One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
5 A Quick Fight......How Disappointing!!!!
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One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
Author :RedPinetree
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5 A Quick Fight......How Disappointing!!!!

The backyard of the house basically more woods, same as the front but with a lot more trees. There was a pretty decent sized clearing for a few hundred feet, but other then that there was nothing but grass and trees for as far as Mako could see. The sun had risen to a rather substantial height, meaning that not only had Mako been sleeping for a whole day and through the night, but also that everything was visible to see.

"This is where we'll be fighting?" Mako asked as he took a step outside, following close behind Nalla as his socks touched the bright green grass. Someone had pulled off his shoes earlier and due to the way things had progressed, he hadn't had the chance to put them back on. "Its seems to be a rather spacious forest to say the least."

"Yeah," Nalla said as she turned to face him, her light blonde hair being blown back by a gentle breeze. "We just have to wait here for a moment while Emily changes into her usual workout clothes. The clothes double as a sparing outift not to mention that they're super comfortable."

"Speaking of outifts, are you gonna be fighting me in that?" Mako asked as he gestured to her clothes. Though he didn't mind seeing her in her skin tight black yoga pants and loose beige sweater, he couldn't helo but feel that they weren't the proper attire. "I don't think they suit the current situation."

Nalla looked down at her outift before looking back up into Mako's blue and red eyes. "Oh, do I not look pretty enough?" She asked with a teasing expression as she took a step closer, her chest swaying slightly. "Don't you think that this outfit suits me?"

Mako took a step back as she stepped forward, his heartbeat speeding up slightly while his face remained unchanged. He was unsure of how to respond to her teasing and would have probably just stood there like a fool with his indifferent expression had he not been rescued by sheer timing.

"Okay you mangy mutt, lets get to the part where I kick your ass," Emily said from the side as she emerged the house's back entrance. She had a rather confident expression on her face as she ran over to them at a casual jog.

Emily had on a purple crop top paired with black leggings which, paired with her long white hair, made her quite the sight to behold. Her midriff was on clear view for the eyes of Mako and he had to eventually nod his head in approval after seeing the sexy looking six pack she was sporting. It perfectly suited her slim figure and complimented her tanned skin, giving her a nice and healthy glow. This eventually lead to Mako having to take back his earlier thought about them not being sisters. They were most definitley sisters, but they each had a different type of beauty that made them special.

As Emily stopped in front of the two of them, she noticed Mako staring at her, a look of appreciation in his eyes as he nodded his head. Though she wanted to get angry at him for outright staring at her body, she found herself unable to as she couldn't find a si gle hint of lust or desire in his expression or his body language. It was a rather unusual experience so she just let it slide for the time being.

"Okay, so what are the rules?" Emily asked as she began to stretch her arms, preparing for the fight. "I'll let you decide them to give you a handicap. Make you feel better for losing."

Mako, though he had been appreicating her body and nodded in satisfaction, frowned. The one thing that he absolutely could not stand was someone who went into a fight all cocky. While it was fine to have confidence in winning, if you had too much of it, it lead to mistakes and mistakes lead to defeat. It was better to enter with confidence, but also with a cool attitude and calm mind.

"In a fight, there are no rules," Mako said as he walked away from her, giving her some space so they could start the match. "But in this particular instance, lets just say that the winner is decided when one side is pinned for more then three seconds. Other then that, no rules. Sound fair?"

Emily thought it over for a second as she switched to stretching her legs, her eyes focused on Mako. "Fine, seems fair enough. Don't come crying to me when I win. Lets get this party started wolf boy." She switched from her stretching her legs into a fighting stance.

Nalla watched the two talk with a small smile. She was interested in seeing the ability of this young man calling himself a "Pirate" and had an insatiable curiosity regarding his ears and tail. Even now she couldn't help but glance over at them as they flicked about with fluffy pitch black fur that was no doubt soft to the touch. She had no doubt that she would win her own match against the kid and couldn't wait to find out for herself how soft the tail actually was.

"Okay, if you two are ready, then you may begin," Nalla said, throwing her hand down for the two of them to start. She was all pumped and excited as she took several steps back before sitting down in the grass to watch the ensuing battle.

"Bring it on Wolfy," Emily yelled tauntingly. "I'll give you the first shot. Lets see what you can do!! Win and I'll even become a pirate myself!!" She obviously didn't mean it, but Mako seemed to take it seriously.

"Well, if your that keen on becoming a pirate then I guess I should help you," Mako said, his usual blank face changing into one of amusement. "I never hold back against anyone, not even weaker oppenents."

Mako crouched low to the ground before pushing himself forward to a speed that bordered on inhuman as he closed the gap between him and Emily. As he approached, he noticed Emily fumble ever so slightly, no doubt surprised that her opponent was so fast, and he deicded to use that opening to his advantage.

Using his left hand, he slammed his open palm into her side without so much as breaking stride as he ran past her. The strike knocked the wind out of her, but she was still standing which was to he expected as he hadnt put too much force into it. He was merely testing the waters about how much she could really take.

Turning around, Mako bolted back towards the white haired female as she struggled to regain her ability to breathe, her guard completely thrown out of whack as Mako slammed his right hand into her chest. This time, the blow sent her flying straight for a few feet before she crashed into the ground. Mako gradually slowed to a stop which took a couple of seconds as he had been going pretty fast, and in that time Emily had picked herself up off the floor, though she was coughing pretty bad. Dark red blood could be seen dripping from the corner of her mouth.

"You haven't won yet you damned dog," Emily said, spitting out a mouthful of blood. "I refuse to go down."

"The winner is Mako....." Nalla stepped in between the two of them just before Mako could begin his next attack. "I honestly don't think continuing is necessary. Its obvious that the man hasn't even gotten into fully yet otherwise you'd be on the ground unable to get up."

"Your first mistake was coming into the battle all cocky," Mako said as he stood up from his low stance, his tail twitching back and forth. "The moment the fight began, you already lost by having the incorrect attitude."

Emily had a rather sour look on her face, but she just wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth and moved to the side, sitting on a patch of rich green grass. It was clear that she wasn't satisfied, but she didnt bother arguing as she sat there with a rather distant and sour expression.

"Okay, so as per what you said, I believe you'll be joining me in becoming a pirate?" Mako asked curiously, his usually blank face replaced by one of amusement. "I don't think that your one to break promises.....and you'll also be forced to do any one thing I say."

Emily's face almost immediately jerked up after hearing the last part. "Wait what? I never said anything about that? Who said anything about listening to you?"

"That would be me," Nalla said without even a hint of embarassment in her voice. "You deserve it after that sorry performance you displayed. To think you'd get caught up in your own confidence that you'd let your guard down to such a degree. Whatever he asks you, I hope you use it to learn from your mistake."

"But sis what if he asks for something indecent?" Emily slammed a fist into the ground in rage. "What if he asks for something I'm unwilling to give."

"What makes you think that I'd do that?" Mako asked, cutting Nalla off from responding. "I already know what I want you to do, but it isn't anything bad, at least not as bad as what your saying. I'll tell you what it is after I beat your sister."

"Oh?" Nalla giggled softly, turning her attention to Mako, her eyes taking on a gentle look. "You think you have what it takes.....wolfy? I thought you shouldn't go in all cocky....."

"There's nothing wrong with confidence," Mako took a stance, his tail wagging back and forth in anticipation and his ears flickering towards each sound. His instincts were telling him that this was a serious oppenent, and he wanted to see what she could do. "So lets get started."

"Let the match begin," Emily said as she threw down her hand.


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