My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
5 A Peek Into Tora“s Past..........Pretty Pathetic For Someone So OP
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My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
Author :carloswatler76
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5 A Peek Into Tora“s Past..........Pretty Pathetic For Someone So OP

"So how far is it from here to your house?" Ochako asked as they walked down the hallway.

"Well in terms of distance, I guess I'd have to say...about 5 blocks worth." Tora had never measured the distance between his house and the school so he could only give her the number of blocks. "It's not that far and we can simply just walk it."

"Oh, you live THAT close to the school?" Ochako asked in surprise as they reached the end of the hall. At the end of the hall was an emergency staircase and next to it was an elevator. The elevator was rather elaborate and was much bigger then it needed to be, but it was still better then having to walk down flights of stairs when Tora could barely walk.

"Well, yeah...but I just recently moved down here." Tora said, a small smile on his face as he pushed the button that would take them down to the first floor. "My parents bought this huge house close to the school because they believed that I would eventually enroll here just like they did."

"Wait, they bought a WHOLE house just for you?" Ochako's face looked purely shocked, as of this was a rather diffiuclt topic for her. "As in, they own another house?"

"Well, yeah." Tora found the face she was making to be quite humorous but he managed to keep a serious expression. "They felt that if they groomed me to be a hero from a young age then I'd eventually want to be a hero as well. This included buying me my own house and my own maid to go along with it."

"So what your basically saying is that your parents are rich and spend most of their money on you becoming a hero?" Ochako looked like she was about to pass out from disbelief but the 'ding' from the elevator snapped her out of it. "What exactly do your parents do for a living?"

"Well I dont usually tell people this," Tora said as they entered into the elevator. "But do you know the couple thats ranked number 3 and 4 of the top heroes?"

"Yeah," Ochako replied as the elevator closed behind them and began its descent down to the first floor. "Who doesnt know them?! The number three Spatial hero- Dimension X and his wife, the number four Negation Hero- Absolute Zero. They're the biggest power couple of the generation and currently have over 200 sidekicks working for them. Of course I know them, but why do you ask?"

The ding of the elevator signaled that they should get off, prompting them to exit before the doors closed. "Well they're my parents.....they're pro heroes who've saved countless number of lives using their quirks together as a team." Tora smiled bitterly as they walked out of the elevator.

After the elevator closed behind them, Tora attempted to take a step but found that the arm supporting his waist had tightened considerably, preventing him from moving a single inch.

"Wait wait wait," Ochako said, practically yelling in his ear. "Your saying that Dimension X and Absolute Zero are your PARENTS????? IMPOSSIBLE!!! I know every single thing about them, their quirks, their pasts, and even their real names...there was never any information about them having a kid!!!"

"Well there certainly wasn't any information about how loud you can be," Tora muttered as he tried to move away. However, it seemed he was still too unsteady too stand on his own so he had no choice but to move closer. "My parents are pro heroes Ochako, they've stoppped hundreds of villains and made the same number of enemies in the process. Just think about what that would mean if the world found out that Absolute Zero and Dimension X had a kid? Every villain would attempt to track me down in the name of revenge."

For the first time since they had started walking, Ochako was silent, mulling over his words. It took a while, but it was when they were about to reach the front door that she seemed to finally realize what keeping the secret of his birth would mean.

"You were raised in isolation???" Ochako had a rather sad look on her face as she asked him this, as if she already knew the answer.

"When you make as many enemies as my parents have, COMBINED, then having any kids is usually out of question in the first place," Tora said with a smile that held traces of melancholy. "If you think about it, at least I was born into this world. I'm fine with the life I'm living, even if its had it rough patches."

Ochako looked at his smile that clearly held the sadness of a lonely childhood and a deep pain. "What about your parents? Surely they kept you company right?"

"Their pro heroes Ochako," Tora answered. "They constantly have to go and do their jobs, keeping the peace and helping those who need it. They're constantly busy and never had time to raise me like a normal family."

For the next couple of minutes as they walked away from the entrance, neither of them said a word, different thoughts running through each of their heads. It wasnt until they passed the U.A high gates that Ochako began talking again.

"So if you were isolated from childhood then how come you seem so good at social interaction?" Ochako asked, raising a pretty valid question.

Tora snorted and looked at Ochako. "Your literally the only person besides Aria that I've ever talked to in my entire life.....and my parents. Heck I've barely talked to you much today! This is literally the most we've talked and most of it was about my lonely childhood."

Ochako noticed that she hit a nerve and decide to drop that topic and instead focus on where they were going. They had stopped in front of the street because Tora hadn't given her any clue on where his house was.

"Which way do we go?" Ochako asked as she looked both ways. Instead of speaking however, Tora simply pointed straight. Taking his silence as a sign of not wanting to talk, Ochako kept her mouth shut as they crossed the street. However, she began asking more questions once they reached the other side.

"What was it like growing up? Did you at least have any hobbies?" Ochako was curious to know and she also wanted to learn as much as she could about the boy who had saved her.

Tora didnt answer her at first, choosing to just continue walking, finding that he was slowly able to start stepping along on his own. It was around when they past the first block that he finally answered her question.

"I had instructors, but I never spoke to them, even once." Tora pulled himself away from Ochako and attempted to walk by himself with a modicum of success. "They educated me and taught me all the way up until I decided that I wanted to try middle school. They agreed and let me go for one full year. In that full year however, I never spoke to anyone, never even tried. I was just so different as I would often go and train myself directly after class. As for hobbies, the only ones I had were training and learning martial arts, weapons practice, battle strategies and a bunch of other things. I wanted to be a hero since I was little, even though I grew up in isolation its still something that I truly want."

Ochako listened to him as they walked, making sure to stand close to Tora in case he needed her help as she saw that he was slightly shaky. She wasn't sure how to respond to his backstory, wasn't sure what words would ease his pain and loneliness. It sounded to her like Tora had a serious problem that stemmed from being raised without any kind of warmth or kindness in his life.

"Well here we are," Tora said as the stopped in front of a large two story house. "Thanks for walking me here it was definitely a...trip." Tora turned around and was about to walk inside when he felt Ochako grab the back of his shirt.

"I just want to say thank you for rescuing me," She said as she let go of Tora's shirt. "If it wasn't for you....thanks, I hope you become a great hero." She turned around after saying this and walked back the way they had come from.

Tora watched her retreating back with a small smile. "What an interesting thats what people are like, she's nicer then I thought young females were, though slightly annoying. Pretty cute though!!" Turning towards the door, Tora took a deep breath.

"You'll have to face her sooner or later," Tora said to himself, preparing to talk to Aria. He had no doubt failed the exam due to his low score and he now had to explain it to the one person who had encouraged him and pushed him to do better. "Its like pulling off a bandaid." Tora said as he placed his hand on the doorknob and turned the handle.


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