My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 153 - The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed!!! 1
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 153 - The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed!!! 1

Chapter 153 - The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed!!! (1)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Milord!!!” Taishi Ci wanted to raise Sun Ce's body but was prevented by him. Sun Ce was heavily injured, the right side of his body was still bleeding so he stayed at that posture. Perhaps a part of Conqueror Spear was lodged into him and currently was unable to be removed.

“Ziyi, go bring Jiang Qin to the army medic!!!” Sun Ce just casually said.

“But!!!” Taishi Ci also wanted to carry Sun Ce to the medic camp to be treated but was prevented by Sun Ce again. Taishi Ci was truly frozen when looking at Sun Ce's condition, he was bleeding profusely at his right side, and his face is pale with the signs of anemia; truly a sight of horror.

“Bring Gongyi first to the medic camp!!!” Sun Ce had voiced his order.

“General Ziyi, please go back first, leave Milord to me!” Lu Su also hit his horse to get near Sun Ce. The army has attacked the city. When the army attacked a city, naturally it will need commander to lead. Lu Su do not care about those casualties, because they consists of noble soldiers that previously had violated the military law during the attack the on naval HQ, so Lu Su pushed them to fight in order to pay for the previous violation. And now they are fighting for merit. As long as they can overcome Wancheng city, the merit will be very big and maybe they will get a big portion of Lujiang Prefecture.

However, the tax for war are dead people and Lu Bu’s army is not greenhorns as they also want merit for themselves! Lu Bu’s army currently consists of saplings and veterans and when the veteran dies, the sapling will mature and replace that veteran.

“Yes!” Taishi Ci can only hold his fist and go to the medic. Sun Ce also straddled slowly toward Oolong. The corpse is already icy cold. Sun Ce's hand is gently stroking Oolong's fur.

Oolong was Sun Ce's favorite warhorse. Lu Su knows that intimately. This Oolong was fed and had his stable clean from dungs everyday by Sun Ce. Sun Ce is the boss of Jiangdong, cleaning after a horse like a servant daily, no one knew why, but when Sun Ce did that his heart was at ease and was able to think clearly. Only when this old buddy of his is happy, can Sun Ce return to his place.

But now Sun Ce is stroking Oolong like Oolong had not yet taken bath, evidently he is in denial.

“Milord!!! Milord!!!” Lu Su is calling Sun Ce, but Sun Ce did not pay any attention to his calling and kept inside his “private paradise”.

“Milord!!! Oolong has died!!!” Lu Su quickly said that in order to return Sun Ce to cruel reality.

“DIED?!” Sun Ce stunned and started to talk himself slowly “Dead? Hahaha!!! Dead? How can Oolong die?!” Sun Ce who is still in his “private paradise” kept in denial while covered in Oolong's blood.

“Sun Ce, Sun Bofu. If Oolong did not die, then whose blood is in your hand?! If Oolong did not died, how can you still be alive?!” Lu Su really did not think that this lord is very depressed. This is not Sun Ce and not Jiangdong's Little Conqueror.


“LU BU, LU FENGXIAN!!! THIS SUN CE AND YOU ARE MORTAL ENEMIES FROM NOW ON!!!” His Conqueror Spear is broken. The original four meters was cut down by ballista into two meters. Oolong died, but the battle now changed into siege warfare, therefore there is no need for a warhorse.

“Milord, don't!!!” Lu Su not yet finished his words but Sun Ce is now running toward Wancheng city.

“AIYAH!!!” Lu Su stomps his foot. He is a scholar, although he has done the 6 arts, his strength is not adequate to help Sun Ce. If he also rushes at that time, one will not know that if it is Sun Ce protecting him or him protecting Sun Ce.

“Messenger, go to the main camp. Order General Chen Wu and General Dong Xi to accompany Milord to attack the city, prioritize on Milord's safety!” Lu Su's plan is crumbling like a house of cards. His plan to make Lu Bu’s army as borrowed knife to kill those private soldiers had failed and now he can only dispatch elites.

“Yes!!!” The messenger quickly went to relay the order. Although those soldiers had more than 100,000 troops they are not elites at all. Their height and weight was not a standard for soldiers at that time. They only wore light armor with more leather than iron. No discipline at all and there are people who are talking to each other care freely as if they are in a teahouse.

But regarding elites, in Jiangdong's army there is another elite infantry that has the face and aura the same as Sun Ce, just like tiger wanting to eat people.

They are the Danyang soldiers! Jiangdong's own Danyang soldiers. Danyang region was a very rich region and these people have sworn to defend that region to death. They are rebellious and very combative people who can only talk with their fist. Danyang soldiers during peace were always a pain in the ass for officials. They were also very social people within their tribe. If you attack one Danyang person, the next day, you will be visited by 100 of his brothers related or not.

Sometimes, that fight escalated into thousand people fighting and when that happens, the government troops did not dare to break the fight and can only close up each county hoping that it did not escalate to them sieging the nearby county.

These Danyang natives and soldiers are rebellious by nature. They are the ones who walks through the path of martial arts just like Ip-Man and Wong Fei-Hung of Foshan. Even now, the martial arts from Danyang region is still preserved to this day.

Tao Qian's hometown is Danyang. Don't underestimate this old Tao Qian. Although Old Tao urged Liu Bei in order to protect his inheritance in Xu Province, he had been hit by Old Cao twice and neither those assaults manage to take him down. During his begging to Old Cao in Pengcheng county, it is because his descendants were all useless people and unable to receive his inheritance. During his youth, Tao Qian was a strong man and helped to quell Beigong Boyu and the Han Sui Rebellion. He also fought at the crusade against Dong Zhuo.

Afterwards, when he was sealed as the Governor of Xu Province, Xu Province was still engulfed in war by the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Tao Qian quickly took 3,000 troops from his Danyang. They had not yet undergone training for battle, but we're able to quell the Yellow Turbans by themselves alone.

After quelling the Yellow Turban, Old Tao quickly took root in Xu Province and assigned his Danyang soldiers to guard Xu Province. 30,000 troops were assigned to guarantee Xu Province's safety and finally Cao Cao hit Xu Province after Cao Song's death. At that time, if both sides did an all-out battle, they would have perished together and Old Cao will spurt out blood due to the damage done.

However, Tao Qian was unable to achieve that, because at his side there was very incompetent senior general called Cao Bao and also Tao Qian's two sons. Tao Qian is similar to Huang Zu, tiger for a father, pig for a son and is the one who ruined his family's name. Yuan Shao is also the same, his sons are not in harmony with each other and always tried to take each other down. However as incompetent as Tao Qian's sons are, they were much better than Yuan Shao's.

Old Tao can repel Cao Cao, but after that? Old Tao died of old age while Cao Cao kept advancing for his conquest. After Tao Qian died, the Tao clan would definitely be exterminated by Cao Cao as tribute to Cao Song.

So, Old Tao, in order to create an insurance so that his Tao clan can be preserved, asked Liu Bei to take ownership of Xu Province and made these three tigers, Liu Bei, Lu Bu and Cao Cao fight together to the death.

During that chaos, the Tao clan quickly withdrew from Xu Province and disappeared from history's footnote and Cao Cao also had forgotten the Tao clan as if his father was never murdered in Xu Province.

And these Danyang soldiers were the same Danyang soldiers from back then, but under Sun Ce’s army's employ.

These 10,000 Danyang soldiers were divided into two, Chen Wu and Dong Xi each lead 5,000 troops. Both of them were water dragons in naval battles and mighty tigers in land battle. They can be considered as the first Marine Corps.

Those Danyang soldiers' armor were made of rattan and was able to float on water. On land warfare, these rattan armor can also soften any blow from sharp weapons.

Therefore these 10,000 Danyang soldiers was Sun Ce's trump card and definitely as good as Lu Bu's Formation Breaker and Bing Province Heavy Cavalry.

“ALL ARMY ATTACK!!!” Chen Wu and Dong Xi had not yet relayed the orders, but the Danyang soldiers already made their move.

“SHA, SHA!!! Heh, Er Gou Zi, I will be the one who will take the merit first!!!” A young Danyang soldier speaking to another soldier.

“Dream on, Lin Danda, this grandpa will be the first one!!!” Er Gou Zi quickly quip toward Lin Danda.

“Hey, this grandpa's name is Chu Zhongtian. Do not call me Lin Danda!!!” Chu Zhongtian got angry.

“Tsk, whatever!!!!” Er Gou Zi did not respond toward Chu Zhongtian and responded “Bratty Lin Danda, don't be shameless here!!!”

“Ha, if being shameless can bring me glory, so what? Do not forget, if you lose, you owe me 100 taels of gold!!!” Chu Zhongtian was not really angry, but he just wanted to shift Er Gou Zi's attention. He is the one who nicknamed him Lin Danda, so he wanted to irritate this Er Gou Zi.

With 100 taels, Chu Zhongtian can return to Hueiji and court a woman to start a family. How can they afford to lose?

“Damned Lin Danda, eat my palm!!!” Er Gou Zi quickly fling his palm to smack Chu Zhongtian's head.

“Er Gou Zi, damn you!!!”

“Come on, come on. Hit me!!!”

“Er Gou Zi, let this grandpa cut your balls off!!!” They started bashing each other. They had not yet arrived at the appointed place, but their faces were already black and blue.

“Aiyah!!!” Chen Wu just smiled bitterly. These Danyang soldiers, wore the appearance of a soldiers, but in reality, they were gangsters, bums and ruffians. If it was any other army, Chen Wu would have already called for military law, but these were Danyang soldiers. If you killed one, the others will defend that person to the death and if your treatment is not to their satisfaction, they will rebel against you.

But that did not affect the battle efficiency of these Danyang soldiers. When the Danyang soldiers reached the moat, they quickly leaped into the water and swam. When they reached the ladder, they quickly climbed up and even slashed one of the enemies and quickly started to battle.

“Grandpa has arrived!!! It is time for this grandpa to fight the battle!!!” Dong Xi exclaimed. He was also a ruffian from the start so it is okay for him to say what he wanted, but behind them, there was also a warhorse speeding rapidly toward Wancheng city.


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