My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 154 - The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed!!! 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 154 - The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed!!! 2

Chapter 154 - The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed!!! (2)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“General, what should we do?!” Chen Wu's soldiers were stunned by these Danyang soldiers. They are afraid because these Danyang soldiers are really scary during a frenzy.

“What should we do!? Rush! If we are late, there is no more merit for us!!!” Chen Wu has also been affected with the situation, he quickly dashed toward Wancheng city.

“SHA, SHA, SHA!!!!” Liu Mang right now in a very difficult position. Earlier, he had the advantage of Wancheng city walls and was able to withstand Sun Ce’s army's attack, but now it is different. Because with the appearance of the rattan-armored soldiers, although they have no discipline and are unmethodical, they are able to stall Liu Mang's soldiers so more and more of Sun Ce’s army flushing inside the city.

“Hey, Er Gou Zi, see there, that guy is a high official!!!” Chu Zhongtian and Er Gou Zi who has just killed a Lu Bu soldier quickly pointed toward Liu Mang.

“Hey, your eyes are pretty good, Lin Danda. How much money can I get by selling that golden armor? I bet it can buy several carts of meat buns!!!” Said Er Gou Zi while drooling. “Agh!!!” Er Gou Zi's head was hit by Chu Zhongtian. He quickly angry and said “Damn you, Lin Danda. Enemies everywhere, but you still want to fight with me? Let's fight then!!!”

“Er Gou Zi, you are pig-brained and truly stupid. That is golden armor. G-O-L-D!!!! It can at least buy barbecued muttons! Several carts of them!!!” Chu Zhongtian response also made Er Gou Zi become stunned.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!!! It can buy barbecued muttons several carts!” Er Gou Zi started to remember the taste of barbecued mutton. The taste is really good and that was one year ago, when they started to follow their master Sun Ce when he took hold of Wancheng city.

Both of their vision are glimmering with meat buns and barbecued mutton. This His Highness Prince of Shu and his Aries gold-cloth has turned into several carts of barbecued muttons in these two eyes.

“HEAAHHHH!!!” They nodded and quickly rushed. They wanted to eat a lot of meat buns and a lot of barbecued muttons, therefore this high official must die.

“Um?!” Liu Mang also realized that he has been leered. Suddenly from that side, there are two men wearing rattan-armor, looking at Liu Mang with glittering eyes and even licked their lips.

“GAYS?!” Liu Mang shuddered when being stared at by them so passionately. They quickly slashed their broadswords, so Liu Mang raised his shield to defend.

“Clang, clang!!!” Two broadsword marks appeared on the great shield. After that first slash, they quickly slashed again in order to behead Liu Mang.

Liu Mang then deflected their broadsword by performing a spinning movement of his body in order to increase the momentum, but it did not stop them from striking Liu Mang.

"High official!"

"Golden armor!" Liu Mang does not know both which division these soldiers came, but their skills were not too high, moreover their coordination is very bad. And judging from the way they slashed their broadsword, both of them are using slashing movements like you would a street fight and do not have the methods to kill.

Liu Mang's golden armored was too attractive and it was not strange for a lot of Sun Ce’s army to rush him. But when they reached Liu Mang, they are all busy discussing with each other, regarding who will take his helmet and who wanted to take his armor. Completely disregarding Liu Mang.

“Noisy!!!” Liu Mang burst out and killed those soldiers, but the Danyang soldiers were able to parry his strikes. His skill in wushu is still extremely bad and is still inferior if compared to a third-class general, but not so weak that he cannot kill those noble private soldiers.

“SHAAAA!!!!” Liu Mang's hand started swing his great shield. Although Liu Mang's arm did not have a force of a thousand catties, but he is able to swing his great shield effortlessly.

Also since all of them also had no skill, then Liu Mang can act as crazy as he wanted. His body had the Aries gold-cloth, normal swords and spears will not be able to injure him. Only blunt weapons may injure him, but right now, at the presence of these ruffians, he may be able to win against them as they only used dao’s and their strength is not big.

“WHAT?!” Those ruffians and those nobles' private soldiers who had not paid any attention to Liu Mang were all startled by Liu Mang's actions, because suddenly Liu Mang waved his shield like a fly swatter, hitting all of them and dealing high impact damage.

Liu Mang's wushu skill is much lower than those of nobles' and rattan-armored soldier so Liu Mang can only fight with street fighting methods, randomly switching his weapons and even fighting barehanded.

Liu Mang also has become really crazy and threw his great shield Captain America style and those ruffians really had a bad luck bumping into this rash man. This rash man's body armor is very powerful and their weapons had no use against such a rash guy. They thought that this official would be one that will be afraid for his life and would not fight back.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” Three Danyang soldiers who were swatted like flies started to fall down. Two of them fell down into inner city and one of them fall down to the outer wall; all of them died instantly.

“Come on, come on!!!” Liu Mang exclaimed loudly toward those ruffians. Wherever he moves, those Danyang soldiers are retreating.

“Dammit, were losing to this coward’s armor!!!” One of the ruffian tried to insult Liu Mang while escaping. He is unable to do damage at all to this golden-armored guy.

“Oh? What kind of soldier are you bitches to lose your weapons, huh?!” Liu Mang who is already tired of eloquently insulting in big words with scholars, now can scream his insults freely without rhyme or reason.

“Hey, little boys, study from me, 'kay?” Liu Mang continued his insult.

“WITHDRAW!!! WITHDRAW!!!” Those ruffians also very sensible. They know that this Liu Mang is bad luck and this golden-armored guy is the guy who can fight back.

They had determined to give up on Liu Mang. They had given up on Liu Mang and found other people for their merits, but Liu Mang needed to drive them all out. Otherwise, they will be a big obstacle to the current Lu Bu army.

So Liu Mang insulted again “Hey boys, are your dicks so small that you did not dare to fight me again?!” Those Danyang soldiers are also fed up with Liu Mang’s insults and got angry and exclaimed “Brothers, we dog-pile this turtle boy and throw him out of city wall. I don’t believe that this turtle boy is so invincible that he will not die from the fall!!!”

It is Liu Mang’s bad luck now. Although they are completely worthless as a proper soldiers, they are quick thinkers in battle and quickly decided that Liu Mang must be thrown from this height so his good armor will crush him from the inside.

“Do not come near me!!!” Liu Mang will not let they come near him. His great shield is missing and now he is surrounded by Danyang soldiers that want to dog-pile him. On top of the city wall, half of them were Danyang soldiers and the other half were the Liu clan’s private soldiers who were not a match for them, but fortunately at this place, there was no one of general rank from Sun Ce’s army. However, it does not mean it is safe for Liu Mang, as other gates had Sun Ce’s army’s generals; it made very hard to for anyone to rescue Liu Mang.

First, Chu Zhongtian and Er Gou Zi started by holding Liu Mang’s foot by. Liu Mang tried to struggle by kicking them repeatedly but they just stubbornly held Liu Mang’s leg and said “Oh, no, no, no, turtle bastard, you will die with this grandpa. Die for us!!!”

Liu Mang’s body strength is big and he is able to shove off 3 – 4 people that were holding him, but he is unable to move as 13 people are now dog-piling him and started to carry him in order to throw him down the city wall.

Right now, all of the Urban Army is battling on the city wall. Liu clan’s private soldiers are really useless so, the rest of Urban Army needed to fight the enemy and that is only the first wave of attack.

Liu Mang truly knows that 8,000 troops are unable to fight against 100,000 troops. So he put out the Liu clan’s private soldiers to fight first and his Urban Army on standby as reserves. But right now, they are in a dire state, Liu Mang cannot ask Liu Kai and Liu Neng to request reinforcements from Huang Zhong, as Huang Zhong himself now personally led 1,000 Urban Army troops to fight at the other gates.

Huang Zhong also sees that Liu Mang was currently being carried by ruffians in order to be thrown down from the city wall. Huang Zhong already aimed, but put down his long bow out of fear his shooting will harm Liu Mang as he is already very near to the ledge.

“Son of a bitch! RELEASE ME!!!!” Liu Mang struggled very much, but all of his efforts are futile. Thrown down from the wall, one will not have a very good death, and if do not instantly died, he will suffer a lot from broken bones and finally suffocate to death.

“DIE, TURTLE BASTARD!!! GIVE ME CARTS OF BARBECUED MUTTON!!!” Er Gou Zi licked his lip, as long as he throws down this big turtle bastard, then they can have several carts of barbecued mutton and can eat until full. Unfortunately, to them, that is the only worth of Liu Mang’s life now.


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