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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 443

Liu Mang’s group made it obvious to the barbarian that the barbarian would be spared if he left. On the other hand, if the barbarian continued to push this matter, they would attack the barbarian forcing him to protect the woman. He would bleed more as he fought, and would not last a long time. As a result, he would die there.

“Step back or die!” It was a simple and precise statement.

“All of you Han people are terrible! I want a carriage!” Liu Mang expected the barbarian to leave as those who did not want to die would choose this option. Instead, the barbarian became even more violent.

“This guy is mad! Does he not want to live?” Liu Mang watched as the barbarian broke out of his encirclement by ignoring his defense. One of Jia Xu’s subordinates managed to slash him and made his injuries worse but the barbarian managed to escape and head straight towards the carriage.

“Carriage! Carriage!” The barbarian shouted as he ran towards Liu Mang and the carriage.

“Milord! Be careful!” Jia Xu shouted urgently.

“This old fox!” Liu Mang frowned as he looked at Jia Xu. Although Jia Xu shouted as though he was moving to protect Liu Mang loyally, he actually moved aside to avoid the barbarian.

“Haha.” Jia Xu laughed awkwardly. It is always bad to get exposed. Although Jia Xu moved aside, he only did it to protect himself. It was obvious to him that he would be no match for the barbarian. On top of that, an injured tiger was the most fearsome thing to go against. That was why Jia Xu moved aside without a second thought and left Liu Mang to fend for himself.

Of course, Jia Xu did not have any thoughts of betraying Liu Mang. He simply understood that Liu Mang was stronger than he is and that he was deadweight. By stepping aside, he also allowed Liu Mang to fight without a hindrance.

“Hm?” Liu Mang pulled out his sword but then realized that the barbarian was not actually heading towards him.

“Milord! Lord Kuai Ran is in danger!” Jia Xu quickly shouted.

“Kuai Ran?” Liu Mang immediately understood. The barbarian wanted a carriage and was heading towards the carriage Kuai Ran was sitting in.

“Brother Kuai! Go back!” Liu Mang panicked. He don’t mind losing the carriage but Kuai Ran cannot be injured. The injured barbarian no longer had a clear thought process. He wanted a carriage so everything in between him and the carriage were treated as obstacles as he wielded the pitchfork with killing intent. The consequences would be severe if Kuai Ran were to be killed.

Liu Mang could not pretend anymore. This was the sole heir to the Kuai Family. He was Kuai Yue’s only son. If he were to die here, Liu Mang would have to suffer the consequences regardless of whether he was the one that killed him. At the very least, he can say goodbye to the provisions from Jingzhou. It would already be considered a good thing if Liu Biao did not execute him and immediately go to war against Lu Bu.

“Ah!” Kuai Ran immediately noticed the barbarian man. The barbarian was like an injured tiger. The moment he gazed at Kuai Ran, Kuai Ran immediately staggered.

As Kuai Ran was the only son, Kuai Yue sheltered him. That was why Kuai Ran had never left Xiangyang in his life. As far as Kuai Yue is concerned, the amount of wealth he had was already enough to support Kuai Ran for life. It was enough to maintain their prestige at Jingzhou even if they would no longer be influential.

Naturally, a person who has never entered a battlefield would freeze when they encounter an injured tiger.

Freezing up in fear was normal but it was fatal at this particular moment.

If Kuai Ran had quickly returned to the carriage, Liu Mang would have been able to stop the barbarian and protect Kuai Ran while the barbarian tried to climb onto the carriage. However, Kuai Ran was now outside and the barbarian’s first move would be to get rid of Kuai Ran.

Liu Mang rushed forward hurriedly but he was not fast enough. The barbarian had lost his reasoning from his injuries and wouldn’t listen even if Liu Mang decided to give the carriage to him.

“Shit!” Liu Mang gritted his teeth. Knowing he could not block the barbarian in time, he jumped towards Kuai Ran instead.

“Milord!” Jia Xu shouted in fear when he saw Liu Mang jump.

When Kuai Ran could finally react, he wanted to run but it was too late. At this moment, Liu Mang knocked him aside and the two fell to the ground.

“Die! Hans!” The barbarian approached them and attacked, stabbing Liu Mang’s left hand. The blood from his hand splashed onto Kuai Ran’s face.

“Brother Wang!” Kuai Ran became stimulated from the blood as he looked at Liu Mang. Liu Mang had gotten injured to protect him. Initially, the pitchfork was moving towards the left side of his chest. He could imagine the consequences if the pitchfork struck him instead.

Liu Mang had also dropped his sword from the pain.

“Die!” The barbarian saw that he failed to kill them and pulled out the pitchfork from Liu Mang’s hand and then once again tried to kill them.

“Milord!” Jia Xu was about to cry. If Kuai Ran were to die, Liu Mang would have to suffer the consequences. Similarly, if Liu Mang were to die, Jia Xu was the one who had to suffer the consequences. For Liu Mang, it is possible that Liu Biao would still be too afraid to do anything. On the other hand, Lu Bu would definitely kill Jia Xu and the rest of his family if Liu Mang were to die. Jia Xu may love self-preservation but even he was good to his family.

“Im finished!” Liu Mang was also about to cry, silently voicing his complains to Kuai Ran for being the idiot that doesn’t run while a murderous looking guy goes after him with a pitchfork. Liu Mang wanted to escape as well but he dislocated his leg after the fall and could not move.

“Die!” The pitchfork was brought down onto both Liu Mang and Kuai Ran in attempts to pierce both of them together.

Liu Mang believed that he was about to die thanks to this idiot. As a result, he wanted Kuai Ran to die with him and held Kuai Ran’s hand. It would be unjust if he were to die while Kuai Ran lives. At this moment, there was a loud clang sound and the pitchfork was blocked by a sword.

Liu Mang was stunned for a while and then quickly rolled away. The four Third Grade generals from the back had arrived and once again surrounded the barbarian. It was only at this moment when Liu Mang had genuinely escaped.

It was only after rolling aside when Liu Mang realized that the one that blocked the pitchfork with the sword was Kuai Ran.

“Idi… No… Brother Kuai… You…” Liu Mang did not expect a scholar that fools around at the brothel could pick up a sword.

“I… I…” Kuai Ran was also speechless. Although Kuai Ran learned how to fight a little, it was more for amusement and less for actual combat. Yet, he somehow managed to wield a sword while frightened.

“Brother Wang! Are you alright?” Kuai Ran asked when he saw that Liu Mang’s arm was bleeding.

Kuai Ran’s gazing eyes made Liu Mang feel nauseated. He was straight. However, Liu Mang endured his disgust because he knew that Kuai Ran was just concerned.

“There is no problems.” Liu Mang replied as he tore off a piece of cloth to bandage his arm.

“Brother Wang! Did you know? At that critical moment when you grabbed my hand, you gave the courage needed to pick up the sword!” Kuai Ran spoke excitedly.

“I gave you courage?” Liu Mang simply held onto Kuai Ran so that Kuai Ran could not escape and would die with him. He did not even care where he was grabbing onto. However, the idiot believed that Liu Mang was encouraging him. Of course, Liu Mang laughed awkwardly at the start but fortunately he had enough thick skin to act like a savior.

“I will remember that Brother Wang is my savior for my entire life!” Kuai Ran expressed his sincere gratitude. Although Kuai Ran himself was already outstanding enough for not peeing his pants and actually managing to pick up the sword, it was also a fact that he would have died had Liu Mang not been there to save him. That was why he had the utmost respect for Liu Mang.

“We will speak about this later!” Liu Mang still had something to do. Nobody would be happy for almost getting killed. It was worse this time as Liu Mang was already a top quality general yet he almost died at the hands of someone who looked like a country bumpkin. It was obvious how angry Liu Mang had become. He would definitely not idle when his personal enemy was in front of him.

Liu Mang moved his arm. Although it was injured, it was just a flesh wound. He also relocated his leg and then stepped forward to take his revenge.


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