One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
1 Prologue 1/2 - This World Has Nothing To Offer......
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One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
Author :RedPinetree
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1 Prologue 1/2 - This World Has Nothing To Offer......


Mako D. Carson slowly opened his bright heterochromatic eyes, a deep neon blue and dazzling shade of red catching the light coming from the ceiling above. His expression was one of lethargy mixed with a bit of indifference, a look that perfectly described how he usually appeared.

Peeling his face off his desk, Mako used the sleeve of his white hoodie to wipe away the drool as he glanced around the now almost empty classroom. He blinked once before focusing on the guy standing next to him, the one who had shouted at him to wake up.

"About time you woke up," The young man said, flashing a smile. "You sure do sleep like the dead. I was beginning to think about grabbing your tail to see if that would work. Luckily, I didn't have to resort to that."

"Lucky for me or lucky for you?" Mako turned his head away from the male and began stretching his arms out in an attempt to get his blood flowing. "You should recall what I did to the last guy who accidentally stepped on my tail."

The boy glanced at Mako's fluffy wolf ears, which were twitching slightly, and managed to repress a shiver after remembering the brutal fight after school. Mako had challenged the accused victim to a fight and had then viciously beaten and humiliated him all because he merely brushed his foot up against Mako's tail. Whenever it came to his ears and tail, Mako refused to let anyone touch them no matter who they were.

"Yeah I remember," The young man said before pulling out his phone. "Which reminds have a 4 vs 1 challenge today scheduled in about 15 minutes. It's why I came to wake you up."

Mako opened his mouth and gave a loud yawn revealing 4 unusually sharp teeth that stood out, almost similar to a vampires. This, combined with Mako's ears and tail, had earned him the nickname "The Wolf" throughout the entire school.

Mako D. Carson. The name was known throughout the entire network of high schools located in New York City. It inspired both awe and fear into the hearts of many students and there were many rumors circulating around this single name. It was said that this person singlehandedly defeated an entire group of thugs using only one hand and some cleverly placed words.

"Oh, so who am I supposed to be fighting? Is it someone decent? At least someone who can take away my never ending boredom?" Mako asked the student still fiddling with his phone. "I know I asked you to find me a challenge, Texin, and I'm beginning to lose faith in you buddy."

Texin sighed and put away his phone. "The people I found this time are from the exclusive and expensive school known as U.A high. They all have fought at the international level in Martial Arts and are equally smart as each of them have higher then a 4.0 GPA. In a way, they're just like you."

Mako nodded and stood up from his desk, grabbing his backpack. "Just like me huh? Well as long as they can erase the tediousness and boredom brought about by everday life then it doesn't really matter. I just hate it when things are too easy."

Texin sighed as he fell in step behind Mako, watching his friends back as they made their way out the classroom. To say he was jealous of his friend was putting it mildly. As far as he could tell, literally EVERYTHING came easy to him, and the few things that didn't, he would easily master it after a bit of time. All things came to him so simply in fact that Mako had grown to despise the world and became bored with everything simlar to how Saitama became bored after becoming too strong. It just didn't have any enjoyment to it.

He didnt even have the luxury of making many friends as too many people were afraid of him, not only because he was so outstanding, but also because of his unusual appearance. The wolf ears and tail, the sharp vampire-like teeth, and his general uninterested appearance were all the incentive people needed to stay far away from him. Of course, Mako didn't really mind much as he prefered napping to talking to anyone anyways.

Mako, having walked quite a good distance without saying anything, stopped just before they reached the entrance of the school, turning his head back to look at Texin. With his keen sense of hearing given to him by his wolf ears, he had heard Texins heart beginning to race faster the closer they got to the school exit. It made him curious as to what was bothering his only friend.

"Is there something you wanted to tell me Texin?" Mako asked, the usual blank expression suffusing his face. "Now's the time to tell me before I step out and win yet another match."

Texin sighed before finally relaying the information he had been holding off on. "The 4 opponents your going up against are all girls. If you mercilessly beat up on all of them, then imagine the damage to your sure you wanna do this?"

Mako stood there for a second before his face finally changed into a rather rare genuine smile. "Don't worry, I don't care about my reputation as long as they're strong. After all, I'm only going because I finished my nap. Once this is done, I'm heading home to take my afternoon nap. Following that is dinner, and I shall call it a day and get some more sleep. Thanks for the opportunity to fight such opponents, it means a lot. Try not to worry...I got this!"

Mako opened the door and walked out, leaving Texin standing there in confusion before he finally snapped out of it and began running to catch up to him. It wasn't the first time Mako had smiled, but as it was a rare thing, one had to make sure to savor it as you could never tell when the next one would be.

The fight against the four, against the martial artists was to take place on the schools football stadium, where dozens of people would come to watch. Even some of the teachers would come to observe the spectacle with the excuse that it was their student just executing self defense. In truth though, everyone who came to watch was just a fan of "The Wolf" and his unique form of fighting. Everyone knew who would win in the end, but it was still quite a show as Mako would always try to make each fight last as long as possible.

"Well, I'm going to go sit on the bleachers with the other people watching." Texin said to Mako as they separated from one another. "Make sure to give them a sound thrashing. Don't hold anything back."

Mako nodded, his bored expression replaced by one exuding unending confidence. His slow steps that emanated his laziness was replaced by a walk that contained pride in each step. One of the few times that he ever seemed to have a bit of fun was when he was faced with a challenge or even the illusion of a challenge. As long as it was difficult or seemed to be difficult, he would smile and do his best. Fighting was one of those rare moments when he would smile.

Max jumped over the gate surrounding the football field and slowly walked to the center of it where four highschool girls dressed in uniform stood waiting for him. His tail wagged from side to side, an indicator that he was rather happy while his face exuded confidence and seriousness.

"Tch, YOUR Mako D. Carson?" One of the females asked, stifling a laugh. She stepped forward, causing Mako to give her a quick once over before glancing at the rest of the girls. He didn't say a single word, merely watching. "You don't look like much. From the rumors that were going around I thought youd some huge guy that more like an adult."

The girls behind her laughed, a disgusting sound that made Mako's ears twitch. Thought the girls were pretty cute, their laughter made his stomach churn. However, he still didn't say anything as his red and blue eyes took in every detail in front of him.

After a minute of listening to them yammer on about being superior to him, Mako finally spoke. "I don't know how you girls wanted to play this but let me set this straight. Talking sh*t while one of you analyzes me and my possible weaknesses is mere child's play." His eyes flickered over the one girl who was pretending to laugh, but had had her eyes trained on Mako the entire time. "You shouldn't bother with tricks, just come at me. Show me what you can do. If you can get me to enjoy myself then I'll even spare your beautiful faces while I'm beating on you."

The four girls fell silent, not having expected him to figure it out so quickly. They knew he was strong, but not smart as when they reasearched him they saw that he only had a 2.9 GPA and was missing multiple homework assignments. They fogured if they couldn't win with strength, then they would use their brains. However, what they hadn't known was that Mako wasn't dumb, he was just far too lazy to acutally do his homework, preferring to take a nap in the grass instead.

"Ha, so your saying that you would beat up on four high school girls without showing mercy?" One of the girls asked loudly, obviously hoping to lower his moral by getting the crowd on her side. "That's awful of you to do, your nothing but a bully."

"Gender has no meaning when it comes to fighting or even to intelligence," Mako said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Those who use gender as an excuse are considered weaklings in my book. As for being a bully, I find no joy in fighting weaker opponents, however it doesn't mean I won't do it if they piss me off which is actually a rather hard thing to do."

Pushing his foot against the ground, Mako suddenly broke into a run, startling all four of the girls. They hadn't been prepared for his sudden attack, but it was obvious Mako didnt care as he swiftly closed the difference between them.

Keeping his body low to the ground, Mako made an abrupt stop in front of his first victim, throwing out a palm thrust right into the girls solar plexus. He then followed up by spinning on his left foot and slamming his elbow into chest of another girl, brutally attacking without even a moment of hesitation.

All of it happened so fast, that the crowd watching almost had trouble making out what he did, but even so, cheers could be heard as two of the girls dropped onto the floor. Mako waved to the school nurse on standby, waving her to come over. He had knocked both of them unconscious with a single blow and though he was disappointed, he didn't let frustration cloud his judgement.

As the nurse and two other students carried the girls off the field, Mako turbed to face the final two, both of whom had raised their guards. It was obvious that they were mad about his attack, but he didn't feel the need to defend himself. This was a fight, and in a fight, as long as you didn't pull out a weapon, anything was fair game.

"Your such a cheater," One of the two females screamed out. "We werent even ready. A surprise attack should lead to our side automatically winning."

"Do you even know what a fight is?" Mako asked before rushing forward once again. His figure became a blur as he ran straight for the female who had opened her mouth. He ran up, jumping at the last second, twisted his hips, and then slammed his heel into her jaw, sending her flying backwards a few feet. He landed onto the ground and then swept the other girls feet out from under her.

"A fight without rules means that anything goes," Mako said with a touch of seriousness and whole lot of disappointement. "If you go into a fight with your guard lowered then your just asking for a beating."

Mako, instead of finishing off his last opponent, turned around and walked away from the football field. "Texin, I'm heading home, make sure to spread the word that I'm looking for vetter challengers." He gave a small look to his friend before walking in the direction of his house.

//I had to scrap the first chapter as I didn't like it, but there will a be a 10 chapter uodate Monday as I don't have wifi at my house


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