My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
7 Aria and Tora Sit Down For A Cha
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My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
Author :carloswatler76
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7 Aria and Tora Sit Down For A Cha

The first thing that Tora noticed after opening the front door was the warmth and the smell that had filled the whole house. It seemed that Aria was cooking up some sort of feast, but while he was completely famished, Tora just felt guilty instead of happy. He figured that she was cooking up the meal purely because she assumed that he had gotten into U.A.

Knowing that she was going through so much trouble to congratulate him only made it that much harder to tell her the news. He wasnt even sure how to approach the topic, let alone straight out tell her. He had just told himself that it was like ripping off a bandaid, but it was obvious that this bandaid was going to be pretty tough to pull off.

Tora stood at the entrance for a full minute before walking into his house. The further he walked in, the stronger the smell got, and the stronger the smell got, the more guiltt he felt. Aria had placed such high hopes in him and he had let her down.

"Oh, Tora, your home," a voice said next to him. Tora turned and spotted Aria at the base of the stairs. She apparently had just gotten out of the shower, her hair was wet and rather shiny and she was wrapped in a big fluffy pink robe that was fastened around her waist. Normally Tora would've become embarassed or shy whenever she was dressed like this, thinking that she actually looked quite cute, but today he simply nodded and walked towards the kitchen.

Aria followed close after him, instantly picking up on Tora's mood but she didn't say anything about it as she walked to the stove while Tora sat at the table.

"Today's dinner is your favorite," Aria said as she prepared his plate for him. "Lamb chops, mashed potatoes, and as a special treat I even went out and bought us some milk and cookies, which will be eaten during tonights weekly movie night."

"Why did you make so much stuff Aria?" Tora finally said, deciding to just come out and say it. "I failed you, you must already know that since you were at the school earlier. I wasnt able to make it to 25 or even 30, my numbers weren't high enough for me to pass."

Aria, acting as if she didn't hear him, or choosing not to listen to him, placed the plate full of food in front of him. Steam rose from the lamb chops and mashed potatoes which seemed to have just come off the stove. After dishing out some food for Tora, Aria filled a plate for herself before sitting down across from him. However, Tora didnt even touch his food and instead stared at it for a couple of seconds.

"Aria," Tora finally said after he thought about what to say. "I didn't make it into U.A, my score was less then 60, I'm sorry I failed you and couldn't meet your expectations."

Tora was actually close to crying when Aria burst out laughing, a peal of music like chuckles spilling from mouth. The sound shocked Tora and prompted him to raise his head and stare at the mature woman who was currently clutching her sides. It took a minute but Aria finally stopped laughing after shedding a tear or two.

"Tora, my sweet sweet young hero," Aria said after she pulled herself together and fixed her robe which had started to loosen. "You didnt fail, there were more factors in the test then a simple and combat exam."

Tora's face was one to behold after she stopped talking, gaping like a fish out of water. "What do you mean I didnt fail? What exactly do you know that I seem to be missing."

Aria smirked and raised a spoonful of mashed potatoes to her lips. "Well, I'm not gonna tell you, you'll just see for yourself when the results arrive in the mail tomorrow.....or the day after, I'm not really sure when the exact date is as they have to send messages to every applicant who tried out."

Tora didnt know what to say, but after listening to what she said his stomach rumbled, signaling that he really ought to eat. "I dont know what your going on about Aria, but if you say that I havent failed then I guess I'll have to place my faith in you." After uttering those words, Tora dug in, tearing apart the lamb chops with gusto.

"Well someone's full of energy all of a sudden," Aria said with a chuckle. "Its a real surprise that your already recovered after you used the Yin Yang swords."

"That reminds me Aria," Tora said after swallowing a bite of meat. "How come you told me that my parents made that? Recovery Girl said that those swords were made long ago."

Aria laughed and stood up, taking her plate and walking over to the sink. "Those swords aren't the original Yin Yang Swords, their replicas, but unique replicas. They're far stronger then the originals but have a serious drawback."

Tora took a final bite of his food before setting his spoon and fork down. "What exactly is the drawback?'

"If you draw both of the swords without controlling your life energy and your physical energy then you run the risk of draining yourself completely." Aria placed the dish in the sink and then walked back to pick up Tora's plate. "If your not careful there is a high possibility that you could die from pushing yourself too far. That's the drawback."

"So your saying that I could've died???!!" Asked Tora in shock, clearly unnerved by this news. "So those slashes of light produced by the sword? Were they my life and physical energy?"

"Very good," Aria praised as she placed Tora's dishes into the sink next to her own. "The black one represents your physical and the aqua represents your life energy. If used together, after training to control and expand your total energy capacity, they're weapons that are second to none."

"I'm still confused though," Tora responded, his curiousity piqued. "Recovery Girl said that only worthy people can hold these swords. How does the sword even judge you worthiness?"

"Well, the first thing you must have is a good sense of right and wrong." Aria took a rag and began wiping off the table, cleaning slowly as she talked. "You must also have a unusually high life energy and exceptionally strong physical energy. Lastly, you must have MONSTROUS potential in terms of both combat and swordsmanship. If your missing even one of these three things then the sword will not recognize you."

"Okay so then I must have all of the requirements...but what would happen if I lost one of those? Would I still be accepted?" Tora stood up from the table, now feeling like his usual self.

"Thats enough questions for today my dear Tora." Aria said with a smile, reaching out and pushing him lightly on his chest. "How about you go up and shower then meet me back down here so we can start movie night? Its my turn to pick the movie."

Tora nodded at the mature woman standing in front of him before turning around and walking to his room to grab a pair of pants to wear. He and Aria had a weekly arrangement where they would get together during the night, cuddle up and watch a movie together. It usually ended up with both of them falling asleep together on the couch but it was still a rather fun experience for Tora.

After grabbing a pair of dark black cargo shorts, Tora made his way towards the bathroom. He was pretty happy now that he had gotten home, more so then he thought he'd be. Talking with Aria was usually like that, a good sense of inspiration and encouragement, not to mention that she had a very nice body that he would occasionally sneak glances at.

"Wait why am I thinking about her like that?" Tora scolded himself as he entered into the bathroom. "She's my maid and thats it, nothing more and nothing less. She doesn't see me as a future partner anyways, so stop thinking weird thoughts."

In order to clear his head and think straight, Tora turned on the shower to its hottest setting and hopped in, letting the pouring hot water relax his muscles and wash away his confusion.

//This one is pretty short but don't mind that as the next chapter will be out soon!!!! I just wanted to let you know that the voting has now ended so I hope you managed to write down who you want in the harem.

Nothing is ever set in stone so the harem will probably change as the story advances but I wanted some people who never change as the story moves along....

I need someone to go through the comments and tally up everyone's votes and them send them to me......I could do that myself but it would take away from my time in writing another chapter

And speaking of chapters, next chapter we'll see Tora working on increasing his relationship with Aria.......a possible waifu?You'll have to wait and see 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and we'll even figure out if Tora made it into U.A (cough cough he did cough cough)

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