My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 227 - Zhou Yu Defeated 4
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 227 - Zhou Yu Defeated 4

Chapter 227 Zhou Yu Defeated (4)

“All units! Charge!” Although Zhou Yu was a handsome scribe, he is also quite strong. His real strength was only seen by Sun Ce when they were younger. This also shows that Zhou Yu is a frightening person.

Zhou Yu held his sword loosely with one hand and the fence of the ship before he jumped onto Kuai Liang’s warship. His fingerprints were left on the fence of his ship. Even though it was made of wood, it was not so easily cut with swords. This shows Zhou Yu’s strength and that he has already reached a refinement stage.

Over twenty of the Jingzhou’s warships surrounded Zhou Yu’s flagship as ladders were deployed and thousands of people board it. However, Zhou Yu was not afraid. Just as soon as he killed one of his enemies, he spotted a scholarly figure. Even during naval combat, the soldiers were required to wear armor so that they would not be hit by stray arrows. However, there was only one person right now who would wear a robe. That person would be Kuai Liang.

“Master Zi Rou, where are you going?” Zhou Yu shouted gently but his hands did not stop moving and cut down another 2 of the Jingzhou’s soldiers. His movements terrified the surrounding soldiers.

“Duke of Zhou!” Kuai Liang also spotted Zhou Yu who was holding a sword dripping in blood. Was he going to lose to Zhou Yu here? This person was not only wise with skills in military and civil management but also good in his martial arts.

This person is Jingzhou’s greatest enemy. He did not expect his hunt for Zhou Yu ended up making him the prey.

“Master Zi Rou, Gongjin has heard about you for a long time and always wanted to meet you. It seems today we get to finally meet. Gongjin still has much to learn and has a lot of things that Gongjin needs your advice. Please follow Gongjin back to Jiangdong.” Zhou Yu was very polite and asked for Kuai Liang to teach him in Jiangdong. Despite that, the hidden meaning was for Kuai Liang to surrender and follow him to Jiangdong.

“Surrender? Hahaha!” If that person was not around, Kuai Liang may have surrendered. After that, he may just retire and study quietly in a mansion. It was a good idea!

But that person is around. His brother would also burn with righteous fury if he surrendered. As a result, Kuai Liang could not surrender.

He and his brother promised to be loyal to that person till the day he died. Even though that person was already old, the promise still stands.

“Zhou Yu, Handsome Zhou. You truly deserve your reputation. Jiangdong is really full of talented people. Truly an outstanding person under the heavens.” Kuai Liang sighed. Even when he was young, he was not as accomplished as Zhou Yu.

“Master Zi Rou has overpraised us. Master Zi Rou should follow us to Jiangdong to see the talented.” Zhou Yu continued.

“Haha! Gongjin. Although Jiangdong is good, it is not an ideal place for retirement. Even this body is aged and cannot handle it anymore.” Zhou Yu that has treated Kuai Liang with courtesy and treated him as an elder. That is why, Kuai Liang also needed to be polite.

“In other words, Master Zi Rou cannot accept my proposal!” Zhou Yu’s face became cold again. “In that case, do not blame Yu from raising his hand!” Zhou Yu started to wave his sword again. The direction this time was towards KJuai Liang. Since Kuai Liang refused to follow Zhou Yu back to Jiangdong, he has no choice but to kill Kuai Liang here. Kuai Liang’s existence was like a fishbone that was stuck in the throat! If he was allowed to roam free, not only Zhou Yu’s men but even Zhou Yu’s life was threatened. Kuai Liang and Kuai Yue were also the two brains in Jingzhou that could bring harm to Jiangdong.

“Master Zi Rou, fall back! Deng Long is here!” Deng Rong came to block Zhou Yu’s strike. From that one hit, Deng Long’s hands felt numb. Zhou Yu was too strong and had already reached the level of refinement. On the other hand, Deng Long was only a second-class general. Deng Long’s hand cracked and blood started to flow down.

“Deng Long?” Zhou Yu smiled in disdain. If it was Wen Ping, Huang Zhou, Gan Ning, or even Huang Zu then Zhou Yu might be distracted. However, Deng Long who was merely a second class general, was not worth his time. Since Deng Long blocked an attack, he should first send him to hell!

Zhou Yu has already entered the rhythm to kill people. His sword is bound to see blood.

“Remember, the one that killed you is Zhou Yu, Zhou Gongjin!” Zhou Yu’s sword flew forward like a snake. It was so quick that normal people would not be able to see its trajectory. It was too fast! Deng Long could not see the path of the weapon. This style of deceitful swordsmanship was meant to catch their opponents by surprise and finish them off quickly. For example, Su Fei who was a second class general almost killed Jiang Qin who entered the refinement stage with this skill. If it was not because Sun Ce appeared, the one that would have died was Jiang Qin.

On the other hand, Zhou Yu was different. He refined his strength on top of this kind of sword style. As a result, Zhou Yu is much more powerful. Against Jiang Qin, Zhou Yu would be very confident of striking a finishing blow.

As Deng Long could not follow the path of Zhou Yu’s attacks, he was not able to strike back. In desperation, Deng Long could only protect his vitals. Although each hit made Deng Long bleed more, he was still able to protect his own life.

“General! We are here!” The soldiers from the other warships came over and started to attack Zhou Yu. Deng Long quickly left. He knew that the soldiers were no match for Zhou Yu but they could at least buy them time.

“Master Zi Rou, lets escape quickly!” Deng Long caught up with Kuai Liang and escaped to a small boat and tried to escape to a different towered ship.

“Hmph!” Zhou Yu was angry. Because of the troops getting in his way, Deng Long and Kuai Liang managed to escape. It merely delayed the inevitable but as long as Kuai Liang is around, Zhou Yu could not feel accomplished. After all, he had sacrificed a lot of his ship and even the survival of Han Dang is unknown.

Zhou Yu’s eyes were burning as he watched Kuai Liang and Deng Long on a small boat. If Kuai Liang was ruthless, he would abandon all the other towered ships and escape.

“All of you die!” Zhou Yu’s sword became faster and soon the Jingzhou soldier’s throats were all cut off. They grabbed their throat and gasped before dying.

Although the war situation near Zhou Yu was smooth, the war situation elsewhere was not as good. His towered ship was twice as big and had twice as many people. Even then, it was not as much as the several thousand soldiers that was surrounding them.

“Report! The ballistae has finished reloading!” Kuai Liang boarded another towered ship and watched the flagship in silence. Kuai Liang was feeling gloomy when the good news came.

“Finished reloading?” Kuai Liang rejoiced. If they had the ballistae, they did not need to fear the Jiangdong Army. Although they had lost 7 warships, they still had 16 left! Deng Long also started to smile despite the injury on his face.

Amidst the winding roads, there are beautiful flowers! “Pass my military orders! All units, aim at the Jiangdong Army’s flagship!” Deng Long did not care anymore. Now, he wants that flagship shot down. After that, he would stand out and maybe become a commander!

However, before he could give the command to shoot, he spat out blood and felt pain in his chest. He looked down to see an arrow. The arrow has pierced his heart. He was not like Zhou Tai who had his heart in the right side of the body and so the arrow took his life.

“You!” Deng Long looked up to see that it was not only the Jingzhou Navy but the Jiangdong Navy that has caught up with them. The warships and begun to get closer and the ballistae could no longer gain the advantage. The person who shot Deng Long with an arrow was a bearded old man with a moustache.

Deng Long’s vision became blur and he fell off the ship and splashed into the water.

“General Deng Long!” Kuai Liang also reacted. Deng Long was dispatched by a man in yellow outfit and white hair. In the Jingzhou Army, there was a man like that known as Huang Zhong. That man has reached the peak of refinement like Lu Bu! Among the Jiangdong Army, there was also a man similar to that and has served the Sun family for three generations! He was a man that was older than Sun Jian and it could be said that he witnessed the rise of the Sun family. He would later suffer the humiliation of surrendering to Cao Cao thanks to Zhou Yu’s stratagem and Cao Cao would also later regret accepting the surrender of Huang Gai!

Huang Gai and Han Deng were both generals that are at the refinement stage. However, the difference was that Huang Gai uses his head more. They have been together for decades and Han Dang’s disappearance made Huang Gai angry. Sun Jian had 4 warriors that was Cheng Pu, Han Dang, Huang Gai and Zu Mao. Zu Mao was killed during Sun Jian’s battle with Dong Zhuo and was killed by Hua Xiong. Now they had lost Han Dang as well. That is why Huang Gai shot Deng Long when he had the chance. Now Huang Gai is aiming his bow at Kuai Liang. As Kuai Liang did not have martial arts like Deng Long, he was an easier target!


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