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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 444

“Jia Xu! Surround him!” Liu Mang was seething in anger as he picked up the sword. He did not intend to show mercy to the barbarian that almost killed him.

“Understood!” Jia Xu replied while feeling frightened. Even without Liu Mang’s words, the four Third Grade generals had already surrounded the barbarian and no longer showed any leniency. Liu Mang had also prepared himself to kill this barbarian.

“You stabbed me with a pitchfork, so I will repay you with a sword!” Liu Mang was very quick with his movements as he aimed at the barbarian’s neck

The barbarian himself was not any slower. He roared as he protected his neck with the pitchfork.

“Hmph!” Liu Mang sneered as his sword immediately changed directions. The target was not the barbarian’s neck but below his clavicle1. To begin with, Liu Mang never had the confidence to kill the barbarian in one strike which is why he did not go for the neck.

Blood splashed out as Liu Mang’s sword struck that location. It was the same location as Liu Mang’s own injury. This showed how angry Liu Mang was at the barbarian.

“Kill him!” Liu Mang was not the only one to attack. The other four also joined the fight.

The barbarian had already been injured. On top of that, he had to fight against five people, one of which was as strong as him before he got injured. Him losing was only a matter of time.

“Over there! Over there!” A voice shouted while Liu Mang and the other four were ganging up on the barbarian, a lot of people suddenly appeared. They were all carrying torches.

“Milord. The city defenders of Xiangyang is already here!” Jia Xu said to Liu Mang.

“Xiangyang defenders?” Liu Mang frowned. They were about to kill the barbarian when the defenders appeared. Although the people were allowed to carry swords in Xiangyang, it does not mean that they were allowed to kill. If the soldiers finds them, Liu Mang would be in prison instead of Kuai Liang’s residence.

“Let’s go!” Liu Mang thought to himself for a moment and decided to leave. Although he wanted to personally kill the barbarian, he had to think of the bigger picture. Liu Mang who had a carriage could leave quickly but the injured barbarian would definitely be caught. Either way, the kidnapping barbarian would be dead.

“These are not Xiangyang defenders!” Kuai Ran shook his head. Kuai Ran had joined the Xiangyang defenders for a short while. He wasn’t with them very long but it was enough to know that the defenders have good armor that makes a lot of noise. On the other hand, the approaching people did not have that armor noise. That was why Kuai Ran guessed otherwise.

Regardless, Liu Mang should not linger so he had to let go of the barbarian.

“Milord! Look!” Jia Xu pointed as he shouted towards Liu Mang.

“Hm?” Liu Mang was stunned. The barbarian had suddenly knelt down and stopped moving.

“He is dead?” Liu Mang frowned as he looked at the barbarian carefully. It would be a huge joke if this was the barbarian’s bluff.

With a single command from Jia Xu, one of the Third Grade general carefully stepped forward to check. Eventually, they found out that the barbarian had only lost consciousness.

“Milord! He has lost consciousness! We can just kill him!” Jia Xu said to Liu Mang. Originally, they wanted to kill the barbarian but they had to give up because people were coming. Now that the barbarian had fainted, it should be easy to just take his head.

Liu Mang nodded. Just as he was about to kill the barbarian, Kuai Ran suddenly voiced his surprise. “Eh? Isn’t this the barbarian princess?”2 Without anybody noticing, he was already beside the barbarian.

“This guy really wants to die!” Liu Mang thought to himself speechlessly. If the barbarian was faking his death, Kuai Ran would already be dead. All of Liu Mang’s efforts of saving him would be wasted.

“Barbarian princess?” Liu Mang stepped forward and realized that the woman was the barbarian princess from the sweet feast.

“Why is she here? Did the barbarian buy her?” Liu Mang asked.

“If so, they would not be here!” Jia Xu shook his head. The price of the barbarian princess was so astronomical that even nobles could not pay that amount. How could a barbarian pay for her? If he had bought her, they would be at the brothel or be sent back home by the brothel enjoying their pleasure. The barbarian would not be half dead over here. Something must have definitely happened.

“Quick! They are in front!” The ones carrying the torch were getting closer.

Liu Mang could not understand and decided not to think anymore. What he needed to do now was leave. “Men! Put them both on the carriage!”

“Understood!” Liu Mang’s men placed the barbarian princess with the women. They also tied up the barbarian man and placed him into Jia Xu’s carriage.

Jia Xu felt helpless from the strong smell of blood. He also could not tell Liu Mang to let go of the barbarian man and could only clench his teeth. There were no good endings for employees that goes against their bosses.

“Let’s go!” Two of the drivers were killed by the barbarian and the remaining one had already ran away. As these people were sent by the brothel, Liu Mang could only have Kuai Ran send back the carriages. Fortunately, Jia Xu’s men could also drive carriages. The three carriages started to move

“Wait! Stop the carriage!” The crowd carrying torches shouted.

“Keep going!” Liu Mang ignored them. As long as the carriages kept moving, the people behind would not be able to catch up.

“I am telling you to stop! Did you hear me?” The person in charge of the crowd shouted again but the three drivers ignored him and raised their horsewhips again.

“Fine! Archers!”

“Stop!” Liu Mang could only order them to stop as the carriages may not be able to outrun arrows.

“Since when could people other than the soldiers use bows?” Kuai Ran reminded. Bows were supervised weapons, especially strong bows. While weapons like swords could be dealt with depending on a person’s martial skill, very few could block arrows. Not even Guan Yu and Sun Jian could do it.

Guan Yu was badly injured while Sun Jian was turned into a porcupine. This showed how powerful strong bows were. That was why only the army could use bows. The noble’s private troops would not have bows. Even if they do, they would not dare to take it out. They were afraid of the soldiers disobeying orders.

“Hmph!” The crowd surrounded Liu Mang’s carriage when the carriage stopped.

On the other hand, Liu Mang’s face was red with shame and anger after he stopped the carriage and saw that there were no bows. He was initially afraid of the bows but how could there be any bows here? He was tricked. The reputable Jia Xu who did not say anything was also tricked. How could he not feel angry?

“Haha.” Jia Xu laughed awkwardly. Jia Xu had also suggested that they stop. Without his words, Liu Mang would not have stopped the carriage. This is because Jia Xu was afraid of death.

“Hmph!” Liu Mang coldly snorted. Although the carriage had stopped, he did not get down the carriage. Instead, he kicked Jia Xu off to deal with others. Jia Xu was initially supposed to be seated with the barbarian man but he had brazenly enter Liu Mang’s carriage instead.


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