My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 215 - Diplomatic war 3
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 215 - Diplomatic war 3

Chapter 215 Diplomatic war (3)
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“Yang Hong, can you really represent your Lord?” Zhang Zhao was puzzled. Although he did not like Gan Ning’s navy to be at Jiangxia, at the same time, it was a big bargaining chip. It could be used to extort a lot of things from Zhang Zhao but was easily given away like this. This is why Zhang Zhao doubted Yang Hong’s credibility. His words were not something a person could simply say.

Yang Hong swore that if Gan Ning’s navy did not leave the waters of Jiangxia, he would cut his throat in front of Zhang Zhao. He even wrote a letter that ordered the Lu Bu’s Army to withdraw from the river as a sign of truce.

The Lu Bu’s Army does not want to fight? Gan Ning’s navy withdrawing from the river is a good thing. If they had refused, Zhang Zhao would also not be able to find a solution.

“Since Yang Hong guaranteed the withdrawal of Gan Ning’s navy, I will not create a fuss.” Zhang Zhao’s behavior became magnanimous. “Yang Hong, I came as a representative to my Lord, naturally, with sincerity. My second question is if it is possible to release the prisoners?” Zhang Zhao asked his second question.

Captured soldiers is it?! Yang Hong processed this information. In actual fact, the one that Zhang Zhao wanted the most was probably Lu Su! Yang Hong knew that Lu Su was captured. Liu Mang also told him that Lu Su was very talented and was a big bargaining chip. The Jiangdong Army would definitely want him back. Looking at Zhang Zhao’s appearance, Yang Hong decided the information was probably correct.

If Zhang Zhao had started by asking about Lu Su, it was possible that this Lu Su is just an ordinary soldier or scribe. His rescue was just a front to appease the hearts of others. However, Zhang Zhao has requested the rescue of the soldiers and did not say Lu Su’s name, possible so that the Lu Bu’s Army lowered their guards to Lu Su. After that, they would obtain the release of Lu Su for a low price. If it was an ordinary person, they may be tricked by this tactic and even thank Zhang Zhao.

However, Yang Hong will not fall for this trick! After all, Yang Hong is not a military commander or strategist. However, he is an expert in diplomacy. He is a political strategist.

During the former Han dynasty, the emperor dismissed all the schools and revered only Confucianism. Although all the schools taught Confucianism, the only real Confucian scholars were Kong Rong, Qiao Xuan and Zhengxuan. The other students only learn it half way just to pass exams.

Just like Guo Jia.

Cao Cao and Cheng Yu were from a Legalist school while Zhuge Liang was a from a Mohist school. Yang Hong was someone who came out from Political School.

Among the famous political strategist was Su Qin and Zhang Yi. Su Qin united 6 kingdoms together to fight against the Qin. The 6 kingdoms linked from north to south, forming the Vertical Alliance System, and was the opposing force to the Horizontal Alliance System.

The Horizontal Alliance System was an alliance that participate in the Qin kingdom’s ascension. The Vertical Alliance’s purpose was to unite the weak kingdoms to oppose the strong. The Horizontal Alliance’s purpose was to defend against the attacks and continue to expand their lands.
(TN: So basically, Vertical Alliance because 6 kingdoms formed a vertical line and Horizontal Alliance because horizontal is the opposite of vertical. Such wonderful naming sense.)

At that time, diplomats were highly valued by their nations. Their words could decide the life and death of a country.
During times of peace, the political strategists were not valued. It was only during troubled times, such as the downfall of eastern Han, when the political strategists are able to make a name for themselves.

Yang Hong chose Yuan Shu. However, Yuan Shu was a prideful person who thinks that he is the smartest genius in the world and carries the will of the Heavens. As a result, Yang Hong’s Hezhong Lianheng techniques did not work.

Now that he is in the Lu Bu’s Army, Yang Hong has finally remembered this long-lost feeling. This kind of discussions was something Yang Hong wanted the most!

“Can! Since we are already at truce. As long as the prisoners were willing to go back to Jiangdong, I can allow them to go back to Jiangdong in the name of my Lord!” You wanted the prisoners? Sure! I will give them all to you as long as they want to go!

“That would be great!” Zhang Zhao really did not expect Yang Hong to be so nice to talk to and so readily return the prisoners. Zhang Zhao has almost completed half his objectives already. It was even possible for him to complete all of his objectives today.

“Brother Yang, in fact, among these prisoners, one of them is my nephew. Is it possible for Brother Yang to release him first?” Zhang Zhao started to become more intimate since Yang Hong was so nice.

“Nephew? Zhang Zhao’s nephew also participated in the battle? That is really not good! It is too dangerous even if he wanted merits. Let the warriors do the fighting while we strategists strategize from the back. Otherwise, he may die from his carelessness! At that time, Zhang Zhao would be the one to be sad!” Yang Hong showed surprise on his face but his heart sneered.

“That’s right! That’s right! I did not want to let him go but he insisted on going to see the world! He has suffered so much from eating like this! Thankfully, he is still alive! Perhaps his mother blessed him from the heavens!” Zhang Zhao said to Yang Hong in a lower tone. His expression seemed to show concern for his nephew and also longing for his nephew to become a dragon. “Is it possible for me to see him first? I have doted on him since he was small and he has never faced such hardship before!”

“No problem! In the end, all the prisoners are going back to Jiangdong! Releasing him one day earlier would not make much of a difference!” Yang Hong was very generous. It was as if he was a Jiangdong spy instead of Lu Bu’s Army’s diplomat.

“Thank you very much Brother Yang! If your life in Lujiang is not good, you can come to Yangtze to find Zhao!” Yang Hong was so generous and even agreed to immediately release the prisoners that Zhang Zhao was very happy. He immediately tried to make a connection with Yang Hong.

“Haha, I will not go and trouble Brother Zhang!” Yang Hong still kept his smiling face Go to Jiangdong? Why would I do that? You think Sun Ce has never met me before? If he could have gone to Jiangdong, he would have done so already. Why would be stay at Lu Bu’s camp? At that time, Wan Cheng still belonged to Sun Ce. “I do not know the name of Zhang Zhao’s nephew. I will need for you to mention it!” Yang Hong put down the cup and asked.

“His surname is Lu. His name Su Zi Jing! He is very easy to differentiate. He went to see the world so he only wore robes!” Zhang Zhao said.
(TN: Top advisor who failed to include names in their calculations.)

Lu Su? Hahaha, how did Lu Su became Zhang Zhao’s nephew? One has the surname Lu and the other has the surname Zhang! Did they have a difference of eight generations!?

“No problem! No problem at all! Messenger! Go to the prison and bring out the person called Lu Su!” Yang Hong commanded a soldier. These soldiers were given to him to help make negotiations smoother. “Do not worry Brother Zhang. Your nephew will come soon!”

“No hurry, no hurry!” Zhang Zhao quickly said as he covered his mouth with the cup. Haha, I got it! The preparations for Lu Su to leave was already prepared and Lu Su will leave on that day itself. By the time the Lu Bu’s Army have noticed the problem, Lu Su would be long gone.

Zhang Zhao waited for several hours and impatiently asked. “Brother Yang, why is it taking so long?”

“Do not worry, Brother Zhang. There are over 10,000 prisoners in Wan Cheng City. It would be hard to find one.” Yang Hong appeased Zhang Zhao.

After another hour, Zhang Zhao finally could not wait anymore when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. He asked if the soldier has returned.

He wondered if Lu Su has been brought.

The soldier leaned to whisper towards Yang Hong but was refused. “Anything you want to say can be said directly! Brother Zhang is not an outsider!”

“Yes!” The soldier followed commands and opened his mouth. “Report, Official Yang. In the prison, there are no scribes by the name of Lu Su!”

“That is impossible!” Zhang Zhao did not believe it. He received the report that Lu Su was captured.

“He is truly not there?” Yang Hong asked again.

“Really not there! But…” The soldier hesistantly said.


“There are Urban Army soldiers that said that they had killed a scribe by the name of Lu Su!”

“Puu~” Hearing this words, Zhang Zhao accidentally spat out the tea. “Lu Su is dead!?” Zhang Zhao was dumbfounded. If Lu Su was dead, who was he supposed to save? No, no. Zhang Zhao shook his head. He received the report that Lu Su was captured after losing in the naval battle on Jiang Qin’s flagship. He was captured after the navy was destroyed. On the other hand, the Urban Army was guarding the walls. Since his own soldiers would not lie, it could only mean that the Lu Bu’s Army is lying.

Zhang Zhao’s face sunk. “Brother Yang! What is the meaning of this! If you do not want to release my nephew you can just tell me! Why do you try and deceive Zhao!”

“No! I did not deceive you!” Yang Hong countered. “If Brother Zhang’s nephew was in there, I would definitely send him to Brother Zhang unharmed!”

“Then why did you bluff me that Lu Su is dead!” Zhang Zhao endured his anger asked.

“Because Lu Su is not your nephew!”


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