One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
2 Prologue 2/2 - So This New World Had Better Be Exciting
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One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
Author :RedPinetree
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2 Prologue 2/2 - So This New World Had Better Be Exciting

"There's no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. There is only victory or in your case, defeat

-Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapter)


Marshall D. Emily's POV:

The sunset on the beach was always a relaxing experience, or at least thats what 18 year old Marshall D. Emily thought as she gazed at the horizon. Various shades of pink, red, and orange exploded across the sky in a beautiful display. It was a picturesque sight that could easily take one's breath away.

Emily had been sitting on the beach for about two hours now, just lounging about as the day came to close. Though she knew she had various chores that needed to be done around the house, she instead opted to come out and relax for a bit.

She had been working her ass off for weeks in order to not only provide for herself but to pay the tribute money to the bastard fishmen that came by every month. Ever since the group of fishmen had shown up a little over ten years ago, no one had been able to sleep soundly, and that included her.

In Cocoyasi village, everyone tried their hardest to live as best they could. It pissed Emily off to no end whenever she thought about the unfairness of the entire situation. She couldn't even fight back as, even though she had trained herself and her body since she was young, she was only a single person against an army.

Over the years, there had been many a person who had went over to challenge the leader of the fishmen, Arlong, to a fight. The survivors of these matches could be counted on a single hand and each one had come back all bloody and bruised.

It wasn't that any of the men that went were weak, but rather that the fishmen species were just too strong for any ordinary person to deal with. Not only did they have superhuman like strength, but they possessed superiority in numbers making them impossible to deal with alone.

"The tribute is due tomorrow," Emily groaned as she pushed herself off the ground and onto her feet. She dusted off her black skirt and red hoodie before fixing her long white hair, making sure that all the sand was gone. "I better head back and finish up my chores before Nalla gets angry again."

Checking herself over once more, Emily started the long walk back to her home. It was roughly two miles along the beach from the spot where she was at, but she didn't mind making the trip. The view of the sunset was a beautiful thing and she would probably do it again tomorrow as it helped to ease her nerves.

She gazed up at the sky, its bright vibrant colors beginning to fade as the sun began sinking rather quickly on the horizon. She sighed, sadness replacing her expression as she watched the shades of orange and pink fade into black ink.

"Its always the good things that end so qui- mmmmff," Emily was suddenly introduced to the ground as she tripped over something, injesting a bit of sand in the process.

Pulling her face out of the sand, Emily let out a long stream of very unladylike things after she spit out the mouthful of dirt. It wasn't one of her finest moments but at the present she didn't really care and no one was around to witness it.

"GOSH DAMN IT," Emily yelled as she began kicking around at the air. "THE FUCK WAS THA....?" She stopped in the middle of her little tantrum when one of her kicks, instead of hitting nothing but air, made contact with something soft.

"Well thats strange, who left a perfectly good dead body on the beach?" Emily said jokingly as she knelt down next to the thing she kicked. Though she had only been joking, she hadn't expected to actually find a body on her way home. What was more was the fact that the person was actually breathing.

"Hey person, if your not dead, then could you wake up? I need to talk to you about paying me compensation for making me eat dirt." Emily said as she shook the body. "I think around a thousand berries outta cover it."

She would've kept shaking the person but stopped when something incredibly soft brushed against her arm. Acting on instinct, she grabbed it and held onto it tightly in a viselike grip. The thing in her hand continued to move, but a bit slower as its movements were constricted by her grip.

"What is this thing?" Emily muttered as she attempted to pull on it. She didn't get it very far as she met with resistance almost immediately. She tried again after that, pulling it even harder, but again was met with resistance. After multiple tries, she eventually gave up and let it go, allowing the thing to move unimpeded, although it did show signs of lowering itself little by little.

Emily turned her attention back to the person lying at in front of her. Though it was rather dark, she could still make out some details on the mysterious stranger.

Firstly, he was male, which was evident by getting close and observing his facial features. He was pretty good looking with midnight black hair, a strong jawline and smooth skin. He also had two small fluffy wolf ears that almost looked like they could be real.

Secondly, he wore rather strange clothes that weren't sold on the island, a white hoodie with fur lining the hood and black pants. It was clear that he wasn't from around here, but that raised a whole bunch of other questions.

Curiosity is an astonishing thing as it can lead you to do things that you normally wouldn't, with Emily being the perfect example. Normally bringing a strange young man lying on the beach to her home would be out of the question for Emily, but due to her overwhelming intrigue and many questions she did just that.

Wrapping one arm around the young mans waist, Emily pulled one of his arms around her shoulders and lifted. She wasn't all that surprised to find that he weighed quite a bit as, judging by his figure, he had quite a bit of muscle on him. It would've been difficult for a regular person to carry the man two miles, but Emily had been training for ten years. Carrying this young man was childs play.

The house of Marshall D. Emily was in a rather odd place, nesting between two rocks near the outskirts of town. Though the rocks made the house look rundown, the inside was actually quite cozy with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. A typical house between a rock and a hard place.

It took Emily around the same time it usually did to traverse two miles, around an hour and half, and that was including the dead weight of a young man. She didn't even show any sign of being tired when she opened the door to her home.

Of course while she didnt show any sign of being tired, the frying pan that struck her in the head the moment she opened the door left a small bruise the moment it made contact with her forehead. Emily stumbled back and fell on her butt, dragging the young man along with her. It was clear that her biggest threat had just appeared, a hostile existence that lived to terrorize her.

"And just what are YOU doing home so late Emily?" A beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a rather large chest asked as she switched a second frying pan to her throwing hand. "Didn't I tell you to finish your chores? When are you going to listen?!!!"

The woman pulled back her arm and released her ammunition, a flying black projectile that hurtled towards Emily with pinpoint accuracy. The young woman in a moment of panic, picked up the closest thing in order to block the attack, a thing that just happened to be the young man.

There was a resounding thud before the frying pan fell and hit the floor, leaving the house in a moment of silence. It was clear that everyone was processing different things at a rapid speed, the frying pan now laying there, destined to be forgotten.

"Oh, we have a guest?" the young woman asked as she rushed forward, her eyes now filled with concern. "Whats wrong with him? Who is he? Why did you use him to as a shield you silly girl?"

"If I knew that I wouldnt have brought him here," Emily answered as she stood up and backed away. She chose to avoid bringing up the fact that she had used the boys body to shield her older sisters lethal attack. "What do you think we should do Nalla?"

Nalla began checking up on the young man, but the more she looked, the nore confused she became.

The young man had two rather fluffy looking wolf ears on, like some sort of costume that even came complete with a extremely fluffy looking tail that moved. This coupled together with the outfit he was wearing that she was sure couldnt be bought on the island made her sure that he wasn't from here.

All the weird things aside, the young man appeared to be in perfect health, apart from the rising lump on his forehead from where the frying pan had smashed into it. He was rather handsome, but he also had a rather plain looking expression, as if he was bored.

"Well, lets bring him to the guest bedroom for the night," Nalla said as she easily lifted the young man into her arms. "If we keep him inside until the tribute money is paid then there shouldn't be any problems."

"Whatever you say sis," Emily said as she made her way to the bathroom. "If you need me then I'll be in the shower."

"Okay, but just remember that this boy is YOUR responsibility!!" Nalla said to her little sisters retreating figure. "Don't you even think about shirking it or else you'll get something way worse the the frying pan."

Nalla opened the guest bedroom with her foot and walked inside. Her own curiosity had been considerably peaked when she saw the clothes he was wearing and she intended to ask her own questions once the young man had woken up.

Placing him gently on the bed, Nalla pulled of the young mans shoes and placed them neatly in the corner of the room. She then turned around and began to walk out, but stopped.

She strolled over to the bed and gazed at the sleeping youth, a young man who looked so innocent yet seemed to be bored of something, as if he were only a kid. She giggled softly before throwing some covers over him and walking out of the room.


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