One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
4 Lying Is Bad But Necessary!! Battle Instincts!!
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One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
Author :RedPinetree
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4 Lying Is Bad But Necessary!! Battle Instincts!!

Mako didn't know what he felt. He wanted to call the two females out for lying to him, but their heartbeats had remained steady throughout the conversation. Normal humans had a reaction that caused them to have an slight change of heartrate or have some split second irregularities in the heartbeat that would give them away if they lied. Mako with his wolf ears could always tell when someone was lying simply by listening to their hearts. As far as he could tell, neither one of them had uttered a single false thing since they had initiated contact with him.

However, this raised even more questions as he had watched the show One Piece before and was a huge fan of it. He was aware of the subjugation of Cocoyasi village by Arlong. So if he was currently in Cocoyasi village then that meant he wasn't in his own world anymore, but was now in a fictitious one straight from an anime/manga. This in and of itself didn't make any sense whatsoever as the whole world had been created by some japanese guy.

All these thoughts passed Mako's head in a mere half second as the gears in his head struggled to come up with a logical explanation. However, once it failed to come up with one, he forced himself to accept the facts and try to figure out some of the basics about where in the timeline he was currently in. Taking his mind off what was logical and trying to figure out when he was was probably the best case scenario.

Emily had said that it had been a decade since Arlong had arrived and subjugated the island. Using Nami's (the navigator for the Straw Hat Pirates) age as a basis, which he assumed was around age 6, then she would be about 16 right now. In other words, he was now 2 years behind the original start of the story. Luffy hadn't even met Koby yet, let alone Nami. The whole of Cocoyasi was still under Arlongs rule.

'This is perfect' Mako thought, getting excited after he finished his fast paced thoughts. 'I finally have the chance to fight a strong opponent. This'll be great!!'

Mako's expression didn't really change while he was thinking as all of these thoughts passed through in a mere second. However, his tail did begin to wag back and forth while occasionally thumping against the bed, a fact that was noticed by both Emily and Nalla.

"Wait, are you.....happy?" Nalla asked with a small laugh. "Thats so cute that the tail wags like an actual dogs." She looked at Mako's rather blank expression and smiled.

Mako blinked before grabbing his tail and holding it in two hands. He spent a few seconds forming a quick story in his head while also trying his best to gain information. "Do you girls happen to know about the town of Gosa?"

"Oh is that where you live?" Nalla asked curiously.

"No, I'm just curious as I heard about it on my travels." Mako said with a small smile, a rare sight that actually made them both lower their guards. Technically it hadn't been a lie as he watched One Piece on his phone whenever he travelled from school to home, or whenever he wasn't napping.

"Gosa village is located to the North of here," Emily responded with a small voice. "Its a small town that faces poverty a bit more than Cocoyasi does. It'll only be a matter of time before residents cant afford to pay the monthly tribute."

"Only depressing news?" Mako asked, his heterochromatic eyes focusing on Emily's blood red ones. "No good news?" He didn't really mind it though as her statement gad fold hom what he needed to know. The town of Gosa was still standing as Momoo (the monster from the Grand Line) hadn't destroyed it yet.

Emily shook her head. "Its not that I only have depressing news, its just that theres nothing good about the predicament this whole island is in. However, that aside, I want to know more about you. Who are you and where'd you come from?"

Mako nodded and began to weave them a story that he had only recently come up with. Though it lacked excessive detail, it was pure genius for something that he had just come up with.

He explained to them how he had been part of a group of adventure seekers calling themselves The Golden Wolf Pirates. Though there were only seven of them in the group they still had a whole lot of fun travelling and having crazy adventures. There was even talk about heading to the Grand Line and looking for treasure, but in the end they didnt make it. They got caught in a storm that capsized the ship and killed everyone apart from him. It was the last thing that Mako could remember about his past.

"So your saying that your a pirate?" Emily asked with a small frown. For obvious reasons she absolutely despised pirates. Though she knew that not all pirates were despicable, it did nothing to change her opinion of them.

"Yes I'm a pirate, but I feel its more appropriate to call me an adventurer," Mako gazed at the expressions of the two women and, after seeing them frown, decided to make his words clear. "I never did looting, plundering, or any of that other nonsense."

"A pirate is a pirate as far as I'm concerned," Emily said bluntly, her eyes flashing with a hint of anger. "I'll have to ask you to leave!!"

Nalla chose that moment to finally speak. "How good are you at fighting? I imagine what with you being a pirate that youd have some basic combat experience." She still had a light frown on her face but she didn't seem to be particularly upset in any way.

"Why? You wanna fight me?" Mako wagged his tail at the thought of fighting against someone strong enough to set off his instincts. "If so, I'd be more then happy to take you on."

Nalla laughed as she watched Mako's tail wagging back and forth, her gentle look returning once again. "Actually I want you to have a match against Emily. She should be more than a match for you. I'm afraid if I fought you, I may end up damaging your cute appearance."

Mako's once happy expression slowly turned into one of disappointment as his eyes shidted over to the white haired female. "Oh, you want me to fight her...I guess I can. However once I win, you have to fight me next."

Emily, who already had a slightly angry look, stamped her foot in protest. "You thinknyou could beat me at all you mutt? You think just because your a man and I'm a female that I'll be weak???"

Mako shook his head as he stood up, having returned to his bored and indifferent demeanor. "Gender has no place in a fight. Those that think that gender is an obstacle are just weaklings. It's just that my instincts tell me that you can't match up to me." His eyes shifted over to Nalla who was sitting on her chair with an amused expression. "While your sister is setting off all my instincts and telling me that she maybe as strong or even stronger than me."

Nalla's expression changed once again, this time into one of surprise as well as an immense curiosity. "So your saying that your instincts tell you all of this?? How convenient....your instincts must be quite sharp..."

Mako nodded before turning his gaze back to Emily who still had a rather pissed expression. "Your rather cute, but know tjat if you fight against me......I will hurt you. I don't hold back against anyone be they weak or strong. All those before me shall be beaten into the ground."

Emily took a step back after seeing the fierce determination in Mako's eyes and hearing his speech about not holding back. Though she noticed that he had complimented her, she was too angry to even acknowledge it. "If you want a fight with me you filthy wolf pirate then bring it on. I can kick your ass in my sleep!!"

"Speaking of which...thats a cute outfit you got on," Nalla said with a giggle as she pulled on the hem of Emily's cat pajama shirt. "Is that really what you want to fight this young man in?" Nalla turned her head to look at Mako with a teasing expression. "By the way, I'm gonna call you Wolfy if I win against you in our fight.....that okay?"

Mako shrugged as he took off his hoodie, throwing it to the side onto the guest bed. "Okay and if I win, you guys have to do any one thing that I say. I don't know what I want from the two of you yet so it'll be decided after I win. I WILL win, that is a guarentee."

Emily had already fled out of the room when she had been called out her choice of pajamas so Nalla answered in her place. "Very well then. If you happen to win against both us then you may ask us to do one thing without any limits so feel free to choose carefully as you only get one."

Mako nodded, stretching his arms a bit as he walked towards the door. "Is there any place that the three of us can fight without having to worry about breaking things?"

Nalla gave a small laugh as she stood up, the smile on her face making Mako's heart quicken. "If you'll follow me please, the place your looking for is behind the house." As she was passing by Mako, she ran her hand along his tail. "Also, if you lose, I retain the right to touch your ears and tail as much as I want."


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