My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 158 - Battle Between Superclass Generals 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 158 - Battle Between Superclass Generals 2

Chapter 158 – Battle Between Superclass Generals (2)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Dammit, destroy them all, QUICK!!!” Chen Wu's brow wrinkled. In just a brief moment the Danyang soldiers' casualties amounted to 100 people while Urban Army's only totaled with 8 injuries. Even fighting heavy infantries did not amount to these losses.

Dong Xi did not care about his Danyang soldiers but Chen Wu cared. Sun Ce assigns those Danyang soldiers because they were trusted by Sun Ce in order to discipline them. All of Sun Ce's army juniors like Lu Meng and Ling Tong are drooling over these Danyang soldiers. They may be young right now but they bring big threats to Chen Wu and Dong Xi's positions and value in Sun Ce’s army. They are quick-learners and quick-thinkers, also they are able to think of strategies unlike Chen Wu and Dong Xi.

They are also Sun Ce's childhood friends. After they completed their studies, they will certainly be entrusted with heavy responsibility and be under Zhou Yu. Also in Sun Ce’s army, there are many veterans that have many experience in battle, further lessening their chances to gain merit. That is why when 10,000 Danyang soldiers were assigned to both Chen Wu and Dong Xi, both of them were ecstatic. Chen Wu has hoped to rise in Sun Ce’s army with these Danyang soldiers but if the casualties too big, his chance is also gone.

“I know!!!” Dong Xi waved his hand, then he squatted his body with one leg on the back, preparing to dash.

“Hrm?!” Liu Mang who has been paying attention toward Dong Xi, quickly looked at Dong Xi's location. Liu Mang really cannot comprehend what is Dong Xi is doing, because in his eyes, Dong Xi looked as if he was surrendering.

But instantaneously, Dong Xi burst out into a sprint with a speed like the 100m runners that does their start squatting, his speed is so fast it came as a huge surprise for a man of his built.

"Bumps. Bumps!""Bumps" "bump!" his speed was getting faster and faster, Dong Xi's physique was originally stout and muscular, but actually that did not affect his speed. “Bump!! Bump!! Bump!! Bump!!” Dong Xi's footsteps made big tremors on the city wall shaking everything. Liu Mang was still confused as to what Dong Xi wanted to do, but when his giant iron hammers were placed in front of him then Liu Mang realized “Dammit, he wants to charge at us!!!” As Dong Xi was getting nearer and nearer, Liu Mang quickly bellowed his command “Great shield soldiers, raise your shield with me, perform a wall!!! I would like to see, how much power you have, Dong Xi!!!”

“Bang!!!” Liu Mang's mouth spurted blood. This kind of strength when Dong Xi rammed him. The momentum made Liu Mang feel all of his organs shift places and Liu Mang was not the only victim here, as several great shield soldiers were also flying and falling one by one like flies, some of them were perished by Dong Xi's hammer swings.

“Spearmen, raise your spear!!!” Liu Mang's is gritting his tooth trying to endure the pain. His eyes emitting anger. At Dong Xi's hammers, there are two people who are still dangling and alive and screaming and was treated as a weapon against the Urban Army.

“But general, there are still...” Some of Urban Army's spearmen is questioning Liu Mang's orders as those Urban Army soldiers were their comrades.

“DO IT NOW!!!” Liu Mang's eyes were fiery. He already knew that those two people are doomed. So right now, he needed to kill them to at least to alleviate their pain.

"Yes, sir!" All of Urban Army is agreeing

“RAISE THE SPEARS!!!” One by one spearmen raised their spears and became a spear wall.

“Hahahaha, interesting, interesting!!!” Dong Xi pounded his hammer toward Urban Army's spear wall stabbing both of them.

“POOF. POOF!!!” Both of Urban Army soldiers were punctured and their body like hedgehog now. Although they screamed but when their gaze met Liu Mang's, they just smiled and died peacefully.

“Damn!!!” Liu Mang exclaimed his anger while his tears is flowing.

“SHAAA!!!” The Urban Army also responded. They must take revenge for their fallen comrades.

“SHIV, SHIV!!!” The enemies were forming a spear wall, so even though Dong Xi swung his iron hammer, at the very least his arm will be wounded. Evidently when he swung his hammer downward to kill the Urban Army soldiers, there was already at least 2 holes from his left arm due to the spears.

“Damn, it hurts!!!” Dong Xi's eyes are expressing the pain. He had stopped his movement and his shoulder is bleeding along with his left arm, but Dong Xi just ignored just picked up his lump of flesh that had fallen on the floor and ate it.

“Nice, very nice!!!” Dong Xi's killing intent rose again.

“Dong Xi get a hold of yourself!!! You need to capture the Prince of Shu alive!!!” Chen Wu shouted loudly toward Dong Xi. Dong Xi is considered as a second-class general, although his strength is the same as Jiang Qin. Mainly because once he sees blood he gets over excited and starts killing his own soldiers on with the enemy.

In Jiangdong, there are two monsters that like to eat people. One is Zhou Tai who died in Huang Zhong's hand. The other is Dong Xi. Dong Xi liked to eat people and that is the fundamental difference between Zhou Tai and Dong Xi. And even now, Dong Xi still likes to eat people. Sometimes, at night, Dong Xi will stalk people and kill them in order to cook them and that was already with restraint by Sun Ce.

“I want to eat you!!!” Dong Xi's exclaimed, at Liu Mang while licking his lips. His expression changed into a hungry man who had not eaten in several months.

“Oh, want to eat me? Come on then, let me see how big your appetite is!!!” Liu Mang retorted back. “FORWARD!!!” Liu Mang bellowed his orders. The two people who just died were division leaders and yet their position have already been filled.

One of the division leaders were Chu Jie and the other is a young man whose age is almost as old as Liu Mang.

“Hey, I like this!!! A person who has no fear!!! Fear makes your meat sour, not tasty!!!” Dong Xi said while resolving to eat all of the Urban Army's personnel.

Liu Mang frowned when he looked at Dong Xi already bearing his fangs. He knows that this Dong Xi did not lie when he said he wanted to eat them all, it is due to his teeth being bit dark because of the acid that is produced when human meat is cooked.

“Fine then, come to me!!!” Liu Mang sighed calmly. With the Urban Army dying together, Liu Mang will not be lonely in hell.

At the other side, Huang Zhong and Sun Ce were a doing fierce battle. During the battle Three Heroes vs Huang Zhong, Huang Zhong only needed to show 60% of his strength in order to match them, but right now Huang Zhong is putting out 80% of his strength versus Sun Ce alone.

But that is that!!! Because right now Huang Zhong is forcing Sun Ce with his golden curved dao! “No more show of strength, now you die!!!” Said Huang Zhong, the battle between Huang Zhong and Sun Ce was a private duel, all of people nearby who saw this battle, quickly moved away and did their own jobs.

Sun Ce then said “You are very strong, but if you able to survive my ultimate move, you can boast that you have survived my assault!!” Sun Ce is not the opponent of Huang Zhong. Although he has reached pinnacle of super-class it is only the preliminary class, but he got the ultimate skill using the Conqueror Spear.

“Come then!!! Let this Zhong taste your ultimate move!!!” Huang Zhong also wanted to see Sun Ce's ultimate skill. He had tasted the power of the Conqueror Spear. That Western Chu Conqueror Xiang Yu really left a good legacy. A recently broken-through pinnacle of super-class managed to force a veteran to use 80% of his strength.

“Oh, thanks for being a patron for this Sun Ce, now let this Sun Ce send you to hell with this move!!!” Sun Ce's hand is gripped tightly on Conqueror Spear, his aura changes.

“Um?!” Huang Zhong frowned. This Sun Ce did not just give a threatening feeling, but also dangerous one. One man with a spear is reminded Huang Zhong of Lu Bu a few weeks ago when he did battle with him.

“Come on then, let this Zhong also show his ultimate skill!!!” Huang Zhong's heart also got excited. When he managed to breakthrough to the pinnacle of super-class, he was at the same age as Sun Ce and Huang Xu just 4 years older and he also had big aspirations for himself. When he reached that level, he never thought that this nation will give birth to those whose class is like him.

During Huang Zhong vs Lu Bu, Huang Zhong knows that his skill is inferior to Lu Bu, but at that time he was a commander therefore he will not admit defeat. But now Huang Zhong has become a subordinate of Lu Bu, so his ranks is lower than Sun Ce now, but Huang Zhong will never let himself be lower than Sun Ce in terms of prowess.

“HAAAHHH!!!” Huang Zhong also gripped his golden curved dao. He thought “this move was left out during the fight with Milord, but now I will show this skill here and now!!”

Their auras were increasing more and more and clashing with each other. The emotion on their body is uncertain, either anger or calmness mixed together, but one thing is a certain, if anyone approached them, they will meet their end.

“Country Destroyer!!!” Sun Ce made the first move. His Conqueror Spear had become one of his body. When Sun Ce screamed that move's name, the Conqueror Spear made a thundering noise. Sun Ce tried to stab Huang Zhong with that move but Huang Zhong retaliated and screamed “Dragon Slayer” in a slashing move to take down Sun Ce. Sun Ce was hit by that move and was thrown away several meters and before he was hit, he managed to stab Huang Zhong's armor but no apparent damage happened to Huang Zhong.


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