My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 160 - Rampage 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 160 - Rampage 2

Chapter 160 – Rampage (2)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Bump, bump, bump!!!” A powerful heavy cavalry wad running across Lujiang Prefecture. They started last night and it is already almost night again, they have worked their warhorses nonstop. They are in such a hurry that all of their biological needs were done on top of their warhorse.

But, even in this hurry, the cavalry soldiers’ faces were strong and determined, only by closer examination can tell how tired these soldiers were.

“Milord, Yu requests for a short break!” Cheng Yu is riding with this division and is currently shouting to the commander who was wearing a golden armor.

“No, we cannot afford to have a short break!!!” Lu Bu shook his head. When Cheng Yu and his 100 heavy cavalry bodyguards arrived in Shucheng County, Lu Bu already knew that the news is pretty bad. Lu Bu also prepared to return to the main HQ after finishing Shucheng County and fight Sun Ce again. But who would have expected that Sun Ce attacked Wancheng city directly out of desperation.

Wancheng city’s defenders amounted to only 8,000 troops and Sun Ce had 100,000 troops. Even an idiot can claim that the battle is a lost cause. How can they take a break, when Wancheng city will be broken through in any minutes? In Wancheng city, it did not only have Lu Bu’s army’s grain and provisions, but it also housed Lu Bu’s family.

If it was only grain and provisions, it would not be too big of a problem, because Lu Bu can just order a massacre on Shucheng County to grab grain and provisions. But the big matter is, if Wancheng city was broken through, Sun Ce will massacre all of Lu Bu’s family in exchange for Da Qiao’s death.

Therefore when Lu Bu obtained this urgent report, he quickly transferred command to Gao Shun, Zhang Liao and Zang Ba to continue the siege and he himself rode with the Bing Province Heavy Cavalry along with Cheng Yu and Urban Army’s cavalries posthaste.

“But, but they…!”Cheng Yu is pointing toward Urban Army’s cavalries and Bing Province Heavy Cavalries. They have done a lot of battle before, in Shucheng County and Jiashi County and now they are forced to return to Wancheng city, so they just gritted their teeth and rode their warhorses, especially when they heard that their little lord is in danger.

“Also tired?! Ask them, if they are tired or not?!” Lu Bu said it while sneering.

“Not tired!!! Not tired!!!” Those wolf boys are screaming loudly even though their stamina already exhausted due to prolonged ride.

Bing Province Heavy Cavalry are group of wolves. Wolves can hold their hunger in order to fight a prolonged battle, and they are also very resilient to sleep, and even if they are tired, they just needed to sit on the warhorse and fall into deep sleep immediately.

“If you are not tired, then increase your speed now!!!” Lu Bu shouted to all of Bing Province Heavy Cavalry and started speeding up again.


“DIE!!! DIE!!!” Lu Bu’s army and Sun Ce’s army are clashing fiercely with each other. Huang Zhong and his Urban Army division is cutting down Danyang soldiers one by one while on the other side, Liu Mang was pounded severely by Chen Wu and Dong Xi causing serious casualties.

Urban Army under Liu Mang’s lead just kept bring pushed back until they were already at a corner where further retreating will bring damage to the inner city. The Liu clan private soldiers were all garbage, they were unable to fight, if not, how can they be pushed this far? Moreover, if they retreat into inner city, they can forget about winning this battle, as civilian casualties will be high.

Liu Mang then order his division to stop and exclaimed “Brothers, our backs are against the wall. If we retreat any more, we might as give them the key this Wancheng city! If you follow me, you will only find death!!!”

Liu Mang’s Urban Army are all tired. They are all hoping to retreat to Wancheng city or hoping to leave Wancheng city, never to return again, but they are blocked by the fact that there were 100,000 troops down there and several Danyang soldiers elites waiting to slaughter them.

Liu Mang continues his speech “You can pick one of these two choices. First is to surrender. This Liu Mang will not hold you back! Throw down your weapon and go down the city wall. Do not worry, your pride will still be there, for this Liu Mang has acknowledged your heroism. Second choice is to fight to the end. Even though this Liu Mang is not promising you all survival, I can promise to stand by all of you till the end!!!” Liu Mang knew in his heart, that Wancheng city is unable to be defended anymore. From 8,000 soldiers who are defending Wancheng city, only less than 3,000 troops who are professional and trained soldiers. 5,000 troops were from the Liu clan's private soldiers and were recruited from local farmers. They were all part-time soldiers. One can say in spring, they needed to plant rice, in summer, they needed to pick up swords to fight. One can simply see how big their battle potential is.

Even if all of them were professional soldiers, he only had 8,000 troops. Impossible to fight 100,000 troops. Liu Mang felt very bitter, he knew that staying in the city will only count as fighting to one’s last breath, but he has promised Lu Bu that he, Liu Mang, will not lose this Wancheng city. Also he has promised to Su Fei that he will give payback to Sun Ce’s army. Liu Kai and Liu Neng were ordered by Liu Mang to go to his mansion, preparing them to leave Wancheng city along with Lu Bu's family.

“General, we do not surrender!!!” Chu Jie speaks up. Chu Jie is young but he is a veteran and already fearless of death. Moreover, he needed to make an example of all of Danyang soldiers Chu division as he is their third master.

“General, are you going to abandon us?!” The nearby Urban Army lieutenant is inquiring Liu Mang's words.

“General, I want to surrender, but I can no longer leave!!!” Another Urban Army soldier is speaking to Liu Mang while showing his leg wound, he is now standing supported by other soldiers.

“General, we did not die in Xiapi, we did not die in Kaiyang, even in Mt. Bagong. If our fate is to die, we have already died many times. What is the different this time?!” Chu Jie inquired again.

“No, this is different. In Xiapi, we had the darkness of night as our disguise. In Kaiyang, I brought you equipment’s and warhorses. And in Mt. Bagong, there were supply troops that can fight back as reinforcements. But now?! We have nothing, we've exhausted our miracles!!! Only death awaits us!!!” Liu Mang explained to all of them, but no one faltered in Liu Mang's speech. In fact, they become much more resolute.

“Little lord, this Xu's life was extended by you. Now Xu will repay his debt to you!!!” Huang Xu also opened his mouth. Liu Mang ordered Huang Xu to leave with Liu Kai and Liu Neng, but he persisted to fight for Liu Mang to the end.

“Since all of you want to die with me!!! Then we die together here!!!” Liu Mang opened his mouth finally then he licked the corner of his mouth as if he wanted to slaughter many people and screamed “Urban Army!!! Together; we share life and death!!!”

“Urban Army!!! Together, we share life and death!!!” All of the Urban Army and Huang Xu exclaimed the same words. They had become crazy once more and screamed “SHA, SHA, SHA!!!” killing innumerable Danyang soldiers. The once cornered Urban Army were now fighting back.

“Hooo, a last stand!!!” Dong Xi who just finished the last of Liu clan's private soldier finally focused his attention toward Urban Army.

“Oh, they have a death wish, so let's help them die!!!” Chen Wu was getting angry because he was already unable to make Liu Mang surrender.

“HAAA!!!” Both of them are leaping toward the Urban Army like tigers.

“Bang!!!” Dong Xi's great hammer is pounding fiercely. The great shield soldier is pressed under the great shield splitting fresh blood. The other spearmen were also unable to stab Dong Xi because Chen Wu quickly intervened “Do not worry about your flank, I am here!!!” Chen Wu quickly blocked their spears and killed the owner. Dong Xi also saw that those insects actually did not need to do close range battle, he can just throw their spears like javelins and they died quickly by that strike.

Their comrade’s death aggravated Urban Army to keep pressing forward.

“DIE, DIE!!!” Dong Xi and Chen Wu had become monsters.

Dong Xi quickly sprinted himself toward Liu Mang while drooling “DIE AND BECOME MY MEAL!!!” Dong Xi did not want to use his hammer as it will destroy his meat's quality, so he used his leg to trounce him.

Liu Mang quickly grasped his great shield and broadsword, so he can chop off Dong Xi's leg.

“I won't let you do that!!!” “Clang, argh!!!” Chen Wu quickly react to Liu Mang's action and managed to make him drop his broadsword and put it away. Now in Liu Mang's hand only a great shield was left.

“Capture him alive!!!” Chen Wu exclaimed. A weaponless Liu Mang was a fish on the chopping block in Chen Wu's eyes. He definitely was not anyone's match anymore.

“HAHAHAHA, YOU ARE MINE!!!” Dong Xi laughed as he stretched out his hand to reach Liu Mang.

“HUMPH!!!” Liu Mang brandished his great shield and charged toward Dong Xi.

“Are you hoping to injure me with a broken shield?!” Dong Xi asked lightly.

“Who said a shield is unable to damage people?!” All of great shield soldiers' shields have been polished on the edge and is very sharp. Due to Dong Xi's negligent attitude, he just kept his hand stretched out and when Liu Mang's shield made contact with his hand, it cleanly sliced two of his fingers. Blood is spurting like water fountains.

“AAAHHHH, MY HAND, MY HAND!!!” Dong Xi and Chen Wu both were negligent. He should have protected Dong Xi. But again, earlier, he also had the same idea which is “Shields were a defensive weapon, not an offensive weapon!!!” But he never thought that a shield can also be used to attack.

The fierce ache made Dong Xi berserk. “I want to kill you!!!” Dong Xi had already forgotten Chen Wu's advice to capture him alive and already. He quickly brandished his hammers and start pounding toward Liu Mang.

“AAAHHHH!!!!” Liu Mang screamed. He managed to avoid the first strike, but he was unable to avoid the second one. The giant hammer hit him on the shield and directly hit Liu Mang on the chest.

“Bang!!!” The golden armored general flew to the other side. Liu Mang finally realized the feeling of being hit by a meteorite.

“Little lord!!!” Huang Xu is screaming. He is currently blocked by the Danyang soldiers and did not have enough time to rescue Liu Mang.

“General!!!” The Urban Army soldiers were also getting crazy and they quickly gathered toward Liu Mang.

“None can stop me!!! I MUST KILL HIM!!! I MUST KILL HIM!!!” Dong Xi's hand is bleeding, but it cannot prevent his bloodlust from killing Liu Mang.


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