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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 449

“Brother. What do we do about Deng Tian?” Huang Chen asked after both Huang Jie and Deng Tian had left. While Huang Jie could not be trusted entirely, they still had to believe parts of it.

Deng Tian and Kuai Ran were friends. On top of that, Kuai Ran wanted to take Deng Tian’s son as a disciple. The two brothers did not anticipate this.

“We cannot kill Deng Tian.” Huang Kai shook his head. The Huang Family were enemies with the Cai Family and Kuai Family. As the Cai Family were responsible for killing Deng Tian’s family, Deng Tian could be used to oppose the Cai Family. On top of that, Deng Tian was also capable.

“But!” Huang Chen wanted to bring up the fact that Deng Tian allowed Kuai Ran to leave.

“There is no but about this. Deng Tian would not betray us!” Huang Kai replied. Deng Tian definitely understood matters between the Kuai Family and the Cai Family. Would Kuai Ran really offend the Cai Family for Deng Tian?

“That being said, we must take precautions.” Huang Kai added with a frown. As the Kuai Family was also enemies with the Huang Family and Deng Tian was Kuai Ran’s old friend, they needed to take precautions.

“What should we do?”

“Since Kuai Ran wants to accept Deng Tian’s son as a disciple, we should take in Deng Tian’s son first!” Huang Kai suggested.

“Brother! Are you saying that we should accept Deng Fan as a disciple?” Huang Chen asked. He had seen the boy before.

“Of course not! He is just a servant. How could we take his son in?” Huang Kai shook his head. Deng Tian was a talented and capable person but to Huang Kai, the man was still just his servant. He would not go to the extent of taking in his servant’s son as a disciple. As the son of the Huang Family, he would only take other noble children as disciples, especially if it is his first disciple. That was the only way he could show his face. On top of that, the noble child must be able to bring him benefits. On the other hand, Deng Fan was the son of a servant. In other words, Deng Fan himself was just a servant.

“What does brother mean?”

“Why does Deng Tian’s son need to study? He can just learn a skill to support our Huang Family!”

“Learn a skill?” Huang Chen stared at his brother blankly. He never expected his brother to say this. Only the common people would learn specific skills for their livelihood. To the common people, that is a good thing. However, to the others, learning such things meant that they are a lowly group. For example, a smith could make weapons but at the end of the day, they would remain a smith. They would have no opportunity to be in the government. On top of that, with their current system, their future descendants would all be smiths.

“I remember that there is a gardener at the backyard. Have him take in Deng Fan. Taking care of the flowers is one way he can help his father and our Huang Family!”

“I understand brother. I will go and arrange things tomorrow!” Huang Chen nodded and then asked. “Brother. Do we need to send Huang Jie to the torture chamber?” Huang Jie had committed a grave offense by selling their provisions.

“No need! Just take his money!”

“Won’t Huang Jie hold a grudge?” Huang Chen asked. After all, Huang Kai had already taken all of Huang Jie’s properties. It would be bad if Huang Jie one day decides to betray them.

“Of course he would feel very hateful.”

“Then we should send him to the torture chamber!” Huang Chen still wanted to torture Huang Jie to death after obtaining the man’s wealth. Normally, even Huang Jie’s family would not be spared for this offense. Also, the dead can’t hold grudges.

“Sigh. This is not the battlefield. There is no need to kill everyone. Besides that, Huang Jie would not be hateful to us so there is no need to get rid of him!” Huang Kai admonished his brother. If Huang Jie were to hold a grudge against anyone, it would be against Deng Tian as it was Deng Tian that reported Huang Jie’s wrongdoing. On the other hand, Huang Jie may even feel grateful to the Huang brothers for giving him a chance to keep living.

Huang Kai wanted to make use of Deng Tian but also wanted to take precautions. Huang Jie is one of those precautions.

“Brother. Are we going to forget about Kuai Ran for doing all these to us?”

“Of course not! We will definitely humiliate Kuai Ran for this!” Huang Kai said sinisterly. He had almost lost his position and get thrown into prison. How could he let this go unanswered?

After Deng Tian had left Liu Mang and the others, they continued their way to Kuai Liang’s residence. None of them knew that they had accidentally saved Huang Kai by hiding the barbarian princess.

“Brother Wang. My uncle’s residence is in front!” Kuai Ran said to Liu Mang.

“How much further do we need to go?” Liu Mang complained, his butt feeling sore. It was not that Liu Mang was trying to be unreasonable. The road there was really just that bad. Unlike the inner parts of the city where the roads were made out of limestone, the roads at the outer parts of the city were full of potholes. The entire area were like slum housings. Fortunately, there were no beggars and the buildings were still good enough for those staying there.

“What kind of disagreement did your father and you uncle have?” Liu Mang commented while shaking his head. The difference between the two places really could not be compared.

Fortunately, Liu Mang soon reached the place. Kuai Liang’s residence was like a mansion especially when compared to the other homes nearby. That being said, the ‘mansion’ looked miserably when compared to the buildings in the inner city.

Kuai Ran sent someone to announce their arrival once they were all in front of the Kuai Liang’s residence.

Unfortunately, the person came back with bad news. “Young Master Kuai Ran. The Master had already gone to sleep and is not meeting anyone anymore. Is Young Master Kuai staying overnight or going back?”


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