My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 189 - Counterattack 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 189 - Counterattack 2

Chapter 189 Counterattack (2)
Translated by Gamer

3 out of the 4 siege towers have been destroyed. The remaining one is no longer a threat. Although there are hundreds of people, they were all frightened of Huang Zhong. Huang Zhong has already shot down two siege towers and killed thousands of soldiers. What would happen if he were to shoot another arrow? The remaining soldiers on the wall panicked. They stopped shooting arrows. If they were to continue to shoot arrows they would only provoke the enemy to attack.

Without the siege tower to obstruct them, the citizens of Wan Cheng continued to put out the fire.

“Phew!” Huang Zhong breathed a sigh of relief. If there is no threat from the siege towers, these people will not become casualties.

“Did you really think you have saved the citizens?” Sun Ce’s tone became colder again. The Death like bow is no longer there. Sun Ce is no longer passively guarding himself anymore. However, the humiliation made Sun Ce very unhappy.

“My siege tower being destroyed so the citizens are no longer courting death. Is that it?” Sun Ce saw Huang Zhong’s expression telling him to continue talking. “Did you truly think you have saved them?!”

Sun Ce’s face turned tyrannical. “Stop daydreaming! I have said it before! The day this city falls is the day the citizens will be slaughtered! Don’t think any of the citizens you saved will live! I will block all the exits like your Prince of Shu! I will go from door to door! I will dig 3 feet into the ground! I will drag every Wan Cheng citizen out to slaughter! I want them to pay! I want them to pay the price of helping you!”

“You swine! Do you not fear people calling you a murderer! Do you not fear leaving behind an infamous name!” Huang Zhong opened his eyes in anger. Sun Ce’s words were too venomous. Wan Cheng was a big city. He is the Lujiang local government. If Sun Ce did what he said he would, the corpses would pile up like a mountain. Thousands of citizens would die a violent death. Even Cao Cao has never did atrocities like this when he attacked Xuzhou. He only slaughtered a few small cities which would total to a few thousand citizens. Also, the massacre only last for a day.

The total number of people who survived was not small. Now Sun Ce declared that he will personally go door to door and even dig 3 feet into the ground just to kill them?

“Infamy? Butcher?” Sun Ce laughed and pointed his spear at Huang Zhong. “Your lord, Lu Bu Lu Fengxian Was he bothered that people called him ‘Slave of Three Surnames’? Your Prince of Shu, Liu Mang is already known as a butcher! Was he bothered about it? Since they were not bothered about it, did you think I, Sun Ce would be bothered?”

Huang Zhong was silenced about Liu Mang and Lu Bu’s infamy. That is because last time, they did not have territory and was not worried about wearing shoes. If you dare me, I would dare to fight you. This was Lu Bu’s way of life. However, Sun Ce is the lord of Jiangdong. Was he not afraid that his citien’s feelings will sway?

“There’s more!” Sun Ce started to talk again. “The winners are the kings. The losers are the bandits. When I capture Wan Cheng, I will say your Lu Bu’s Army destroyed the city. When the citizens stood up to welcome you, your Prince of Shu decided to execute all of them. After all, His Royal Highness already have the title of butcher. Nobody would know the truth!”

This Sun Ce was truly sinister. Not only does he intend to massacre the city. In order to remove the hatred placed on him, he planned to fabricate a story to frame Lu Bu’s Army. At that time, Lu Bu’s Army would change into something that provokes everyone to throw rocks. Even Liu Mang’s Prince of Shu title would be useless. Even now, the Lu Bu’s Army is already having trouble holding this city. A leader who would massacre its inhabitants after capturing the city will only invite riots and rebellion. At that time, Lu Bu’s Army will be too busy fighting rebels compared to their enemies.

“Humph! That only if you managed to capture Wan Cheng! Even capturing Wan Cheng is just a wish for you!” Huang Zhong groaned. Sun Ce said that he will massacre the city after capturing Wan Cheng. In other words, as long as the city is not captured, then everything Sun Ce said would be nothing but daydream.

“Is that so!? Do you think the Wan Cheng defenders would be able to stop me!? Do you think you, in that state, would be able to stop me!?” Sun Ce has fought until the defenders, including the 3,000 Black Flag soldiers were all exhausted and depleted. Most of the remaining soldiers have also wasted most of their energy trying to douse the fire. Besides that, the soldiers have also seen the citizens being attacked. As a result, a lot of soldiers rushed out to save the lives of the citizens and ended up dying. To make things worse, Sun Ce brought his main army of 30,000. The remaining 20,000 may be marines but until now, he still had 10,000 soldiers in reserve. If the 10,000 soldiers were also included, then Wan Cheng would really fall.

As for Huang Zhong, after shooting two iron arrows, his body is in terrible state. Not to mention Sun Ce, even Taishi Ci would be able to defeat him right now.

“Surrender! I will give you one chance! Staying in Lu Bu’s Army will not yield any benefits. If you join Sun Ce’s Army, you will have a chance to make use of your talents. You will not be a deputy general like in Lu Bu’s Army!” Huang Zhong is a general that is able to lead soldiers similar to a commander-in-chief. However, Huang Zhong is just a guardian of Wan Cheng City right now. The main leader of Wan Cheng is Liu Mang. Therefore, Sun Ce thought that Huang Zhong is just a deputy general.

A person with such martial skill being made a deputy general is a big waste. This Liu Mang really does not know how to value talent. If so, might as well give it to Sun Ce!

“It is still daytime right now. Sun Ce, you should stop daydreaming!” Huang Zhong criticized. “I, Huang Zhong, can surrender to anyone except a small-time butcher like you, Sun Ce!” Wanting to massacre people and then frame others. To Huang Zhong, Sun Ce is not just a butcher but a villain.

(TL: Raws said ‘villain/small man’ and butcher, which is like saying villain twice. What he means is that Sun Ce was willing to frame others making him a shameless half-hearted villain unwilling to shoulder blame.)

“Haha!” Sun Ce was not angry. “A few days ago, one of Lu Bu’s officer said the exact same thing. I am sure you have seen the results! How was it? Did you like the gift?”

“Sun Ce!” Huang Zhong gritted his teeth. How can he not know what Sun Ce was talking about! The person he was talking about was Su Fei! Both Huang Zhong and Su Fei have surrendered to Lu Bu. Although he has not worked together with Su Fei much, he and Su Fei had good friendship and were very close. When Su Fei died, Huang Zhong was upset at himself. If he did not exist, Su Fei would not have surrendered to Lu Bu. He may still be leading the Jiangxia troops instead of being turned into human swine. When he dies, he would have died with his corpse intact. Su Fei used to call Huang Zhong, ‘old general’. Now Sun Ce has made Huang Zhong remember his voice.

“You will not die peacefully!” Huang Zhong spat.

“Good! I like that you speak truthfully! I, Sun Ce, have killed a lot of people but I have never once killed someone who has reached the peak of refinement! I do not know whether your blood will be sweet!” Sun Ce’s eyes grew cold again. If he did not surrender, then he can go and die. Things that he could not get, others can stop dreaming.

“Pass out my orders! All units eliminate Lu Bu’s Army!” Sun Ce shouted. There were still Danyang troops on the walls. Although the amount of Danyang soldiers that got burned to death was a lot, the remaining survivors is enough to destroy Lu Bu’s Army.

“Whoever kills one soldier will be rewarded with 10 gold! Kill an officer, reward 50 gold! Kill a general, reward 100 gold, promotion to captain, one mansion and 10 women!” As Sun Ce was the one who used a fire attack and burned both armies indiscriminately, he knew that the army will have some complaints. However, Sun Ce still believed his soldiers will still help him for high rewards. One head for 10 gold. 10 gold is enough to support a medium sized household for 10 years. Killing a senior officer will even earn them a promotion and allow them to command soldiers. Sun Ce would even give them the lands from the nobles.

Sun Ce thought that the Danyang soldiers would be excited and start waving knives at the Lu Bu’s Army. Unfortunately, he was doomed to disappointment. None of the Danyang troops moved. There were about 2,000 Danyang troops, but none of them dared to act alone.

“What is it? Was the reward too low? In that case double my previous offer!” Sun Ce hardened his heart as he doubled the offer. At the end of the day, when he captures Wan Cheng, all the properties of the nobles will belong to him. Liu Mang has already helped him to extort. In addition, there is still the Liu Family. The Liu Family was one of the oldest households in Wan Cheng and is rich enough to repair half the city, pay the rewards, and still have some left over. In that case, why not use it?

“General Sun Ce!” From the Danyang soldiers, one man stood forward. His hair was half burned, his eyebrows were gone and he had the voice of a ruffian. This man was Chu Zhongtian of the Chu division.

“Chu division?” Sun Ce was not familiar with Chu Zhongtian but he knew this was the leader of the Chu division. Sun Ce have given instruction to this division before. It was one of the divisions that made an impression.

“General Sun Ce!” Chu Zhongtian shouted again. The way Sun Ce was called made him from. The Chu division was part of the Danyang soldiers. Although the Danyang soldiers were ruffians and rebellious, they have still called him ‘Lord Sun Ce’ and not ‘General Sun Ce’. This gave Sun Ce a bad premonition.

In front of Chu Zhongtian was Sun Ce. Sun Ce was like a role model for Chu Zhongtian. He wanted to have good martial abilities like Sun Ce. He dreamt of leading armies from the front like Sun Ce. Sun Ce was a military general but was always concerned about the troops and would usually appear in the military camp. However, this incident has completely change Chu Zhongtian’s impression on Sun Ce.

Although Chu Zhongtian does not know how to read and write, he has discovered a certain truth. The truth is that, Sun Ce treats them well because of ulterior motives. The good treatment was not free. His concern for his soldiers is because they are his properties. They are his capital to conquer the lands. He did not hesitate to throw them away just to conquer Wan Cheng.

“General Sun Ce, it is not that the reward is not enough!” Chu Zhongtian told Sun Ce. The reward offered by Sun Ce was extremely good. It was very tempting even to Chu Zhongtian. He just needs to kill a few of Lu Bu’s soldiers and he could buy a big manor in his hometown. Kill several officers and Chu Zhongtian would be able to will be able to buy hundred acres of fertile land with a large estate. He could then retire as a landlord with servants and slaves.

Even if you somehow accidentally killed a general, you would be promoted. As a commander in chief, he would have troops to command and also bodyguards. It was something the Chu family used to have.

However, Chu Zhongtian does not want this reward. “We don’t care anymore!” Chu Zhongtian threw away his helmet. The symbol that he was a soldier in Sun Ce’s Army was also thrown away.

Although they served as soldiers to find food to eat, they are still people. They do not want to betray others and this person is their lord.

“Don’t care anymore!?” Sun Ce was surprised for a moment. Soldiers fighting half way can suddenly resign? A merchant, a peddler, or even a hired person can suddenly quit and resign. However, a soldier cannot quit and resign. Those are called deserters. Deserters are usually beheaded.

“You want to rebel!?” Sun Ce was angry. As this is on the walls of Wan Cheng, it is unlikely for it to be deserters. If it is not deserters, then it would be a rebellion. “Are you not afraid that your wife, children and village suffer for your actions!?” The Danyang soldiers were recruited from the Danyang prefecture. The citizens there are more aggressive and are stronger. Even then, they would not be a match for a regular army. At that time, soldiers will find the village and slaughter everyone. Nothing else can be said about it because there was a rebellion.

“We surrender!” Chu Zhongtian dropped his weapon and armor. If deserters are killed, rebels would naturally involve their family. However, that may not apply to those that surrendered! In that case, I surrender. I am not a rebel and I have no intention of fighting you. I have already surrendered so you cannot go and find my family.

“You are now courting death!” Sun Ce glared. He would have picked up his spear and immediately killed Chu Zhongtian with it. As long as he killed Chu Zhongtian, he could warn the other soldiers not to follow him.

Before Sun Ce could finish his sentence, the remaining Danyang soldiers all took off their armor and dropped their swords. “We surrender! We surrender!”

More than 4,000 of Sun Ce’s troops sat on the walls with common clothes shouting surrender. The Lu Bu’s Army only had about 1,000 soldiers left. Besides that, all of the soldiers were injured. How could they take prisoners?

“All units attack!” Under the city, Lu Su solved the deadlock. He does not know why all the Danyang took off their armor and surrendered, but he knows now is the best time to win Wan Cheng City.

“Kill, kill, kill!” 10,000 of Sun Ce’s Army common soldiers rushed towards the walls. Elites are no longer needed to fight Lu Bu’s Army. In this state, 10,000 common soldiers were more than enough.

“Hahaha, I told you Wan Cheng would definitely fall!” Sun Ce laughed. The 10,000 soldiers were rushing onto the walls like a tide. 10,000 common soldiers fighting against 1,000 weak soldiers. Lu Bu’s Army could already see the outcome.

“Huang Zhong! Today is the day that you die!” Sun Ce pointed his Overlord spear at Huang Zhong. Today is the day Wan Cheng will fall to Sun Ce. He would deal with this like how he has dealt with Lu Kang. The whole of Lu Bu’s Army will join Liu Mang in death. Then there is those guys!

Sun Ce looked at the Danyang soldiers that were sitting down with the corner of his eyes. Once I slaughter Lu Bu’s Army, I want to see who you will surrender to. At that time, he will turn the whole of Chu division into mincemeat.

“RGHAA!” While Sun Ce was busy taking control of the battle, there was a roar. The roar was bloodthirsty, tyrannical, and refused to give in to fear.

“Die! Die! Die!” Dong Xi’s huge body came crashing down from the city walls. His face showed an expression of fear without knowing what actually happened. His chest does not have anywhere that looks good. Blood and bones were everywhere and tattered, and mixed together with his internal organs. One look is enough to say that this person cannot be saved.

“How!?” Sun Ce could not believe it. Dong Xi was dead! If it was Huang Zhong or Xu Sheng, Sun Ce would not feel that it is strange. After all, those two were very strong. However, Dong Xi was fighting Liu Mang. When Chen Wu died, it was because he was careless. This time, Dong Xi got overwhelmed and killed by Liu Mang.

To be more accurate, Dong Xi was punched to death. Beside Dong Xi was a person with red eyes punching Dong Xi. More flesh was torn each time he punched Dong Xi. Each time his hands went down is another hole in Dong Xi’s body. Everything on his hand was meat.


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