Otome Game Revival!
4 #4~ He“s so...cheesy.
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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4 #4~ He“s so...cheesy.

Lori gives the second Prince a confused look.

Lori: I'm afraid I don't young master. Ever since the day I woke up all wet from almost drowning in my pond, I have not been able to remember anything.

Lori gives the the second Prince a saddened look.

Looking at the young delicate girl, the second Prince wanted to comfort her. He started to feel guilty for his unreasonable actions. Why am I so dumb? This girl is nothing like Lilly explained her little sister to be. Suspicion started to rise within the Second Prince.

Could Lilly have lied to me? Now that I think about it....I have never once met Rose until the day I pushed her into the pond. Also....the Second Prince Darkens his gaze. Every time I would visit Lilly she would also talk bad about her younger little sister. She said that the little girl was spoiled rotted and hideous! Wait...lets just see how things go first before I start assuming...Lilly wouldn't be like that...right?

The Second Prince took another glance at the beautiful delicate looking maiden. He decided to oberve her closely first. The Second Prince then frowned. He glanced at Lori again and observed her from head to

toe.  The Second Prince was Stunned!

Up close she was a devastating beauty! Is this why she never left her courtyard? The more the Second Prince thought about it, the more better he strangely started to feel. Actually, it's better this way, no other man can stare and fantasize and drool over my beautiful bride.The Second Prince stared at Lori with possessive eyes, that he was unaware of. For he was not aware that he was already a victim of Lori yet... a victim of love.

Even though Lori had her head bent down slighlty to seem shy, she noticed that for some reason she was getting the creeps from the Second Prince's starring, but she ignored it to stay in act.

Lori finally pretends to get the courage to glance at the Second prince. Lori beams inside when she notices the prince's guilt ridden face, Lori had to hide her sadistic smile. Got em! He tottaly fell for my guilt trip. Hehe, time for faze two.

Lori: young master...ah! I mean second Prince.

Red tinted cheeks could be seen on Lori's face. She started to fidget her fingers.

The second Prince notice this and wanted to laugh. So cute! She so adorable when she blushes. Wait! What am I thinking?!

Lori: excuse me for my improper greeting, Rose did not know young master's true identity.

Lori gently lifts up her dress and gives a elegant bow to the second Prince.

Lori: Rose, second daughter to the Prime Minister greets second Prince.

Lori gives a faint sweet smile to the second Prince, and stands up straight again.

The second Prince blushes at Roses actions. So cute! The second Prince gave a quick scan of Rose when she gave the bow. So soft looking and delicate. Her face is almond shaped. Her dark purple eyes remind me of a breezy night with the moon shining on a lake giving off a faint purple glow. Her dark raven hair temps me to stroke and run my fingers through it. A big difference between a strong, smart, and prideful woman like Lilly, who really wouldn't  need any protection as much as Rose would.

[System]: wow, such a romantic.

Lori heard Flora's comment and frowned. Flora, just what is this idiotic Prince thinking about?

[System]: are you sure you want to know? It's kinda cheesy.😝

Lori grinned. Why not? I wanna know what this shit head Prince is thinking. Hmph, calling me ugly. Also please, no emojis, ugh!

[System]: what's wrong with my emojis? It's the only way I can show facial expressions😢

Lori rolls her eyes. Just tell me what he's thinking already!

[System]: jeez, calm down. I thought you were the master at being patient. Anyways he said..."So soft looking and delicate. Her face is almond shaped. Her dark purple eyes remind me of a breezy night with the moon shining on a lake giving off a faint purple glow. Her dark raven hair temps me to stroke and run my fingers through it. Something like that, he said it with more feeling though. I kinda like it😝

After hearing what Flora repeated from the second Prince, she felt pleased. Wtf?! He's already falling for me? Damn, he's easier than I though! I knew it was a good choice to go with the weak and inncocent type, and he's so cheesy. Gross. Seems like my mission is almost accomplished. Hehe.

Flora felt bad for the second Prince, he didn't know that he was being played.

[System]: yes, it does seem like your mission is almost accomplished. But don't forget, you still need to deal with Your current world half sister Lilly. I doubt she will give up the second Prince willingly.😃

Lori gave an evil grin. Ohh don't you worry, I have a little surprise for my older sister.

[System]: this will be interesting...😅


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