce. Due to his slash speed being very fast, it left a trail of gold like dragon's shadow. This is the “inner soul” of the golden curved dao. This golden curved dao's full name is Curved Dao of Gold Dragon which is Huang's family heirloom and the mark of the gold dragon can only appear after Huang Zhong managed to build up his strength to the pinnacle of super-class generals.

“Damn, he is very fast!!!” Sun Ce is stunned. This veteran is truly strong. No wonder Jiang Qin lost one of his arms and even Taishi Ci unable to fight with him.

But Sun Ce's skill with this spear has reached the top level. Indeed a spear is best used at a distance but if you think you can best Sun Ce in close quarters, then it is completely wrong. During Taishi Ci's battle with Sun Ce, he also had the same idea as Huang Zhong, but he lost and almost lost his life. During that time also, Sun Ce offered his hand of friendship to Taishi Ci and became his trusted friend.

“HMPH!!!” Sun Ce humphed coldly and started to swing his spear as if it is short-range club and screamed “HAAAAAHHHH!!!!”

His speed is extremely fast and can be compared to Huang Zhong's strikes and also the momentum is really good, if one hit managed to hit any part of the body, it will destroy your bones and if it hit a vital part, you will die instantly.

“Damn, this is really bad!!!” Huang Zhong's heart felt very bad. Because when Huang Zhong did close quarters with Sun Ce, Taishi Ci also joined into fray. Both of their strength at least reached super-class and even though Huang Zhong has reached the pinnacle of super-class generals, it is really hard fighting them at the same time, as both of them are targeting his vital points and if one of them managed to get a clean hit on Huang Zhong, the result is a mortal wound.

Jiang Qin, looking at Huang Zhong being cornered quickly brandished his broadsword and attack him together with Sun Ce and Taishi Ci.

They had determined that this Huang Zhong is too terrible and must die today.


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