One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
7 Nalla“s Perspective!! Feelings That Have Arisen
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One Piece: The Alpha Wolf
Author :RedPinetree
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7 Nalla“s Perspective!! Feelings That Have Arisen

Marshal D. Nalla's POV:


A sensual sigh escaped Nalla's lips as she eased her body into the boiling hot water. After a full on fight like the one she just had, a bath was what she needed to erase all the disgusting sweat and dirt from her figure. Hell, even when she didn't fight she loved a good hot bath as it relaxed her aching muscles and brought her a sense of relief.

Nalla sighed in satisfaction as her thoughts began to shift away from the bath and onto the boy who called himself Mako. She had undoubtedly obtained a crush on him after their sparring match earlier, well a love for his skills and prowess was a more accurate description. Their wasn't any single human on the entire island that had the same potential as he did, it wasn't even fair to compare him to regular people. The fact that he managed to force her into a draw was incredible by itself.

Since birth Nalla had wanted to be strong. So when she was 5 years old, she began training in the ways of karate and had mastered black belt by the age of 13. Of course the age of 13 was when the Arlong pirates showed up, killing both her parents who had tried to resist and leaving her to take care of her 5 year old sister by herself.

After that terrifying incident, Nalla intensified her training, seeking to become stronger, strong enough to completely crush the fishmen entirely. She even began teaching her younger sister the ways of karate though she was a slow learner. Strength was all that mattered to her as it seemed to be the only thing that could free them from their chains that was the fishmen.

Of course, she knew she couldn't take them on alone so she went searching through Cocoyasi and Gosa village, looking for people just as strong as she was. She proclaimed that any man who could defeat her would win her heart and be able to court her if they wished. This had the desired effect of bringing each and every horny male out from their hiding places.

However, no matter how many of them tried, each and every one of them was far too weak to be of any use to her in a fight against the fishmen so she gave up. Though she was strong, she wasn't stupid enough to go in all alone as it was an army versus a single above average female.

Still she held on hope that one day they would be saved. Even if it wasn't by her own hands, she vowed that if she found someone stronger then her, even if it was a female, and he or she could defeat Arlong, then she would follow them. It was something she wanted, something that everyone wanted. To be free, to be rid of the bastard fishmen once and for all.

Then she met Mako D. Carson, a rather odd existence. Possessing fluffy wolf ears and a tail, at first glance he didn't look that strong, just something of an anomaly even though he was rather cute. Her opinion quickly changed when he spoke about being a pirate morphing into one of intrigue and even anticipation. She wanted to test herself against him so badly that it was hard to keep her from acting like a kid and jumping around the room. However she kept her calm and had offered to let her sister fight in her stead.

Initially she had only planned to test his ablities as she figured her sister would either be stronger or evenly matched with him. To her surprise however, Mako managed to push her sister back, forcing her to end the match in favor of Mako before her sister got seriously injured.

Though she was definitely concerned for her sister, she was immensely excited to fight against this mysterious youth. When the fight began, she rushed at him, intending to test the waters and gauge his strength. This of course became impossible to do as no matter how much she kicked and punched him, he never once hit back, just taking everything she dished out.

It was only when she knocked him back towards her sister and he got back onto his feet that things changed and she began to get even more excited. Her hits which had been pretty fast before began to miss more and more to the point where she couldn't even lay a finger on the boy. That's when she began to take it seriously and so did the boy, matching her in her speed and even surpassing her in techniques as he fended off her attacks, something that had never happened before.

By the time her sister had called the match in a draw, she had fallen head over heels for this young boy who couldn't have been older then 16 years. It was strange but she could FEEL that this young man still had yet to even begin to tap into his potential and honestly, the thought excited her. She felt that this wolf boy was the key that Cocoyasi needed to finally be rid of the Arlong Pirates once and for all.

Nalla sighed as she stood up from the tub and opening the drain to let the water flow out. She had been serious earlier when she had said that Mako could join her, but her sister had unfortunately put a stop to it real quick. It was obvious that she would need to have a talk with her as she wanted to get familiar with Mako and maybe get closer with him.

She was certain that with his potential, there was no telling how grest he would become in the future and she wanted to be along for the ride. Though it seemed rather strange and even foolish to think this after she literally just met the young man, she didn't care. She had always let strength do the talking and when it came down to it the boy could easily surpass her within months or even weeks if he trained diligently.

Nalla grabbed the extra large towel she had hung up on the sink and wrapped it around her breasts and waist. She checked herself once in the mirror before nodding and opening the door.

Right now, she had to focus on the task at hand and that was to prepare breakfast and then give the money to Arlong. After that was all done THEN she figured she would worry about Mako and her feelings about the situation.

"Hey Wolfie, its your turn to take a bath," Nalla said as she passed the open guest bedroom. She peeked in to see Mako sitting on the floor with his eyes closed. It looked like he had fallen asleep before getting the chamce to take a shower.

"Aww how cute," Nalla said with a small laugh. "It almost makes me feel bad for having to wake him up. HEY, WAKE THE HELL UP LAZY!!!"

Mako's eyes slowly opened and stared at her, causing her to feel slightly self conscious. He had said earlier that she was pretty cute, but she still had doubts about herself and quickly backed away from the room. "Breakfast will be ready in an hour so go and take a bath before you eat ya damn Wolfie."

She quickly retreated before he could say anything, escaping to the safety of her room. She took a deep breath and got dressed rather quickly. She didn't know when Arlong was going to show up as he always came by at random times each month, travelling from house to house with a humongous bag where the money was put. She had a long bath and hadn't even started making breakfast, making her wonder if the fight had been a good idea as it had put her WAY behind schedule.

"God damn it Mako, you had to pick NOW to suddenly show up in our lives? It couldn't have been one day after?" Nalla let out a small and quiet stream of complaints as she headed to the kitchen.

Cooking was something she excelled at and her breakfast was what she most proud of. Easy-over eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes and syrup and a glass of orange juice. This was exactly what she made and even though she said it was going to take around an hour, it actually ended up taking her an hour and a half.

"Emily, Mako," Nalla shouted which resound e throughout the whole house. "Breakfast is ready!!"

//I want to take the opportunity to say that while there will be H-scenes it will take QUITE a while for things to develop to that point. Hell it'll be a while for any romance to truly blossom let alone smut....

I want the harem to feel logical and the emotions to be realistic so no female is gonna shack up with the MC from the get-go sorry!!!!


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