One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
6 The Fight Between Mako And Nalla!! The Ability To Learn While Fighting!!
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One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
Author :RedPinetree
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6 The Fight Between Mako And Nalla!! The Ability To Learn While Fighting!!

"Only an idiot starts a fight that he can't win"

-Sora (No Game No Life)


Emily's POV:

Emily was feeling uneasy.

About a minute had passed since the start of the fight and at first she had been happy. Right from the start, her sister had Mako against the ropes, only able to defend as she punched and kicked him. Each blow would land successfully with accuracy and precision, knocking the young male around with apparent ease.

She wasn't sure why she felt so uneasy when she should have been feeling ecstatic. After suffering that humiliating defeat from Mako a moment ago, she was feeling bitter and had wanted her sister to beat him to a pulp. She was a sore loser and she knew that, never taking a defeat very well, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to enjoy watching the match. Though the fight was still going on, she could feel a steadily growing sense of uneasiness that she hadn't been able to identify.

She scooted to the side as Mako was sent flying a few feet before landing in front of her. Though it was only for a few seconds, she finally understood why she was feeling this way. Mako looked perfectly fine, not a hint of blood or even a bruise on his face though she was sure she had seen her sister punch him numerous times in the jaw. Even when he jumped back into the fight, he didn't show any signs of being injured though he refused to fight back.

Emily began to watch the fight closely before she finally realized something. The longer the fight went on, the more her times her sister seemed to miss her punch or kick. It was subtle at first, missing only one or two in a short span of time. However it gradually evolved into the point where her sister couldn't even lay a single finger on him.

"No, that can't be right," Emily muttered as she watched the young male dodge another round of Nalla's punches. "Is he....learning while fighting? Thats impossible!!"

She said that but the proof was right in front of her as the young man sidestepped yet another of Nalla's kicks. It was as if he knew what she was gonna do before even she did it, something that she initially thought would've been impossible.

Mako dodged yet another punch before finally counterattacking, grabbing her wrist and using her own momentum to flip her over his shoulder and slam her onto the ground. It was swift and seemed to use Nalla's own strength against her, not to mention that it looked like it hurt.

Emily watched as Mako backed away from her sister instead of pinning her to the ground for three seconds. Instead of finishing up the fight like Emily would've done, Mako seemed to WANT to keep fighting and waited for Nalla to get back onto her feet.

Nalla eventually climbed back onto her feet after about twenty seconds of getting her bearings. Emily was tempted to call the match in Mako's win but she stopped after seeing her sister smile after wiping blood from the corner of her mouth.

Emily took a deep breath to calm herself down. Though she had panicked a little at first, she had grown up watching her sister train constantly and knew better then anyone just how strong she was. She may have had doubts about if Nalla would win this match, but now those doubts were pushed away as she watched her sister smile and once again face her opponent.

Mako waited for his opponent to be ready before speaking. "I've analyzed your attack patterns and style of fighting. To be honest, I would recommend giving up but theres no way that I would if I were in your situation so I can't ask you to do it."

"Hmph, if you think your words are enough to intimidate me, then your mistaken," Nalla said as she took another fighting stance. "This time, I'll get serious and you should do the same."

Mako gave a small nod and also took a fighting stance, but Emily felt that this time he didn't stand a chance. No matter how strong someone was, her sister had always found a way to win against her opponents.

The two pushed off from their starting positions and rushed at each other, their bodies low to the ground as they moved swiftly. They met each other in the middle and exchanged blows, this time with Mako actually fighting back and, though it was obvious that Mako could still read her moves, it was as if he was having trouble keeping up with her speed. Some of her hits actually managed to slip past his hands and hit him, but he merely countered each time by slamming his own fist into her stomach.

The two of them pushed each other back and forth neither one able to gain the upper hand, a complete stalemate. They had started to move their bodies to fast for Emily to make it out clearly, but it seemed like neither side was any closer to winning even after fighting for more then 5 minutes.

Emily pushed herself off the ground and stood up, listening to the shouts and various yells the two were sounding out each time they threw a strike.

After around a full 10 minutes had passed and neither one had gained the upper hand, Emily had finally had enough. She raised her hand into the air and threw it downwards. "The match is a draw. If you'll please return to the house it would be appreciated."

Nalla and Mako contimued fighting for a few seconds before slowly stopping and looking over at her. It was clear they didn't want to stop, but as the referee for the match, it wasn't up to them.

"Don't we still have to eat breakfast?" Emily asked with a bit of impatience in her tone. She didn't really care about breakfast at the moment, she merely just wanted to end the pointless fight that seemed to drag on forever. "We also have to deal with Arlong when he comes around to collect out tribute money."

Releasing short breaths, Nalla nodded as she struggled to regain her ability to breath. After pushing herself beyond her limit, she was competely tired and Emily could see that she was, but she also knew that Nalla would've contimued to fight if she had let her. Her sister was also a sore loser as well and despised losing to anyone.

"Can you draw me up a bath?" Nalla asked politely as she bent over, her hands on her knees.

"Can you draw one up for me as well?" Mako asked as he also seemed to be catching his breath, although Emily could've sworn that he was recovering much quicker then her sister was.

"Like hell," Emily shouted as she walked off. "I don't even know you. Why would I draw you a bath?" However, she nearly tripped from what her sister said next.

"It's okay, you can share one with me!!"


Alternate Titles-

*The Next Broly*

*Playboy Mako D. Carson*

*The Fight That Lasted Too Long


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