My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 169 - Nobles Siege 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 169 - Nobles Siege 2

Chapter 169 – Nobles Siege (2)
Translated by Bloodfalcon

Some of those soldiers who managed to climb up began laughing heartily “HAHAHAHA, FINALLY, 10-MU OF FARMLAND IS MINE!!!!” A greedy person is very dangerous and can make a person exponentially more powerful. If it is just normal circumstances, they will never be this fast. But with a reward prepared for them, they will be much more willing to die for that reward. So, after they reached the city wall, they quickly brandished their sword and began charging toward Urban Army.
Right now, on the city wall, only Urban Army is here. Black Flag is missing.

Liu Mang also stand on the city wall. When he look at that Sun Ce army sergeant, he only said “KILL HIM!!!!” Although that sergeant is considered elite in noble’s private army but under Urban Army’s assault, he is nothing.

In just 3 bouts, an Urban Army soldiers kill this sergeant.

Gradually, more and more Sun Ce’s noble army swarming to the city wall and one by one Urban Army fell to their assault.

Looking their own soldiers are swarming on the city wall, the head of Liu clan is really excited and said proudly “Those people are my soldiers!!! MY MIGHTY SOLDIERS!!!”. Other people send their own reps but this Liu clan is sending himself to monitor this battle. This man name is Liu Shang. His Liu clan is not one of Han Dynasty clansmen and not written in the annals unlike Liu Kai, Liu Neng, Liu Ye and even Liu Mang. A few hundred years ago, maybe his clan is one of the nobles but now, he is not. This man is a noble that harked from Songjiang district and worked hard in order to become one of the nobles in Jiangdong.
TL: Songjiang district = one of Shanghai's district.

“PAH!!! ARE YOU REALLY SATISFIED BY JUST HAVING YOUR SOLDIERS GOT ON CITY WALL?!” The other clan reps is saying those words disdainfully and continued “I hope your memory is good, Liu Shang. Don’t forget that Strategist Lu wants us to overcome the Wancheng city and only after that, we can calculate the merit!!!”

“YES!!! ANY SOLDIERS CAN CLIMB THE CITY WALL. DO NOT NEED SKILL TO DO THAT!!!” Other clan reps also taunting Liu Shang.

Liu Shang just kept his gaze toward Wancheng city and said “Just wait, be patient!!!” without seeing those clan reps. He just want to clean up Wancheng city’s defenders and kill the other noble clan’s soldiers to monopolize his merit. He has long waited for Sun Ce to appoint him with heavy responsibility.

Sun Ce just laughed when he saw noble’s private soldiers one after another climb the city wall. In his mind, he just thought “Nice, wall already been climbed. It is a matter of time before the city fall!!! Hehehe, those dogs are really worthy of their values. I just baited them with the promise of merit and all of them are eating my shit!!! In the end, I will be the one who get the most spoils from breaking Wancheng city!!!!”

“SHA, SHA, SHAAAAAAA!!!!!!” Urban Army started to get big casualties because their numbers is unable to be compared with Sun Ce’s army from several hundres to 4,000 in just a few minutes. Although Urban Army is powerful but enemies number is almost endless and kept swarming toward them, draining all of their stamina. Also this time Sun Ce army is smart enough to protect the ladder in order to send a steady supply of soldiers.

Liu Mang also is engaging all troops with his shield and axe. He just finished ripping Sun Ce army soldiers with his shield and but his movement as if he is searching someone.

Liu Mang is looking generals in order to be cut down and destroy enemy’s morale. Liu Mang has enough experience facing generals. One person can be said to have the strength of 1,000 troops inside him. If not dispatched quickly, there is no way they can survive this assault. He felt really strange as on the city wall, there are already 5,000 troops but no generals at all only sergeant and at most, lieutenant.

Since Liu Mang could not find any generals, then he can only order Huang Zhong “Old General Huang, I am counting on you to find generals!!!” in order to find generals to kill.

Huang Zhong is a one man army, who can kill thousand people by himself alone.

“YES SIR!!!” Huang Zhong nodded and grasped his golden curved dao. Everywhere he goes, he bring big terror toward every soldiers. His prowess is so strong that 5 soldiers were cut down in a single blow by him.

However, no matter how strong Huang Zhong is, he cannot turnabout this situation as the enemy is almost limitless. Urban Army also really hapless now and Liu Mang himself is fighting bloody battle.

“DAMMIT!!!! ALREADY 8,000 TROOPS!!!” Liu Mang curses while huffing and puffing. As for wounds, Liu Mang is harmless, but his stamina is already reached his max and now gritting his teeth at more and more enemies coming. These 1,000 Urban Army will really die and the city will fall today.

Liu Mang truly has never seen so much of Sun Ce army besieging him like this before.

Huang Zhong himself is also very limited in terms of stamina so, he is also saving up his own.

“HAHAHAHA!!!! YOU SEE THAT? I KEPT MY WORDS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!” Liu Shang said it with big excitement. The merit for breaking this city already succeeded, his banner also has been put on top, it is just a matter of time for General Sun Ce to see.

This Wancheng city is exponentially better than his Songjiang district. Even though this is just a prefecture, Liu Shang can expand his influence and even make Wancheng city as his base and make name for himself.

“Now where is that His Highness Prince of Shu?!” Liu Shang who has climbed to the wall then searches for a golden-armored general in all direction. Although Liu Shang never met Liu Mang but he knows that he wore golden armor just like Lu Bu so it will be very easy to recognize him.

Finally Liu Mang comes into Liu Shang's vision “Hmm, there you are!!! God really bless me with fortune!!!” Liu Shang is really felt blessed by God in this battle, he not only got the first merit breaking Wancheng city, he also able to capture Prince of Shu!!! With this big merit, Liu Shang's clan will not only got Wancheng city as base, but Sun Ce will definitely place him as one of the oldest nobles and he quickly command his men “All soldiers, capture that golden-armored general harmless!!! He must survive!!!”

Bao clan and Zhang clan alliance who are on the city wall also managed to spot Liu Mang and said “Finally, come to us, big merit!!!” They all been lamenting because the first merit is gone, taken by Liu Shang so Zhang De and Bao Zhong have been seeking Liu Mang here and there. Now they found him, they will not let him go at all.

Zhang De who also becomes crazy due to loss several hundreds people and first merit, quickly ordered “ALL TROOPS!!! KILL THAT GOLDEN ARMORED GENERAL!!!! THOSE WHO KILL HIM WILL BE GRANTED 1,000 TAELS OF GOLD AND ADOPTED TO MY FAMILY!!!!” and thought maliciously “DAMN YOU, LIU SHANG!!! I WILL NOT LET YOU GET FURTHER MERIT!!!! I WILL KILL PRINCE OF SHU TO ROB YOUR MERIT NOW!!!!”
Liu Shang’s soldier is screaming “Capture the gold-armored general!!!”

The other noble clans who also have the same idea with Zhang De quickly ordered their soldiers “KILL HIM!!!! THE ONE WHO KILL HIM WILL BE GRANTED 1,000 TAELS OF GOLD AND NOBILITY!!!!” They will not let the merit for killing Liu Mang lost again otherwise, they will have fought for nothing in recapturing Wancheng city.

“HUMPH!!! YOU WANT TO CATCH ME HUH?! LET ME BEAR WITNESS TO YOUR SKILL THEN!!!” Thought Liu Mang. Liu Mang heard all of their orders and right now he rouses his Urban Army morale “URBAN ARMY!!!! TOGETHER WE SHARE LIFE AND DEATH; TOGETHER WE SHARE RICHES AND HONOR!!!! KILL ALL OF THEM!!!!!”

“TOGETHER WE SHARE LIFE AND DEATH; TOGETHER WE SHARE RICHES AND HONOR!!!! SHAAAAA!!!!!” Urban Army is finally on rampage mode, their casualties is too high since yesterday. Two days ago, their roster is still complete, they are still drinking heartily and still swear brotherhood to all of them and even have discussion on how to start family but now, most of them are dead and leaving only hatred to the survivors.

Liu Mang just keep silent and even shed tears toward his Urban Army. He thought “That is it, my brothers. Vent your anger, avenge your brothers!!! This Liu Mang really sorry that I could not give you riches and honor. At least I will take your revenge for you and die together with all of you!!!!”
Liu Mang quickly Liu Mang then brandished his sword and kill one of the soldiers. His great shield whose has been taking hit for him started to lose its shape, but it did not prevent Liu Mang from slaughtering.

“SHAAAA!!!!!” Liu Mang eyes is bloodshot and already become a beast. Sun Ce has made him lost his 2,000 brothers-in-arms, took Su Fei away from him. All of these hatred now become the beast that Liu Mang is now.

“RETREAT, RETREAT!!!!” All of noble’s soldiers has been scared stiff. Currently Liu Mang still have no strength like Lu Bu or Huang Zhong and not even has a strategic mind like Chen Gong, Jia Xu and Guo Jia who also has learned six skills but he got the advantage of being still young and hot-blooded. So he use those advantage to avenge his brothers.

In just a few minutes, Liu Mang, under the influence of berserk, has killed 50 people. In his eyes, everywhere is his prey and killed them as if they are livestocks. Private soldiers has considered Liu Mang as an invincible golden devil. No sword is able to destroy him and he can kill them with ease.
Liu Mang’s body has been bathed by his enemies’ blood. So much that, if his hair is squeezed, it will drip a lot of blood. Also it made his sword swing much more precise and made his slaughtering almost unstoppable.

“Hrm?!” Suddenly Liu Mang stopped in his tracks. He felt a sudden rush of overwhelming feeling of danger surrounding him. This feeling of danger is his body’s own reflexive response and called intuition in modern terms. This is the sixth sense that Liu Mang developed during his hammering bone phase. This sixth sense is very common in animal and it helps them to avoid immediate danger. Human also have this sixth sense, but untrained and finally it just become dormant for all the times as the five senses become much more dominant. This intuition is really valued for a military commander or general because it can help them to avoid dangers.

Liu Mang then tilt his head to the right to avoid the incoming danger but “Puff!!!” An arrow grazed his right cheek. If he did not react earlier, he will die from a direct headshot.

Liu Mang started to sweat coldly and see his attacker. The attacker is a young general who right now shaking his head out of regret that his shot did not kill Liu Mang.

That man is Bao Zhong, Bao clan’s rep and Bao clan’s little lord. One of Bao Shuya's descendants.

A little trivia about Bao Shuya as previous two chapters did not include it. Bao Shuya is a native of Yingshang County and one of Duke Huan of Qi Country during Spring and Autumn Period. He is known with Guan Zhong as the unsurpassable Bao and Guan. He is most known for recommending Guan Zhong and Guan helped Duke Huan to unite all of warlords and achieved hegemony for his Qi Country.

Bao Shuya is also a very able administrator and advisor. If he is not intelligent, how can he can be friends with those of Guan Zhong whose abilities is also very good. His relationship with Guan Zhong is more or less is the same like Pang Tong and Zhuge Liang and also with his friends like Cui Jun, Meng Jian, Shi Tao and Xu Shu.

However because of Guan Zhong’s ability is too big, it overshadows Bao Shuya’s talent.

As for Bao Zhong, although his ability to administrate is dismal compared to his ancestor but Bao Zhong proud of his archery skill. He is able to shoot any target with great precision. Earlier shot shows as a testament of his skill.

A moment ago, Bao Zhong intended to kill Liu Mang and his Urban Army bodyguard. But when he unleashed his arrow, Liu Mang actually dodged it and his Urban Army bodyguard also followed his reflex, saving them from their fate. If Liu Mang did not reflexively dodged it, maybe he will be dead by now. But Bao Zhong will not let Liu Mang counter him so, he quickly pulled his longbow again.

“WHIZ!!! WHIZ!!! WHIZ!!!” Bao Zhong launched 3 salvo arrows and aiming for Liu Mang’s top, middle and groin area. Bao Zhong must kill Liu Mang as soon as possible. Bao Zhong has long for his clan to be acknowledged in this nation since Bao Shuya’s death and this Prince of Shu’s corpse will give him merits and praises ten-thousand fold.

Liu Mang tried to reach for his shield. But Bao Zhong knows Liu Mang’s idea so he quickly shot another two arrows to push it away.

“DAMMIT!!!” Liu Mang gritted his teeth. If he take his great shield now, although first arrow will be deflected but the second one will go through the joint of his armor and will injure him seriously.
And right now, one of the 3 arrows arrived at the target and it is the one aiming at Liu Mang’s groin. “WHIZ!!!” Liu Mang sidestepped in order to avoid first arrow.

“HUMPH!!!” Bao Zhong just humphed disdainfully. He had hoped to kill Liu Mang with the first shot to prove his excellent archery but unfortunately it missed. But Bao Zhong already calculated that Liu Mang will avoid it, so right now he is waiting the result from second and third arrow.

The second arrow immediately arrived and aimed at Liu Mang’s midsection. Liu Mang jump to avoid it.

“DAMMIT!!!” Bao Zhong curses again. But now he is smiling for the third arrow is now is aiming for Liu Mang’s head and thought “Hehe, this shot will kill you!!!”.

Liu Mang just catch the third arrow with his own hand, but strangely this arrow just keep revolving and even have its own strength and right now it wants to pierce Liu Mang’s head.

“Nice catch. But now you die!!!” Bao Zhong just smiled, he thought that Liu Mang will use his skills to avoid the third arrow, but now he catch it, he will die now as the velocity and the method of shooting it, is not the same as previous arrows. If this pierce Liu Mang’s head, then his head will explode just like a watermelon shoot by a Desert Eagle.


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