My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 251 – Savageness of Fried Chick 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 251 – Savageness of Fried Chick 2

Chapter 251 – Savageness of Fried Chick (2) [Title should be: Aftermath of returning arrows]

Guan Yu who noticed Liu Mang’s presence and his thought just responded back “Hahaha, Prince of Shu, don’t need to go to so much troubles. FAREWELL!!!!” Guan Yu then showed a trolling face and plucking Pang Tong’s zither in a mocking tune.

“FAREWELL? Haha, you forgot your interest and your receipt. How the hell you want to go ASAP? Bad customer must be penaltied.” Muttered Liu Mang, burning with anger. He is too late, when he reached Naval HQ outer post. From the beginning, he had his suspicion as to why they are screaming nonstop also added with information from his scouts. He told Liu Mang that Liu Bei dispatched at least 100 warships and they are filled with troops. He is sure that from Yang Hong’s intel, Liu Bei only had 50,000 troops tops. Further pressing gave Liu Mang details like this; Liu Bei had 15,000 elites comprised of 5,000 White Feathered Warriors, 10,000 Qing Province Soldiers, added with Liu Pi 20,000 troops and further recruitment adding their numbers to 50,000 troops. However, right now, based on scout report, their numbers should be around 30,000 – 40,000 troops, provided every warship is full of soldiers.

Where the hell, those numbers came from? Did he changed troops with Jiangdong or Jing Province? Or did he shit them out by himself? Pondered Liu Mang while running toward outer post.

Previously, while in the Naval HQ main building Liu Mang has been pondering nonstop. This Liu Bei had yet to interact with me as the lord of Shouchun previously was Guan Yu along with his Qing Province Soldier, what gain does Liu Bei want by clashing with me again and again? No gain at all as retaking Shouchun will cost him big time. Thought Liu Mang. However, at this very moment, he got a crucial intel from Yang Hong. That scout gave a letter and in that letter told Liu Mang in cryptic words. It is written that “A Black-faced Fried Chick had joined Escapist roster.” When Xu Shu read it, he said “Milord, this is bad. My brother Pang Tong had joined Liu Bei!!!” Xu Shu elaborate further that during Liu Mang’s genocide of Wancheng’s nobles, the six of them had discussion. He said that his friends Meng Jian and Shi Tao favor Cao Cao but they are still uncertain while Cui Jun is indecisive. Only two people who decisively chose their favored lord, that is Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong with the former chose Liu Mang and the latter chose Liu Bei. Hearing those words, made Liu Mang want to prepare a banquet to welcome Zhuge Liang, but he is dejected when he got an intel telling that Zhuge Liang had joined Jing Province roster.

That is why when he got the news that Shouchun Naval HQ was under attack, it must be a feint and this is only harassing him and he must go out to command and restrain all of his men. However, what gain does he want to obtain by harassing us? Thought Liu Mang. While Liu Mang is walking, there is a big waterdrop on his face and he saw dense fog in front of him. Fog? FOG!!!!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!! Thought Liu Mang restlessly. Then he asked his soldier “Hey, is everywhere like this? Fog and raining?!” That soldier replied “Yes, Milord, everywhere is like this. Especially at the outer post!!!” Fog, rain, big wind flowing toward the lake. I’ve got it!!! Thought Liu Mang, realizing this kind of situation, and made Liu Mang felt he is being hit by one of Romance of Three Kingdoms most famous story. The borrowing of arrows.

TN: I don’t know why the author bothered to even explain where he got the nickname Fried Chick now, as it is already mentioned in PREVIOUS CHAPTER WITH NO EXPLANATION AT ALL. FUCK AUTHOR AND FUCK HIS LOGIC AND FUCK HIM *BLAM, (Translator got shot, need to recuperate)


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