My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 190 - Counterattack 3
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 190 - Counterattack 3

Chapter 190 Counterattack (3)
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“Kill, kill, kill!” Dong Xi and Liu Mang’s battle have finally reached the point where neither side defends. Both the giant mace and the shieldblade were already out of shape. Once it collided, both weapons broke apart.

No weapons! All the sabres and lances on the ground does not suit the purpose of both fighters. The weapons would not be able to cut through Liu Mang’s heavy armor. The weapons was also not sharp enough to cut Dong Xi’s body fat.

What was fights originally like? That is hand-to-hand combat! With a glance, Liu Mang let out a roar. Dong Xi did the same. The two beasts, one big, one small, then rushed towards each other.

Dong Xi’s was physically large. His arms were larger than Liu Mang’s thighs. He raised his arms brought it down onto Liu Mang.

Liu Mang blocked with his arm but his arms were thin and Dong Xi’s arms were large. He was blown back and his hands were knocked away. Liu Mang did not feel the pain and quickly stood up. He once again rushed towards Dong Xi.

*Boom!* The two fists collided. Although Liu Mang’s hands are small and not as big as Dong Xi, he was quite strong. The two fists then hit the ground.

Both their arms were already broken in many pieces. The pain has never reduced Dong Xi’s fighting capabilities and instead excites him further.

*Boom, boom, boom* The two fighters had a silent agreement to continue punching each other. The largely built Dong Xi was starting to falter as he could not take so many punches. As for Liu Mang, at the moment, he does not understand the meaning of pain. He only knows he must kill the big man in front of him. Dong Xi may not have high IQ but he can feel the pain. His fists became open palms. Dong Xi reached out for Liu Mang again but Liu Mang did not avoid. As a result, his hands were directly seized by Dong Xi.

Dong Xi felt happy and tried to throw Liu Mang down the walls. As Dong Xi exert his strength, he noticed that he could not carry Liu Mang. Liu Mang’s feet was still on the ground and the blue veins on his arms were completely exposed. Dong Xi could not even move Liu Mang.

If I can’t carry you then I will just crush you! Dong Xi suddenly shoved Liu Mang. Liu Mang staggered back a few steps but soon recovered. His red eyes continues to flash and grabbed Dong Xi.

One big figure and one small figure. Despite being 3-4 times the size of Liu Mang, Dong Xi was powerless to do anything to Liu Mang.

*Roar!* Being treated this way by Liu Mang made Dong Xi unsatisfied. One hand was empty while the other hand tried to lift Dong Xi. If Xu Sheng and the others saw this, they would know that this is a skill you obtain when you have reached the peak of refinement. It was a skill that transfers the strength of one arm to the other.

“Argh!” Liu Mang exerted his strength. Unexpectedly, Dong Xi was being thrown by Liu Mang.

*Roar* Liu Mang suddenly let go. Dong Xi was thrown and landed on the ground with some of the corpses.

*Roar* Liu Mang was not done with Dong Xi. He rushed up to Dong Xi as if he was the wind and punched Dong Xi before he even had the chance to get up.

Dong Xi has a lot of body fat and would not be harmed so easily by punches. As a result, Liu Mang tried to use more strength.

Dong Xi tried to take this opportunity to get up. He slapped Liu Mang’s head causing the helmet to fly away. The collarbone also broke and plunged into his flesh.

Liu Mang quickly started his counterattack. Unfortunately, his punches were like tickles to Dong Xi. His body fat was completely immune to punches and was even capable of resisting axes. However, Liu Mang continued to bombard Dong Xi with punches. He was punched by Dong Xi for every punch he threw. The Aries Gold Cloth has also started to dent. Liu Mang was also vomiting blood.

“N!” Suddenly, Dong Xi spat sweet blood. Before he could process what happened, Liu Mang punched him again. This time, he did not punch the outer body but Dong Xi’s inner body.

“N!” Dong Xi opened his eyes wide as if he did not dare to believe it. When Liu Mang punched Dong Xi’s body, his hands came out extremely bloody.

There was a wound caused by the heavy shieldblade earlier. If there is a strong barrier called fat protecting Dong Xi, then he should just bypass the barrier.

The human body may be strong on the outside but the internal organs on the inside are extremely fragile and could not afford to receive direct hits.

The more Dong Xi trembled from the pain, the more strength Liu Mang put into his attacks.

“Ah! Argh!” Dong Xi insanity has reached its highest point. Unable to bear the pain, he swings his fist at Liu Mang. Liu Mang did not dodge and continued to punch Dong Xi’s innards.

The two men continued to trade blows. Liu Mang was bleeding at all of his apertures. (TN: eyes,ears,nostrils,mouth,etc) These were all internal injuries. His hole face was red. On the other hand, Liu Mang continued to punch Dong Xi and continuously made the hole bigger. The final roar came crashing down with fear.

Liu Mang continued to punch the corpse. He did not stop until Dong Xi turned into an unrecognizable piece of meat.

“Dong Xi!” Sun Ce grieved and trembled. After Zhou Tai and Chen Wu, another has fallen under Liu Mang’s hands. “Liu Mang! You must die!” Sun Ce gritted. He changed the target of his Overlord spear to Liu Mang and charged towards him. He must kill Liu Mang first. Liu Mang’s existence has caused Sun Ce to lose his reasoning.

*Swoosh* The Overlord spear rushed to the front of Liu Mang. He was tired and unable to dodge. Even if he could dodge, the person is currently insane.

*Clang* A golden figure and a golden sabre appeared to block the Overlord spear from killing Liu Mang.

“Huang Zhong!” The golden sword moving at a fast speed can only mean Huang Zhong.

“Your opponent is me!” Without a doubt, Huang Zhong dragged his exhausted body to confront Sun Ce.

“You are truly courting death!” Sun Ce roared. He glared at Huang Zhong who has already lost more than half of his strength. Right now, the Huang Zhong in front of Sun Ce looked like a half dead person. He would not be a match for Sun Ce.

“As if I would not die if I don’t go looking you!” Huang Zhong did not care. Dying early or late would not make a difference. Even if he did not block Sun Ce, he would still be unable to escape. “As long as I am here, do not even think of laying a hand on my Little Lord!” Now Liu Mang does not have his sanity. His entire self was unconscious. Huang Zhong did not expect that Liu Mang could actually kill Dong Xi. He initially thought that holding off Dong Xi was already considered good. Now, Huang Zhong shuddered when he looked at the unrecognizable piece of meat called Dong Xi.

Dong Xi’s body was like mud. This was caused by continuous punching using a lot of strength.

“If you want to die first, I will fulfill your wish!” Sun Ce shouted. He knows that if he did not kill Huang Zhong, he cannot kill Liu Mang. In that case, he should just kill Huang Zhong first. His spear lashed out as if it was a black dragon ready to consume Huang Zhong. If Huang Zhong could still use his dragon skill, he could counter Sun Ce’s attack. However, Huang Zhong can only try to stay alive from the attack and could not even defend properly.

Sun Ce’s 10,000 soldiers was also rushing towards the wall. The remaining 1,000 Lu Bu’s Army dragged their tired bodies to fight the enemy head on. However, the front lines is slowly retreating. They could no longer defend. Three quarters of the city has already fallen. Fortunately, the citizens dealing with the fire only had a few casualties.

“The conclusion of the battle.” Lu Su said indifferently as he watched the scene from the camp. It’s the end, Wan Cheng has fallen. It was the Sun Ce Army’s victory. However, Lu Su did not want to say that word. At most, there were only 10,000 defenders but they defended and held their ground against 10,000 Danyang elites and even destroyed 40,000 common soldiers. 40,000 soldiers were traded for 10,000 soldiers. Then there are still those siege weapons used to besiege Wan Cheng. If it was not for him, they would probably still be at a deadlock right now. This kind of victory cannot be called a victory but merely a conclusion to the battle.

“Those doing logistics must get ready. We are going to enter the city!” Lu Su told the messenger beside him. Lu Su was truly tired. Lu Su was like the opposite of the sage that he used to be. He did not even think of anything during the massacre!

“I’m tired. I am going to take a break.” Lu Su knows that the incident on Wan Cheng today was a massacre. A massacre devoid of human emotions. He has done too much killing today. He closed his eyes and saw all the eyes of those that died in the fire including the confused expression of Sun Ce’s troops and the citizens that were shot down by the arrows.

Lu Su did not have the heart to see this massacre.

“Yes!” The messenger nodded and went to deliver the commands. Lu Su stroked his own head as he walked towards the big camp.

As he walked halfway towards the camp, he noticed something wrong!

*Rumble* The earth started to shake! This quake is…!

“Cavalry! A large cavalry is approaching!” The soldiers on the watchtower shouted.

“Cavalry!” Lu Su stopped. He was really not expecting the cavalry to appear now, at this critical moment. He was not quick enough.

This is impossible! Lu Su felt like his efforts were wasted. He killed so many people and swallowed so many poisonous commands. Would he still face defeat after all that? Lu Su laughed. He never expected being an advisor would be so tiring.

But this would be good. At least Wan Cheng City will no longer be slaughtered. It would be salvation for Wan Cheng.

Finally, Lu Su shouted his commands. “Sound the retreat!”


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