Otome Game Revival!
5 #5~ Kissed
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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5 #5~ Kissed

[System]: so tell me, how exactly are you going to deal with your half older sister.😅

Lori snickers and slowly starts to walk away. The second Prince quietly follows along thinking that she wanted to chat while taking a stroll.

Well, I knew at one point the Prince would come and see me. So I checked on what my sister does on her daily schedule. Right at this moment she would be also going for a stroll with her maids in the main family courtyard. Hehe, it's almost time for phase two.

The Second Prince felt torn as he was stealing glances at Lori. He didn't know what to do anymore. After meeting Rose, and actually getting to know her, he felt like she would be a great Wife. But Lilly would be to right?

The Second Prince then frowned after remembering something. But Lilly did clearly lie about Rose being selfish and vulgar. But I promised Lilly already that I would marry her. I have to keep the promise. Or do I?

The Second Prince then thought of something. I will tell Rose that I want to end the engagement completly, and see her reaction first. I want to see if she still secretly cared.

If Rose did, then I would immediately know that Rose was actually just faking in the end. But, if Rose does not react, then Rose really does have amnesia.

The Second Prince builds up his confidence and decides to confront Lori now.

Second Prince: Rose... umm, about the engagement, I don't think it's a good idea.

When the Second Prince finished his sentence he had a painful feeling in his chest. Trying to ignore the sudden painful feeling, he closely observed her reaction.

[System]: ohhh, your prince is quit the thinker as well. Careful, he's trying to see if your faking. *coughs* which you are hehe😏

Also, I don't know whether to be impressed or scared at your stalker skills. *shivers* Ding! Incoming signal, Lilly is just right up ahead. What will you do?😅

Completely ignoring the second prince, Lori sees her sister in the distance. Lori quickly spots a tiny bump on the path and pretends to trip.

Lori: ah!

Falling, Lori made sure to fall into the second prince's direction. Noticing Lori trip, the Second Prince takes action and pulls her into his embrace.

Second Prince: Rose! Are you okay?

The second Prince's heart starts to beat fast. He could smell a sweet flower fragrance coming off of her. It smelled amazing to him. This made the Second Prince want to put his face in the nap of her soft delicate neck. He gave out a small groan. What is this woman doing to me?!

Lori: ...Se..Second Prince...what are you doing...

Second Prince: Rose, you smell amazing.

The second Prince snuggles deeper into the nap of Lori's neck. Feeling tempted, the Second Prince gave a small peck on her soft skin. The Second Prince Paused, waiting to see if Lori would do anything to him.

When there was no reluctance or pulling away, the Second Prince felt happy. The Second Prince then grinned and continued where he left off. Lori then wanted to tease the Second Prince even more. Lori pulled the Second Prince tighter to him and gave out a quiet moan only the Second Prince could hear....and Flora...

[System]: keep it PG13 please~~

Author: I try okay... I really do hehe

[System]: Uhh... okay then... moving on.

[System]: oooh la la, seems like you got the Prince wrapped around your finger. Haha! You should see the look on your older sisters face right now.😏

Hearing Floras comment, Lori secretly takes a glance at her sister Lilly, who was standing a couple of yards away, witnessing the whole thing. Her hands at her sides were tightly clamped into fists.

Deep hatred could be seen on her pale creamy face. Lori looked right at her and gave a smirk. Lilly who noticed, tightly bit at her lip holding in her rage, fearing that she would show her true colors. Lori just smirked even more. Annoyed at the prince's weak pecks, Lori pulls away from the prince. Now it's time for the climax! Muahaha!

[System]: I think you need help... mentally.

The Prince felt empty when she pulled away from his arms. Annoyed, the Second Prince grabbs both of Rose's hands and pulls her closer to him.

Second Prince: Rose, do you not like this prince? Why are you pulling away. This is what you wanted right? This Prince has decided! I will not cancel the engagement to you. In fact, I have decided to have both of you!

!!!!! Wtf! Is this boii trying to start his own harem? Hell naw! Lori, rolling her eyes pulls away.

Lori: Se...Second Prince I'm glad that you have feelings for me, for I have realized that I do as well. But... only you can have me, no one else! I won't allow it! Im not willing to share my man. So if you do want both of us, then I wholeheartedly refuse to be yours.

Lori starts to fake tears. She then starts to run away, but makes sure to look weak and delicate while doing it so she won't seem suspicious.

Not knowing what to do, the Prince panicks and rushes over and grabbs Lori's delicate arms, and pulls Lori back to him.

Second Prince: very well! I will only marry you! I was going to forgive Lilly just this once. But if that will cause me to lose you in the process, I'm willing to ditch that liar. I was only feeling bad because no one would want her after I leave her.

Lori shivers at the Second Prince's casual words about Lilly's upcoming future. Typical men....

Lori then frowned, Flora, why would nobody want her? I don't get it, Flora~~ please explain~~

[System]: In Ancient times such as China, if one's noble maiden were to be refused by their betrothed, it would ruin the maidens reputation.

Also, it was rare for any noble maiden to marry before eighteen. Eighteen was considered to old to marry. Sadly Lilly is already eighteen and is almost nineteen. The Second Prince was the only one willing to marry her as his main wife. Why was this so important?

Well, Lilly has a none legitament status, being born from a concubine, and not from the main wife, like Rose, who is. This makes it harder to get the postion, Because staus is very important.

Thus explaining why Lilly never got married at a younger age. She made an requirement. If she was ever married, she would be the main wife, not a concubine. So of course the Second Prince would be a good catch for Lilly.

Noble Woman who are younger play a big part in marriage arrangements between prominent family's. They are the wanted ones.

Coming of age ceremonies in such times for a maiden were around fifteen years old. The current body you are residing in, is now fifteen.

Lori frowns at Flora's words. Such nonsense! Before Lori could react to what happens next........!

The second Prince forcefully smashes his lips against Roses.

[Sysetem]: Kyaaaa! They kissed!😶

Second Prince: this Prince will not allow you to run away. Your mine now.

Lori: if you want me, then promise that it will only be you and I. No one else...please promise me.

More fake tears fall down Lori's delicate face.

[System]: You deserve and Oscar for your acting skills. *gets popcorn*

How the hell are you eating popcorn right now?! That's impossible, are you not a heavenly system God made? Lori gives a confused face.

[System]: finally you ask what I am. I am actually one of the heavenly gods personal maids. He chose me to be your helper. I can communicate with you through this system that is connected to your consciousness. On earth, I would be as you humans prefer to call us ghosts, or spirits. But up here I have a solid body.😁

Omg! I have a ghost in my head!

[System]: for some reason I feel offended at your comment.😑


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