My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 263 – Ascension of Sagely King Liu Mang 2
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 263 – Ascension of Sagely King Liu Mang 2

Chapter 263 – Ascension of Sagely King Liu Mang (2)

Zhou Yu asked in his doubt “Bofu, what news that make you so happy?!” Just now Sun Ce is really angry to the point, he want to chew someone’s head, but now he is laughing. The reason, must be because of that letter. Sun Ce replied “Gongjin, while we both still pondering for countermeasure for that treacherous plan of Liu Mang. My little brother has provided a solution for us!!!” Sun Ce said that in a very satisfied tone just like a father did. Since Sun Jian died, Sun Ce has been real close with Sun Quan, so when Sun Quan provided solution right now, made Sun Ce really happy because he want to share burden with him.

“Oh?!” Zhou Yu is a bit surprised and start to read the message as well. Zhou Yu and Sun Ce’s personal relationship is very good to the point that he is able to go in and out of Sun clan’s house like his own, even Lady Wu had considered Zhou Yu as his son and if Sun Shangxiang was already at marriageable age, Lady Wu would certainly marry her to Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu then read the letter carefully, and was very startled as the letter contained a comprehensive strategy to cope against Liu Mang. Liu Mang is in need of commoners, while his farmland amounted to ten-thousand width. A massive richness just waiting to be managed while Shouchun itself is very plentiful as well. Its annual output amounted to those Xu Province whole annual output, if not, Yuan Shu is impossible to build a pretty palace comparable to that of Luoyang and Chang’an from Shouchun coffer only and it is impossible for him to regain his wealth after being expelled from Shouchun once, when he returned back to Shouchun. And if no people to cultivate it, it is a waste of good soil, therefore Liu Mang must get commoners to farm for him.

However now, all warlords are keeping their commoners close to their chest, for commoners are their most precious commodities. They can provide taxes as well for recruitment for soldiers. Out of 60 million of Han subjects, only less than 1/3 left caused by wars. For example, Cao Cao lost 60,000 troops while Yuan Shao lost 150,000 troops in Guandu. 200,000 lives just thrown away like that and it is only soldiers, not counted the destruction of counties, casualties of commoners. Liu Biao vs Sun Ce, Cao Cao vs Yuan Shao, Xiliang Ma Teng vs Wu’An Tribe and Liu Bei vs Liu Mang. War brings death to all people, soldiers and commoners alike, therefore, Han’s land is very empty.

Liu Bei know of the importance of commoners, therefore when Cao Cao expelled him, he brought commoners with him. Commoners are good for meat-shield as well for future use. Regarding 30% grain tax, it is very dreamy. However, in order to obtain commoners’ hearts, one must be willing to suffer loss first, then he can got big gain in the future. From commoners, Liu Mang can conscript them as well ask them to farm in order to fill his military provisions, but once the quota fulfilled, he will raised that 30% tax. By then, those who already left their homeland, will be unable to turn back again and finally stayed to work for Liu Mang. Therefore, Sun Quan writes in Sun Ce’s letter, that Prince of Shu Liu Mang must not be prevented in his commoners attraction, instead we helped him to seal Liu Mang as Sagely King.

If we stopped his plan, we are the one who lose!!! We are not like Yu The Great who can control water. We cannot use violence also to stop them, for they will definitely escape from our rules and we don’t have enough weapons to kill them, also those soldiers would be hesitated to kill their own fellow villagers. Instead, we help Liu Mang to become a Sagely King, said that Shouchun only will have tax of 30%, and will never raise anymore tax or add anymore tax. If Liu Mang add any taxes, he will break his propaganda and will be forever marked as unfaithful man and his prestige will plummet to the ground. Liu Mang who had offended nobles, will inevitably offended commoners sooner or later, and will be impossible to obtain this nation. Also his father-in-law Lu Bu will be a laughing stock also.

If Liu Mang doesn’t adjust his tax and persisted. We didn’t care how big Shouchun is and how plentiful its farmland is, the amount is limited, while we are sending a few hundred-thousands men toward him. At that moment, he needs massive supplies of food to feed both his army and his commoners. Where he will get food so much to feed those people? Of course from Lu Bu and Liu Mang’s own supplies. Can Liu Mang’s food last for at least 200,000 people for at least a year until next harvest? Even if he had enough, there is not enough seed to plant ten-thousand mu farmland. In the end, Liu Mang himself will die of starvation, and his commoners with him.

This is the true face of chaos times. Where nobles are greedily and ambitiously tried to claim everything for themselves, to raise their family status. It is also the times where commoners did not have any stable livelihood. And if commoners didn’t have stable livelihood, they naturally going to rebel. Sun Ce’s idea to stop emigration from Jiangdong is total stupid move as 200,000 people are going to Lu Bu’s and Liu Mang’s domain, it is impossible to stop that kind of wave. What Sun Ce should have done, just let them go until Liu Mang suffocate himself and ran out of food and eventually… He will start to kill his own men for food. Hell, even Cao Cao who owns three provinces by himself, is not able to provide food for 100,000 people.

Also, Sun Quan also recommended to Sun Ce, for him to write to all warlords nearby, to Liu Bei of Yu Province, to Cao Cao of Yan Province, even to Liu Biao of Jing Province. He also told Sun Ce that writing this thing, will benefit them all for their common enemy is Lu Bu and Liu Mang pair.

If Lu Bu and Liu Mang kept this thing, there will be at least 1,000,000 people come flocking at them. With that, no matter how many food they have, they will deplete in just 1 month. At that time, Lu Bu will have to resort to killing them. Lu Bu and Liu Mang will be no longer trustworthy and it is at that time, we will crush them from all sides. Thought Sun Ce while smiling.

Sun Ce laughed again “Hahaha, my brother is a truly pillar of Jiangdong!!!” Everything that Sun Ce just mused was solved by Sun Quan. Brother Quan’s proposal is to let Lu Bu and Liu Mang suffocate by their own proposal, truly frightening. Thought Zhou Yu silently and thought again Alas, if only Brother Quan is Young Master Quan, a son of Brother Ce. Yu really afraid that this may create an internal political rift between them both as Sun Quan may be ambitious. Zhou Yu was silent and did not know how to remind Sun Ce. Although he and Sun Ce were very close and were sworn brothers, Sun Quan was blood related. Compared to Sun Quan, he was just an outsider.


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