My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
10 Aria Castra The Maid!! Artificial Quirk???
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My Hero Academia: The Ultimate Hero
Author :carloswatler76
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10 Aria Castra The Maid!! Artificial Quirk???

Tora jumped into his bed, a sigh escaping his lips as he lay against the soft mattress, his muscles that had becomes tense after wrestling with Aria relaxed once again. He honestly enjoyed his movie nights with Aria even though they hadn't really watched a movie today.

If he was being honest, Aria was the most amazing person he knew, not including his parents who were the ranked number 3 and 4 heroes. He hadn't lied to Ochako about that particular piece of information.

Aria had been with him since he had recieved his own artificially made quirk about 2 years ago. She had taught him how to hone the new quirk and hiw he could improve his techniques and fighting style. She was basically like his own teacher.

"I must become stronger, someone whose more reliable and can be of assistance to someone as strong as Aria." Tora pulled the cover-up to his chin and closed his eyes.


10 years ago


A young woman about 18 years old sat in the living room of a large house. The woman had long black hair, caramel colored eyes, and a pretty face. This womans name was Aria, a fulll decade younger.

"So what your saying is that you want me to be your maid?" Aria asked the two figures in front of her. She knew who these people were but could hardly believe she was talking to them. "What does the job of the maid entail? Will I be assigned any extra duties besides cleaning?"

"Actually yes," the figure on the left replied, a voice that was slightly feminine. "I would like you to look after my little boy, Tora. He's currently five and I think its about time he starts his martial arts training. He'll need to prepare for the quirk insertion."

"Quirk insertion?" Aria was suddenly very confused. "Forgive me for my ignorance but I have no idea what that is."

"Should we tell her?" the female figure asked the male one standing next to her. "She will be working for us for quite some time, its only right that we notify her or what will happen should we fail."

The male didn't say anything for quite some time, he just stood there and gazed deep into Aria's eyes. When he did finally speak his voice was low and deep, an very earthly sound. "Tell me Aria, what do you know about quirks?"

" A Quirk is a special, superhuman ability an individual can possess. Quirks are generally unique to their user, and are classified in multiple categories." Aria was confident in her answer as it was what she was taught in school, however the man shook his head.

"That's what schools are teaching you nowadays, but the truth is that no one knows how quirks first came to be. There are some speculations of course such as a virus carried by mice mutated the genes of the human race, allowing them to be given random superhuman abilities." The male tapped the side of his leg lightly with his index finger. "Their not entirely wrong but they only got the mutated genes part correct."

"What if we told you that we have found a way to not only create a serum that activates the gene of a quirk but also amplifies it, giving the owner an additional ability that would normally be impossible to unlock no matter how hard the user trained?" This time it was the woman who talked, taking over the conversation.

"I would say that it sounded like you guys either revolutionized the world or are complete nut jobs, still not sure which one it is yet." Aria was having a hard time believing what she was hearing but chose to hear them out instead.

"Well, whether you believe us or not doesnt necessarily matter," The man said, taking the reins once again. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a vial, one that was filled with black liquid. "Contained in this vial is what we have so far and we plan on giving it to Tora."

Aria, after hearing those words stood up and stomped her foot on the ground. "Absolutely not, you can't just insert an untested serum into the body of a child. That's pure Filicide, and it isn't right!!"

The two adults didnt seem to be too affected by Aria's outrage, in fact they even nodded their heads. The male one spoke again, "You passed the test and will be allowed to become a maid and care for Tora. If you had simply said okay to letting us inject it into him then it would've shown you care nothing for others and you would've been kicked out immediately."

"Wait so does that mean it was all a lie?" Aria asked as she sat back down onto the sofa. "You wont be putting that stuff inside that little kid?"

"No, that was the truth." The female said as she walked around and sat on the other sofa. "We ran him over to the doctor yesterday and found something quite interesting in the joint of his left pinky toe. Judging on the data compiled from roughly 20% of the population, it seems that he won't be developing a quirk."

"Do you realize how embarrassing that would be for us?" Asked the man as he slipped the black liquid back into his coat pocket. "Two high class superheroes raising a child that had no quirk, to not have someone to take our places in the future?"

"So your doing all of this for your own selfish purposes?" Aria said, nearly shouting. "Have you ever stopped to consider how your own son feels about it?"

"I'm actually glad you brought that up actually," the woman said turning her head to the door. "Tora dear, can you please come in here please, mommy has something to talk to you about."

There was a sound of a chair being scraped back and the doorknob turning. The door opened and a small kid with bright green eyes and fluffy white hair, a young Tora Syno, ran inside with a happy smile, stopping in front of the woman. "I'm here momma, did you need me?"

"Yes dear I just have a question for you." The woman leaned over, her hands on her knees. "How badly do you wanna become a superhero?"

"A whole lots," Tora said spreading his arms out white. "Momma and daddy are superheroes and I wanna be just like them. Saving others and taking down evil."

"Oh, is that so?" The woman asked. She raised her hand and pointed a finger at Aria who was standing there with nothing to say. "Well this woman is going to be your new instructor and your very own maid. Say hello to Aria Castra!!"


Present Day


"Hey Tora, its time to get up you lazy bum," Aria said as she poked young man in the cheek. "Me and you are gonna train you to use one of those swords today. No complaining, just get up and I'll make your favorite breakfast."

Tora sat up so fast that he was a just a mere blur. "Now we're talking, why did you just start with that?" He threw off the covers and slid around Aria who was sitting on the edge of his bed.

Aria laughed as she watched him rifle through his clean clothes, looking for his workout uniform. "Because your SUPPOSED to be excited to train, not excited to eat. As an aspiring pro hero, shouldnt you have a desire to get stronger rather then the desire to fill your own belly?"

"Theres nothing wrong with eating one's fill if he still gets the work done." Tora replied as he pulled on a form fitting black shirt. He then returned to the closet, looking for the rest of his workout uniform.

"Fine fine," Aria said as she stood up and headed for the door. "While your doing that I'll go and make as many pancakes with strawberry syrup as I can."

"Dont forget the whip cream," Tora yelled at her retreating figure. He pulled on his blue coat and fetched his goggles from around the inside of the door. "If you forget to douse it in whip cream then we WILL be fighting."

"And who do you think would win that match?" Aria yelled from in the kitchen. "If you didnt cheat then who would win Tora? Me or You?"

"I'd probably win," Tora muttered to himself as he checked himself out in the full length mirror.

"What was that Tora," Aria shot back. "I know you said I would win, because if you didnt you dont get no pancakes." The sound of the stove being turned off travelled to Tora's ears.

"No no no, I said you would win Aria," Tora said hurriedly as he quickly pulled on his shoes. "Dont do anything you'll regret later." He finished tying his shoes and darted out of his room. "I need my pancakes!!!!"

//Hi guys its your author Carlos here with the next chapter (Yes yes you may praise me 😁😁😁😁😁) I'm only here for a couple things so you dont jump on me in the comments section

Everything I write I come up with LITERALLY on the spot so if its not factually correct then I'm sorry. However for the particular time I'm informing you that the idea I just came up with isn't seen in My Hero Academia in the slightest.

Artificial quirks and serums that could activate the gene isn't canon and is just fan fiction....that is all, and let me know what you think of my idea in the comments section


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