My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
9 Movie Night Turns Into Wrestling!! Tora Lied To Ochako About His Past???
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My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
Author :carloswatler76
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9 Movie Night Turns Into Wrestling!! Tora Lied To Ochako About His Past???

The hot water felt good for a while, but it soon began to run cold, prompting him to turn the knob until the shower was off. What truly amazed him was that, even with tons of money invested in this house, they still couldn't get water for more then 10 minutes.

"Amazing indeed," Tora said as he dried himself off, making sure that his naked body was completely dry. He was going to be watching a movie on the couch with Aria and he didnt want wet shorts for the whole thing.

After he finished putting on his shorts and brushing his teeth, Tora walked out of the bathroom and headed towards the living room. Aria was looking below the massive flat screen television that took over most of the front of the room, apparently looking for a movie.

Aria had put on a nice looking pink crop top and black sweat pants, going her usual casual mode. Tora had always wondered why she wore things a teenage girl would wear when she was around 28 years old. Though she was a rather sexy woman it still made him curious.

"Okay, how about we watch something funny tonight?" Aria suggested taking out a comedy. "Though you don't really get to debate since its my turn. You only get to sit next to me and pout."

"You act like thats a huge punishment," Tora said with a smirk as he sat down on the sofa. "If anything sitting next to you is a reward. Anyways, put in the movie already so we can get started."

Aria laughed, sliding the disk in before walking back and throwing herself onto her spot next to Tora. "If you wanted to cuddle with me that badly, all you have to do is ask." She leaned over and rested her head aginst his shoulder, tucking her arms around him.

"Aria, I like cuddling with you but you know that I'm sure as hell not gonna ask you to cuddle with me even if the world was coming to an end." Tora laughed a little and wrapped an arm around her bare waist. "I refuse to be the first one to initiate the contact....for all I know you could shout the word **** just because you'd think it was funny."

Aria laughed as she watched the opening credits of the movie play out on the flat screen. "You know, that does actually sound like. However, you should learn to be more open with others, otherwise you'll miss out on all the good stuff."

"I told a girl about my past today," Tora said, a small smile on his face. "She seemed to feel a bit of pity for me but I told her that I'm doing fine."

"Which past we talking about," Aria said, ignoring the movie as she moved closer to him, cuddling into his warm body. "The fake one where you were raised isolated? Or the real one where you were artificially given a quirk?"

"Yeah I told her the one that would put her and myself in danger by revealing sensitive information that could very well overturn the whole city." Tora rolled his eyes and gave her waist a squeeze, his attention straying away from the movie.

"Okay okay okay, you told her the fake one. Your real past must remain a secret I guess." Aria said with a sigh.

"Yeah so how exaclty am I supposed to open up to others?" Tora asked her turning his head slightly her way. "The only one who knows about my past is you, my parents, and my twin sister."

"Speaking of your twin.....did you know she also got into U.A? She got in on recommendation, which isn't surprising considering her quirk." Aria smirked a little, knowing how inferior Tora had always felt when compared to his twin. "She also wanted to see you but you weren't available at the time."

"Well of course, she would constantly be trying to assault me with her ridiculous bro-con tendencies. Something I don't need to be dealing with." Tora rubbed his temples, already feeling a bit of a headache from just thinking about her. "You would think that someone who has the power to summon four elements would be a bit more mature. She's just a kid though who hit puberty early and is constantly hitting on one guy."

"You would think that after all this time, that one guy would smarten up already and just accept her affections." Aria said with a slight smirk. "Its amazing that she hasn't given up yet."

"Well that one GUY can't exactly do anything when she's his own sister." Tora said with a serious face. "I kinda hoped she would give up by now. Anyways, if I do make it in I hope we get put in separate classes otherwise things will get real akward real fast."

"How so?" Aria asked, though she already knew the answer.

"She'll be all over me and constantly embarass me." Tora said with a frown. "My own sister fondling all over me in front of everyone else isn't something I would enjoy very much."

The movie played on, the sound filling up the room, but it was mostly ignored as Tora and Aria cuddled up and continued chatting. Theu talked, laughed, messed around, and even wrestled with each other for a bit. If one didnt ask about their relationship or if you ignorednthe obvious age difference, they could easily be mistaken for siblings or even a couple. This was how it always was between the two of them, fun and games, jokes and flirting, they were more then just young master and maid....they were good friends.

The two of them rolled across the ground, their wrestling matched having escalated to where they had landed on the floor. They moved back and forth, each one fighting to be on top. It looked like things would end in a draw, but Tora played dirty, moving his hand and grabbed one of Aria's breasts. Shocked, Aria's gripped loosened allowing Tora to fullly pin her to the ground.

"One, Two, Three, and that is the match," Tora shouted in victory, his breath coming out a bit ragged as he climbed off of her.

"That was no fair, you cheated." Aria said as she squeezed her own breasts. "These were supposed to be off limits. Dont balme me if I grab your junk next time."

"Thats fine, but I dont think you could fit it in one hand," Tora said as he dusted off his pants, before offering her a hand to help her up. "You might need to use both hands."

"Oh very funny, I doubt its even that big, probably a centimeter," Aria shot back, accepting his hand gratefully, allowing him to pull her to his feet. "I'd probably have trouble even holding it between my thumb and index finger."

"You wanna bet?" Tora asked with a serious face. "I can show you if you want, bet you its bigger then you think."

They both glared at each other for a full minute before they each broke out into laughter.

"So what kinda act did you put on with that girl?" Aria asked as she walked over to the kitchen. "Did you give her your sad face? Cause thats actually your funniest face."

"Well actually I did, and she didnt laugh one bit, unlike you." Tora followed behind her, opening the fridge for her. "She took it seriously and even felt sorry for me. She's a kind girl, unlike you."

"Well that's becuase she hasn't got to know you yet." Aria explained as she pulled out a bottle of juice. "Once she realizes how chill and cool you are, she'll get to the point where she can't help but make fun of you, or even love you."

"What does love have to do with this?" Tora asked as he swiped the bottle away from her after she took a swallow. "We were talking about her making fun of me and then we switch to love? Where did that come from?"

"Ugh, I guess you havent learned just yet," Aria said as she shook her head. "Tomorrow while your waiting up on that letter I'll loan you some books to read thatll help yoy to understand women. You mostly understand me so it shouldn't be too hard to get where you need to be." She reached out and grabbed her bottle back from him after he had taken two swallows from it.

"I would like to say that I know you but sometimes you make me wonder," Tora said as he playfully shoved her. "You act like your my age but your body is sexy and mature. Your super cool to be around but you also have times when you get frustrated at me for random things."

"Hey that last time was a perfectly reasonable request that you refused." Aria said in defence, smiling a little.

"Cause offering to hop in the bath with me is definitely reasonable." Tora said with a roll of his eyes.

"I would've kept my eyes shut," Aria said, holding back a laugh. "Well for the most part anyways, I probably would've snuck a peak or two while you werent looking."

"Hence my reason for not wanting you to join me in the bath." Tora smiled and tapped her nose, walking past her, heading to his room. "I'll take a pass with the rest of movie night, I'm gonna go catch some Zzzzzzs. Dont stay up too late Aria."


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