My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 157 - Battle Between Superclass Generals 1
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 157 - Battle Between Superclass Generals 1

Chapter 157 – Battle Between Superclass Generals (1)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“HAHAHAHA, EASY, EASY!!!” Dong Xi exclaimed. Sun Ce army's generals had scaled the walls. Those generals were Chen Wu and Dong Xi. The Danyang soldiers were indeed one of the elite units in the Three Kingdoms, in just a matter of hours, they gathered enough battle experience to learn the way and style the enemy fought until no one was a match for them one-on-one.

1 Danyang soldier can fight 2 Urban Army soldiers. 3 Danyang soldiers can fight 5 Urban Army soldiers. Urban Army's way of battle emphasized on teamwork, Danyang soldiers emphasized on a one-man battle army. Those 3,000 Urban Army soldiers were able to crush only 5,000 Danyang soldiers but were unable to take on the remaining 5,000 Danyang soldiers,

Regarding leadership, the Danyang soldiers were led by experienced and veteran generals, Urban Army were only led by Cheng Yu and Liu Mang. Cheng Yu only passes as a second-class general and Liu Mang didn't even passes as a third-class general, maybe only as a super soldier and that is it. The one who is able to fight properly in this Wancheng city is only Huang Zhong, but even Huang Zhong is unable to take care of all the walls of Wancheng city as the distance between them is too big.

“HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh my little friend!!! Let this Grandpa Dong Xi let you drink blood!!! Chu...” Dong Xi kisses his hammers. Dong Xi's favorite weapon is a pair of metal hammers added with hooks, its weight is around 200 pounds on each hammers, but he is able to lift it up with ease due to his large physique. When Dong Xi managed to hit an enemy, the enemy was not just crushed, but his flesh was also hooked up when Dong Xi retracted his hammers. With this weapon of his, no one dared to fight him as no one wanted to die in a cruel way.

With generals like that, his bodyguards also acted the same way. All of Dong Xi's bodyguards were all warriors that liked killing people. Their weapons of choice was a mace covered with barb wires and if one hit a person’s body, one's internal body will be destroyed from the impact, while their flesh is extracted.

Chen Wu's weapon is much more normal. Chen Wu is using twin metal rods. At the tip of the rod is made with much more thicker iron to enhance his offensive capabilities. One hit, a regular person will die. Regarding his wushu skills, his skill is a little lower than Zhou Tai, Jiang Qin and the others but he is still regarded as one of the valiant generals in Jiangdong.

Chen Wu and Dong Xi, both of them were to fight solo, can only be considered as second-class generals. But once they are together, they are able to tag-team their prey, leaving no gaps for defenses.

That is why Sun Ce divided 10,000 Danyang soldiers into two big divisions for that reason. The second reason is that Chen Wu is the restraint chain for Dong Xi, as long as the two of them fought together, they were an unstoppable fighting machine.

“FUCKING HELL!!!” Liu Mang cursed. In Liu Mang's hand there were no valiant generals at all. Currently Zang Ba, Gao Shun, and Zhang Liao all of them went to Shucheng County with Lu Bu and will be too late to wait for any reinforcements from them. If Su Fei was still alive, maybe the situation will not be as dire as it was right now. But Su Fei died and Gan Ning is nowhere to be found, following Liu Mang's instruction to install that tool in every warships that they can find. If they cannot install it properly and it failed to function during battle, they will become Jiangdong's army's fodder.

“Little lord, I will fight against Sun Ce, please stay here and persevere, I will come back immediately after slaying him!” Huang Zhong's plan is to kill Sun Ce to behead Sun Ce's army. Along with that he is the most dangerous entity in the enemy's army. If he is allowed to live, he will be able to deal the most damage to them. To top it off behind Sun Ce charge, more and more of his soldiers are swarming the city wall.

“Sun Ce!!! Huang Zhong Huang Hansheng is here!!! Come and fight me if you dare!!!” Huang Zhong roared his challenge. Huang Zhong was besieged by three valiant generals earlier. If they fought Huang Zhong one-on-one, Jiang Qin would have die and even Taishi Ci would die fighting Huang Zhong, leaving Sun Ce to grief by himself. Now, Sun Ce is alone and will definitely die under Huang Zhong's blade.

“HAHAHA, Huang Zhong, I have been waiting for you!!!” Sun Ce is really happy, because Huang Zhong is the one who challenged him back. “Is Sun Ce seeking death?!” Huang Zhong's brow wrinkled. He admitted Sun Ce he was very strong but not his opponent. When they were dueling earlier, based on the strength that Sun Ce showed, he summarized that Sun Ce will die in just tenths bout. Huang Zhong then thought “To die under my curved dao, is still very a good honor for you!!!”

When closing in to Sun Ce, Huang Zhong killed 10 of Sun Ce’s soldiers; his golden curved dao already stained red with blood, but when Sun Ce clashed with Huang Zhong, he managed to withstand Huang Zhong's swing as a sign that he managed to breakthrough to the first stage in the pinnacle of super-generals.

The first sign when one's strength has broken through into the pinnacle of super-class generals is that one would be able to lift 100 kg weight as if lifting a feather. His hand has the force at least 10,000 catches, but that is only the first stage. Huang Zhong has refined his strength further, until his hand has the force of 30,000 catties like Lu Bu and if one used a weapon, even a super-class general will die in one strike and usually those who managed to breakthrough into the pinnacle of super-class will wield a weapon whose weight is several hundred pounds. But even with a light-weight weapon, Huang Zhong can break the enemy's weapon and kill them with ease.

“HAHAHAHA, I MANAGED TO BREAKTHROUGH AGAIN!!!” Sun Ce laughed “I also would like to thank you!!! If you did not fight with me and your ballista arrow did not damage me, I would not have been able to reach the first stage in the pinnacle of super-class general!!! You and the Prince of Shu are the ones who let me taste this level of strength and understand the depth of this Conqueror Spear!!!”

Sun Ce's eyes are flashing killing intent again. If one wanted to reach the pinnacle of super-class generals, first one must be cornered into a life-and-death state in order to push ones potential to the limit. Huang Zhong had done that and as a result, Huang Zhong was too strong to be a match even for Sun Ce, Taishi Ci and Jiang Qin fighting together. But due to the damage from the ballista arrow earlier, Sun Ce managed to push himself to a corner.

The second step is one needed to understand either two extremes, one is extreme anger and the other is extreme sorrow. Huang Zhong had also have walked this path, Huang Xu's illness made Huang Zhong sad all the time, so sad that he understood sadness and by understanding sadness, he reached the second prerequisite for reaching another stage in pinnacle of super-class general and for Sun Ce, the death of Da Qiao and Oolong, made him understand sadness.


Finally, the weapon that the general used must be a weapon that is most comfortable to its users. Lu Bu uses Sky Piercer which then changed to Poseidon Halberd, Huang Zhong uses golden curved dao and Sun Ce uses his Conqueror Spear. This Conqueror Spear carries the will and aspiration and strength of Xiang Yu. At the time when Xiang Yu wielded this Conqueror Spear, his strength had reached pinnacle of super-class general. That 4-meters long spear became his main weapon, but he also unable to master it, until he broke it into two and he wielded it as a club on one hand and a spear on the other hand, only with that was he able to use the Conqueror Spear perfectly.

When Xiang Yu committed suicide, he quickly joined the Conqueror Spear before he slit his throat in order to keep the secret of it and bring it to his grave but also thanks to Liu Mang's ballista shot, he managed to break the Conqueror Spear into to two and finally able to use the Conqueror Spear to its true potential.

“Hahaha, if you want to thank me, then die for me!!!” Huang Zhong sneered. Pinnacle of super-class also has advanced class and entree class. Also regarding class, Huang Zhong is outclassed one point by Lu Bu. One could see that during the duel Lu Bu vs Huang Zhong.

Now a young man just managed to breakthrough, how can he become Huang Zhong's opponent?

“Come on then!!!” Sun Ce smiled confidently. He climbed to Wancheng city wall, not just to take revenge, he wanted to duel with Huang Zhong because he is one of the rarest super generals. How can Sun Ce waste this opportunity?

“HUMPH!!!” Huang Zhong's humphed coldly. His eyes are also flashing with killing intent. Huang Zhong also felt a threatening aura from this young man, but Huang Zhong also wanted to do duel with him, to prove either his curved dao or Sun Ce's split spear is superior.

“HAHAHA!!!! SHAAA, SHAAA!!!!!” Dong Xi and Chen Wu were still on a rampage. Liu Mang does not dare to attack them as he knows the weakness of his armor. If an enemy were using sharp weapons, Liu Mang will not fear them as they will be unable to penetrate his defense, but these two are using blunt weapons and were now killing Lu Bu's soldiers like they are mincemeat. Blunt weapons are the bane of heavy armor users. They are able to destroy internal organs without destroying the shells. Many of the shield soldiers fell down to Chen Wu and Dong Xi's assault.

Then again, if Liu Mang did not fight then these two people might occupy Wancheng city.

“No, I will not let that happen!!! NEVER!!!” Liu Mang shook his head to dispel his fear. If Wancheng city was lost, Lu Bu's army will have truly lost, and letting his troops getting killed is not Liu Mang's style.

“Huang Xu!!!” Liu Mang's head is looking back toward Huang Xu and said “I am counting on you!!!” After saying his order, Liu Mang lifted his shield and charged toward the front.

“Little lord, don't!!!” Huang Xu wanted to stop Liu Mang but it is too late. Liu Mang currently is the soul of the army. As long as Liu Mang was able to show his prowess, the others will follow his example and show greater combat effectiveness.

However, due to Huang Xu's injury because of Zhou Tai's assault, he cannot support Liu Mang directly and only using indirect assaults. Huang Xu then put his hand on his longbow and screamed “Do not worry, little lord!!! As long as Xu is still here, no harm will befall you!!!” Regarding archery, Huang Xu has extreme confidence and this is the only skill he's managed to be on par with his father's skill.

“SHAAA!!!” Liu Mang rushes toward those two generals wielding great shield.

“Ooohhh, golden armor!!! Is that guy a senior general of Lu Bu army!!!?” Dong Xi sneered toward Liu Mang who led Urban Army to do assault.

Chen Wu said “Wait, Dong Xi. Golden-armored man.... I KNOW THAT GUY!!!! THAT GUY IS PRINCE OF SHU!!!! His attire is just like Milord's description!!”

“SHAAAA!!!!” Dong Xi already in rampage, he did not care about anything anymore and only wanted to rampage regardless if his enemy is worth a high price, regardless of what his Lord ordered.

“Capture him alive!!!” Chen Wu said to Dong Xi. A dead Prince of Shu can only be considered a merit but a captured Prince of Shu, it is a big thing.

“Chen Wu, why do you always make things difficult for me?” Dong Xi frowned. He likes to kill, only by killing can feel that he is alive and powerful. Although Dong Xi is stupid, he still listened to Chen Wu. Chen Wu is the wise one and listening to Chen Wu was never a mistake.

“Urban Army!!! Together; We live or die!!!” Liu Mang roused the morale of his troops first.

“Urban Army!!! Together; We live or die!!!” A sergeant of Urban Army also followed the suit.

“SHA, SHA, SHA!!!” The Danyang soldiers from the Zuo army under Dong Xi was very hungry for battle and headed toward Liu Mang's division. The Danyang soldiers are great for one-on-one battle but when they are faced with an organized unit, they will fall apart.

“First row, raise your shield!!!”The Urban Army did their usual formation, giant shields on the front in order to stop Danyang soldier’s first wave of attack.

“Clang, clang, clang!!!” Broadswords, swords, spears and pikes are clashing up on the large shields but unable to penetrate the great shields, and even if some of them managed to slip through, the great shield soldier also wear heavy armor, so not much damage can be done.

“Shield soldiers withdraw, spears soldiers, kill them!!!” Liu Mang quickly transmitted his order and the Urban Army transformed into the formation like he wanted. Liu Mang needed to kill a lot of Danyang soldiers who did not come from Chu town, as more and more soldiers are scaling the wall. Liu Mang needed to kill them quickly while they are still scaling the wall.

The Urban Army great shield soldiers retreated and the Danyang soldiers quickly returned attack, thinking that they have no more defense, but they discovered how wrong they are.

Danyang soldiers were stabbed one by one until they become shish-kabob with one spear stabbing at least 3 people.

“Spear soldiers, change with great shield and push them!!!” Liu Mang ordered “AAAHHHH!!!!” Scream from Danyang Zuo soldiers are heard over and over again when they are pushed from the wall.

“Spear soldiers, once again kill the Danyang soldiers!!!” Liu Mang with only a hundred people managed to clear the wall with that strategy and that strategy also made the Danyang soldiers afraid to do battle severely demoralizing them.

“Interesting!!!” Dong Xi licked his lips. He thought that this Prince of Shu was only a coward, but unexpectedly, he is able to use his head to formulate strategy. Dong Xi had seen this Prince of Shu only had the strength of less than his own bodyguards, but due to that strategy, he interest was piqued by this Prince of Shu; which made him his next target.


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