Otome Game Revival!
2 #2~ Mission Impossible
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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2 #2~ Mission Impossible

Ding! [System]: Hello user, my name is Flora, I will help you throughout your missions until each and every one of them is completed. Do you have any questions?☺

Lori: yeah, first of all, where are we?

Lori looks down at her current outfit. At the moment she felt gross. What The hell am I wearing? A long yellow dress was on Lori, with a little pink ribbon flower that was tied on her wasteline. What was once beautiful was now completely ruined from the water. Lori was soaking wet.

[System]: We are currently in your first Otome Game "A Sinful Beauty".

Ding! You just received your first mission!😀

Lori: Alright, first tell me about the current world and my character.

[System]: You are currently in a world that is similar to Ancient China.

The character that you are currently residing in is the Prime Minister's youngest daughter Rose. Who's character was snotty, spoiled rotten, and vulgar. Rose's job in the game was to make her sister's life a living hell.

Rose had no talent. The only thing Rose was blessed with is a perfect goddess face that could destroy a City! But her vulgar actions ruin her attractiveness.

Lori: so basically I'm the villiness?

[Sysyem]: Yes, that is correct host.

Lori: very well, continue on.

[Sysytem]: there are relatively no capture targets. Which means you could get with anyone if you wanted. For example, you could hook up with the cannon fodder if you wanted too. Or even a random unimportant character!

Cool huh? Anyway's, the only character who you could call a capture target is the Second Prince, which the game focuse's on the most. Such as his conquests and his true love Lilly.

Lori: pfft, this story sounds so dumb and cliche. Let me guess, that Lilly chick is my cousin or sister, and then I'll probably have to make the Second Prince fall in love with me... right? Kind of like the whole cliche revenge thingy? If so then nah, thats borinnnng.

Flora already felt like she was doomed. Why did master have to assign me with this she-devil?!

[System]: *coughs* maybe...possibly...? Okay yeah! Your right but I'm not the one that makes the rules okay! Im only just doing my job hmph! 😛 Also, master is not that boring~ don't worry he will make sure you have quit the ride hehe

For some reason Lori felt very uncomfortable hearing Flora's last part of her sentence.

Lori: Alrighty then. Please continue~

Lori gestured her delicate hand at the wall as if Flora was actually there.

[System]: very well!

Your character is suppose to die off early in the game due to her jealousy over the second Prince falling in love with the Leading Lady, your older half sister Lilly.

Lori: Ah ha! Knew it~~

Flora wanted to slam her head against her desk. I don't think I will be able to handle this sadist...

[System]: *clears throat* Rose tries to win over the Second Prince by sending him love poems and small little love trinkets that only ended up making the Second Prince feel even more disgusted. Such as he heard rumors of Rose's vulgar additude and actions from being constantly spoiled.

She was even trash that didn't even know the five womanly arts! No woman deserves to be the Second Princes Princess Concort is she didn't even know one of the arts. Thus the Second Prince only wanted Lilly, in his eyes she was the only one for him.

Rose, realizing this, became super jealous, Rose had no choice now but to find a way for the Second Prince to end up with her.

Used to getting what she wants, Rose begged her father to be married to the second Prince. In the end the Emperor agree's, since the Prime Minister is the Emperor's good old friend.

Enraged after finding out about the decree by the Emperor, the Second Prince goes to the Prime Minister's home secretly to find Rose and cancel the engagement by forcing her to agree.

This ended up Rose being thrown into the water by the second Prince. In the end she didn't agree to cancel the engagement. So he wanted to get rid of her.

Lori: ahh, that explains why I'm all soken wet at the moment huh. Damn! That Prince is a savage! Doing that to a young weak lady. She was only in love.

[System]: Umm, that young and weak lady is you at the moment...😮

Lori: yeah yeah I know. Anyways...*sighs* I'm ready now. Tell me the first mission!

[System]: Yes host!

Lori: Wait!

[System]: what is it host?

Lori paused and took a moment to think about her question.

Lori: I've heard about this system and host stuff before because my little sister is a big fan with those cheesy novels and games. She talks about it none stop. So does that also mean that I get godly hacks too?!

[System]: Unfortunately no host, this is all depending on your talent alone.

Lori felt like someone just slapped her face multiple times.

Lori: My own talent! Whaaat? That's not fair! Hmph! You cheap system! What kind of bogus is this? Im not doing anything until you change the rules a little.

Lori crossed her arms and kept a blank face.

[System]: host, unfortunately I don't make the rules. Thus leading me as only your guide, alert system of any game character, and character information, and story information.

Lori felt a little reassured. Ateast you are somewhat useful...

[System]: .....

Lori: *sighs* lets just get this done with. I'm ready to hear my first mission now.

[System]: very well, Ding! Your first mission has arrived! Current mission: Make the second Prince fall in love with you.😶

Lori: You gotta be fucking kidding me. He practically hates me already! This damn Rose chick basically ruined my chance!

[System]: unfortunately no, I'm not. Good luck user.😁

If the system Flora had a body, Lori would of punched her in the face already. Just thinking about it makes Lori grin.

[System]: I know what your thinking user 😑


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