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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 438

“The barbarian princess! Her starting price is one thousand five hundred gold!” The old woman shouted. However, before she could even finish her sentence, somebody else already bidded.

“One thousand five hundred and ten gold!” One thousand five hundred gold is too much money. Even if the people fancied her, they would think for a while. The minimum increase for the main course was also ten gold.

“Who is that?” The Huang brothers frowned. The person that placed the bid had come from Sky 8. The Huang brothers thought that only Kuai Ran and Wang Shu from Sky 14 and Cai He from Sky 10 could compete against them.

Huang Chen’s gaze turned cold. Despite all the greeting earlier, there were still people who refused to give them face. He asked them angrily. “Sky 8! Are you not giving us face?”

“Face? Why should I, Zhang Li, give you face? If it was not because of Kuai Ran, I would not have let you take those few Yangzhou women so easily!” The man in Sky 8 replied.

“Zhang Li!” This person was the Zhang Family’s heir. The Zhang Family was also quite influential and usually followed the Cai Family’s lead. Cai Mao was the Military Advisor of the JIngzhou. On the other hand, Zhang Yun was one of the generals under Cai Mao.

Huang Kai pulled his little brother to the side and advised with a sneer. “Don’t get angry. After all, we are going to make someone else pay for this! There is no point arguing with a dog.” Huang Kai called Zhang Ji a dog because of the relationship between the Zhang Family and the Cai Family. Zhang Li and Cai He were about the same age and were very close to each other. If Zhang Li does something, you can be sure that Cai He was involved somehow.

Huang Kai was really good at guessing. Cai He did stop by to greet Zhang Li before leaving. The Cai Family were also allies to the Kuai Family. This meant that they did not have a good relationship with the Huang Family. While Cai He did not want to oppose the Huang brothers, they are the one that started it by provoking Kuai Ran first. Cia He would not let such people go.

When the Huang brothers sent out greetings, Cai He left Zhang Li behind to annoy the Huang brothers.

“That’s right! Haha!” Huang Chen’s mood improved after hearing his brother’s explanation.

“You!” Zhang Li anger rose. The Zhang Family may follow the lead of the Cai Family but that doesn’t make them dogs.

“If I am a dog, what about you? Where is Huang She? Why is he not with you?” Zhang Li retorted. “I want to see how much money you have! One thousand six hundred gold!” Zhang Li angrily raised his bid.

“Haha! You don’t need to worry about whether we have money or not. One thousand seven hundred gold!” The Huang brothers said as they raised the price by another hundred gold.

“One thousand eight hundred gold!”

“One thousand nine hundred gold!”

“One thousand nine hundred gold?” Zhang Li frowned when he heard this. Was the Huang Family so rich? Could the Huang Family’s children really spend so much?

“One thousand nine hundred and fifty gold!” Zhang Li nervously said. He did not dare to compete against the Huang brothers anymore. Soon, it would be two thousand gold. While he, as the heir of the Zhang Family could take out two thousand gold, he would end up suffering a lot once his father finds out that he spent two thousand gold for one barbarian princess. He was not the only son. He still has two little brothers aiming for his position.

“What’s wrong? Has Lord Zhang run out of money? You are terrible at pretending to have money! If you have no money, don’t come and compete! Two thousand gold!”

“Who said I got no money? Two thousand five hundred gold!” Zhang Li shouted in anger.

The price shot up another five hundred gold immediately, causing murmurs. Two thousand five hundred gold was enough to support an army of twenty thousand. All of this just to sleep with a barbarian princess. These people were truly filthy rich.

Zhang Li immediately regretted after shouting out the price, not even knowing how he decided to bid two thousand five hundred gold. The brothel doesn’t care about your circumstances and they cannot be offended. It would be impossible not to pay the quoted price.

Zhang Li panicked. If he really got the barbarian princess for two thousand five hundred gold, his status as the heir to the Zhang Family was definitely finished. Meanwhile, the Huang brothers were still silent.

“Quickly! Quickly!” For the first time in his life, Zhang Li was dying to hear the voices of the Huang brothers.

“Two thousand five hundred gold!” The Huang brothers were also stunned. Zhang Li was mad. Even if she was a barbarian princess, she is definitely not worth two thousand five hundred gold.

“Brother. What do we do now?” Huang Chen asked.

“Little brother. Do you want to deal with Kuai Ran and Wang Shu or do you want to deal with Zhang Li and Cai He?” Huang Kai asked back.

“Is there a difference?”

“There is.” Huang Kai nodded. “If you want to deal with Kuai Ran and Wang Shu, we continue bidding. This is Zhang Li’s limit. If we add in what we owe the brothel from earlier, it would total up to four thousand six hundred gold. The Kuai Family can afford it but would definitely be painful for them. Kuai Ran may even be placed under house arrest. As for Wang Shu, he has to either fork out the money somehow or he would not even know how he die!”

“To deal with Zhang Li and Cai He, we will just make Zhang Li pay this two thousand five hundred gold. His two little brothers have been eyeing his position as heir. Once we drag Zhang Li down, we would also be offending Cai He!” Huang Kai’s analysis was good. Cai He will definitely not let things go if Zhang Li was dragged down.

Huang Chen thought for a moment and then said, “Let’s deal with Kuai Ran and Wang Shu! I definitely want Wang Shu to meet a tragic end!” He remembered being called a hero by Wang Shu angrily.

Liu Mang was someone who really had the attention of the entire Huang Family. Now, even Huang Chen wants him dead.

“Alright. Two thousand six hundred gold!” Huang Kai shouted, allowing Zhang Li to sigh in relief. Zhang Li had felt a bit grateful towards the Huang brothers. Huang Chen then said, “Zhang Li. We will spare you this time! You won’t have such good luck next time!”

“Hmph!” Zhang Li harrumphed coldly.

“What? Are you not satisfied? Then how about you bid higher!” Huang Chen’s words made Zhang Li even angrier. While he wanted to bid even higher, his rationality prevailed. In the end, he remained silent.

“Haha! Don’t come to this brothel if you are so poor!” Huang Chen laughed, feeling refreshed.

The old woman was stunned and felt excited. All the earnings in the past added together won’t even amount to this much. Once the employer earns a lot, the employees would also receive a bonus.

“Two thousand six hundred gold! Is there anybody who would bid higher?” The old woman shouted out but nobody replied.

“What are you waiting for? Who else here can pay higher than my brother? End this quickly. I cannot wait anymore!” Huang Chen shouted at the old woman.

“Yes. Yes!” Those with money are bigshots. The Huang brother just spent two thousand and six hundred gold. They were very major customers. The old woman did not dare to offend them. She could only nod with a flattering smile.

“Two thousand six hundred gold! The barbarian princess goes to the two Lord Huangs!” The old woman declared. The others also cheered. Although they didn’t get the girl, they get to brag that they met people who could pay this kind of money. There are not many people who would throw money away so recklessly.

“Haha! Thank you, thank you!” Huang Chen enjoyed being admired by others. “Since today is such a happy day, let us brothers pay for the drinks today!” They did not even care about the four thousand gold they just spent. Why would they care about paying for the drinks that was only a few hundred gold at most? The younger Huang’s generosity made the others celebrate even more.

“It’s that guy!” Only one person did not cheer like the rest. He was the barbarian man from earlier.

“Men! Send our barbarian princess to the two Lord Huangs!” The old woman ordered.

“Understood!” The few men then took the barbarian princess and walked towards the top floor.

“I want to pay the bills!” The barbarian man shouted after he saw the barbarian princess get carried away.

“Sir.” One servant bowed and asked politely. “There are a lot of people today. Please forgive us if we have displeased you in any way.” This brothel was truly the best in Jingzhou. They even treated the lower class people respectfully and made them feel at home.

“Did you not hear me? I said I want to pay!” The barbarian shouted again as he slammed one gold onto the table. The servant saw this gold and showed a greedy expression. This gold piece was pure gold. They were more valuable compared to the other gold. It had never been smelted before and was worth at least twenty percent more compared to other gold.

Although the servant had greed, he still honestly followed the rules of the establishment. “Sorry. The two Lord Huangs have already said that they would pay for everyone. So your bill is already settled.” The servant spoke respectfully. He had hoped to be give some tips from a happy customer that did not need to pay their bills. Instead, the barbarian man became angrier. In fact, it would have been better if the servant had not mention the Huang Family at all.

“He is paying? Bullshit! I said I want to pay! It is none of their business!”

“This…” The servant was dumbfounded. He had never seen a customer who insists on paying for his own share, and was even offended, when someone else offered to pay for him.

“What’s wrong?” The person in charge of the hall came over when he heard the commotion. He saw the man’s clenched fist and frowned, knowing that this man, was a skilled fighter who was about to explode from anger.

“Cheng Ye1. It is like this. The Huang brothers upstairs said that they would pay for everyone’s food and drinks but this gentleman here insists on paying for his own. I…” The servant felt wronged. Cheng Ye was their boss. The servants would suffer if he finds out that they have been neglecting the customers.

“He insist on paying?” Cheng Ye also thought it was strange. What kind of person was this man?

“Quickly let me pay!” The barbarian shouted again.

“Go and deal with his payment.” Cheng Ye could not understand so he stopped thinking and just told the servant to collect the money. The less trouble the better. Based on the man’s table and the empty wine bottle, it seems like a lot of wine has been drunk.

“Understood.” The servant nodded and cautiously took the gold from the barbarian. He then quickly ran to the cashier.

“Sir. One cup of Xiang Lou. The total would be five thousand and five hundred coins. This is your change of four thousand and five hundred coins. One gold was ten thousand coins. The remaining four thousand five hundred coins was about fifteen catties heavy.

“N.” The barbarian nodded and easily took his coins with one hand and left.

“Sir. Please wait for a moment.” Cheng Ye called out. He did not know who the barbarian was but he got used to dealing with suspicious people in the brothel.

It was at this moment when they heard a shout from the top floor. “What? Kuai Ran and Wang Shu have already left?”


The Ye used here can mean grandpa or gentleman. Both aren’t exactly the right words used for addressing your superior in English so I left it as Cheng Ye for his case. The other option is Lord. Again.


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