One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
3 The God Of Sleeping!! Meeting Nalla and Emily!!
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One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
Author :RedPinetree
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3 The God Of Sleeping!! Meeting Nalla and Emily!!

Mako opened his eyes, gazing up at the cieling above him. His forehead was throbbing and the spot around the base of his tail felt rather sore as if somone had been pulling on it, but other than that he felt rather relaxed. Getting a good evening nap in after that fighting match was no doubt an excellent choice. Of course, whenever it came to sleeping, it was always a good choice.

Pushing himself into a sitting position, Mako took the chance to gaze around the room. Though it didnt show on his face, he was surpised to see that the room he was sleeping in wasn't his. Before jumping down to sleep on his bed, he had been certain that he had seen his all four of his walls scattered with anime posters. Now however, the walls were bare without a scrap of anime to be found in the entire room.

"I appear to be in the wrong room." Mako said as he threw his legs over the side of the bed. "I wonder how I got here, but I guess getting up and walking around oughta clear things up." He rose to his feet and began stretching his body in order to loosen up.

However, before he could take a single step towards the door, the doorknob turned and in walked a mature looking woman. Mako, whose brain was still a bit fuzzy, gave her a small nod of acknowledgement before giving her a small once over.

In the way of beauty, she was probably the most gorgeous woman he had ever lay eyes on. With waist length blonde hair, a perfect face, a curvaceous figure with a huge rack, and a pair of crystal clear jade eyes, she was the epitome of maturity and sexiness. However, for some reason his instincts were waving a red flag, a feeling he would only get when fighting martial arts masters. When it came right down to it, Mako trusted his instincts more than any amount of beauty as he slowly raised his mental guard.

"Oh, your awake," The woman had a sort of surprised expression on her face before it finally changed into one of relief. "I honestly thought you would be unconscious longer due to the frying pan almost smashing your face in?"

"Frying pan?" Mako asked. Of course, the throbbing sensation in his returned, allowing him to put together about what had caused the pain. For the first time in quite a while Mako was actually curious about who this woman was and it immediately showed on his face.

"Oh how rude of me," The woman said after seeing his curious look. "My name is Marshall D. Nalla but you can call me Nalla. I do hope you can forgive me for hurting you." She dipped into a bow, her chest swaying from side to side as she did so.

"My names Mako..... you have a nice chest," Mako said bluntly, nodding in appreciation. He had always been one to say what was on his mind. In his own school however he never had to worry about saying the wrong things as no one had dared to challenge his words. Of course this wasn't even his own world, let alone his own school.

There was a small pause as Nalla processed what the young man had said. No one in the entire village had spoken to her that way, even the fishmen had shown her respect and hadn't said anything untoward against her (of course this was after she beat down a fishman for hitting one her). This young man obviously had no respect for her, and she would have to show him what respect meant.

At least thats what she originally planned, but the moment she straightened up and looked at the young mans face, she changed her mind. The young man calling himself Mako had one neon blue eye and one thats was ruby red, giving him a rather interesting look, but that wasnt what chamged her mind. Though he had complimented her chest, neither his expression nor his eyes held any form of lust, just a clear appreciation of her body.

Unsure of how to respond to Mako's honesty, she coughed a couple of times, her cheeks flushing red in embarrassment as she chamged the subject. "Thank you....I know you just woke up, but I would like us to sit down so we can ask you a few questions. Is that alright?"

Mako shrugged his shoulders, not even bothering to question her reason as he sat back down onto the bed. He had always tried to go with the flow of things as it required to much effort to go against it. The only reason he had been well known in high school was mostly because of his desire to beat the crap out of anyone that called themselves strong and/or the ones that touched his tail.

"Okay, then just stay here for second while I go and get my little sister." Nalla gave a small smile before turning around and walking out the door, leaving it open as she left. It looked as if she was in a hurry, but Mako didn't think too much into it. He was tempted to just go back to sleep, but he had a couple questions to ask the two of them. He still didn't know why he was in someone else's house and he planned on interrogating the two while he was here.

Earlier when he had complimented Nalla, her heart had accelerated pretty quickly, allowing him to draw the conclusion that she either enjoyed the comment or wanted to beat the shit out him. He was interested in how the younger sister would react, and his tail began to wag back and forth at the thought. The fact that this one female had triggered his instincts was more then enough to trigger his intrigue (A/N- This is actually a rather hard thing to do).

Moments after the woman had left, sounds of talking could be heard from across the house which was soon followed by multiple crashes and bangs. A girl walked, or rather was pushed, into the room a few seconds later with a completely annoyed expression on her face. From what Mako could tell as he glanced at her ruffled pajamas, wild unbrushed pure white hair, and the tired, annoyed look she had, he assumed she had been forcibly awoken.

Though he assumed this was Nalla's younger sister, he found it difficult to believe that they were related by blood. First off they didn't look a thing alike, which was made apparent as Mako glanced over her 5'4 frame. She had white hair that reached to the middle of her back and had blood red eyes that currently held a rather cold look. She had a modest chest but had curves in all the right places as was made obvious by her rather tight kitty pajamas. She looked to be around 18-19 and was quite pretty but was still below her older sis in terms of looks.

"So your finally awake huh?" The girl asked, her tone one of uninterest. "I would probably have been excited to see you up and about had your presence not interrupted my beauty sleep." She attempted to tame her wild bedhead by running her fingers through her hair. She was largely unsuccessful.

"Your pretty cute, but you don't seem very strong," Mako said, being blunt once again. Unlike with her more mature older sister, this young woman didnt trigger his instincts in the slightest. His instincts only triggered when there was someone equally or much stronger then he was. In his own world, there were few people who could make his instincts react, and even those few people all lost to him after trainging for a bit.

The young female frowned at his remark but didn't say anything as she was currently staring at something above Mako's head. It was only after following her line of sight that he figured out that she was staring at his wolf ears which had been flickering back and forth every now and then.

"No you can't touch them," Mako said alnost immediately. "No one is allowed to touch my ears or my tail." He said this in a firm tone of voice and made sure to enunciate each word very clearly.

"Wait wait wait," The young female took a step forward, a gleam in her eyes. "Those are real? That is amazing...their so fluffy!!!" She looked like she wanted to rush forward and touch them anyways despute what Mako had just said.

"Hold up there Emily," Nalla said as she stepped into the room. "Even if its real, which it most likely isn' can't just do something that makes other uncomfortable. Show some restraint." She walked over and lightly chopped her on the head.

Mako's ears twitched as he watched th two of them. He never really talked much when he was awake and the only time he did was when it was necessary. It seemed that if he wanted information however, he needed to start up a conversation. "You said you had questions for me? What were they?"

Nalla gave a light smile before sitting down on a chair she had brought in upon her return. "First I want to know what Island you came from. That shouldn't be too hard to answer right? Oh and just for the record, your currently in Cocoyasi village located in the Conomi islands in the East Blue."

Mako, who had previously been going over how to best explain where he was from, finally changed his expression from one of indifference to one of complete shock. "Cocoyasi? Conomi Islands? Did I hear you right?" Though his wolf ears could pick up sounds regular humans couldn't, he had a hard time believing that he had heard the words correctly. He even tuned his ears towards her heartbeat to make sure she wasn't lying.

"Yeah, thats right," Emily confirmed as she rubbed her eyes in order to dispell the last remaining remnants of her blurry vision caused by being forcibly awoken. "The islands that have been subjugated by the notorious fishmen known as the Arlong Pirates. The place your located is Cocoyasi village, which has been under the rule of Arlong and his fishmen for a full decade."


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