Otome Game Revival!
6 #6~ Engaged to a psycho
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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6 #6~ Engaged to a psycho

Being kissed by the Second Prince was like eating a bowl full of mayonnaise. Don't ask how I know...so basically it was disgusting. But I need to endure!

Lori couldn't stand the prince's kiss any longer so she pretended to be embarrassed and shy and pulled away.

Lori: Sec...Second prince...This is highly inappropriate. We are not married yet.

Lori drops her head down and fakes a blush.

Seeing Lori blush made the second Prince want to kiss her even more.

Second prince: there is no reason to be worried. We will be married soon. Rose, this second Prince promises to cherish and love you till  my last breath.

The second Prince grabbs Lori's hands and lifts up her soft right hand and leans in to kiss it.

[System]: wow, like I said, a romantic~😍

Lori cringed. This man is moving wayyy to fast into the relationship! This would be considered raped in 2018!

[System]: pffffft..

Lilly, who was still watching all of this, could not stand to watch it any longer. A scream could be heard.

Lilly: You bitch!!

Hearing a woman scream, Lori and the second Prince break contact and look at who was screaming. A young girl was running straight torwards them with two worried looking maids trailing afterwards.

Maid 1:young miss! Please be careful!

Maid 2: young miss stop! Don't cause a scene!

Lilly ignored both of her maids pleas. The only thing that was on her mind was slapping that bitches face for taking her man.

Lori: sister?! It..its not what it looks like! I know that you like him I'm sorry!

Lilly runs up to them and slapped Lori's  face.

Lilly: quit faking you bitch! How dare you take my man you whore!

Lori who puts her hand on her reddened cheek, and pretends to whimper. Tears could be seen coming down her cheeks.

Seeing this made the Prince enraged! Seeing his precious and delicate woman hurt and cry, made him want to hurt and torture that person who did that to Lori.

Second prince: how dare you hit my woman!

Stunned, Lilly couldn't believe his words. His woman? No! Impossible! I am! Not her! Prince...dont You remember our promise? I thought you loved me.

Tears started falling down Lilly's face, and they were real, not fake...like someone else's... But the Second Prince already knew of her false accusations.

The Second Prince hates liars the most. All he wanted was his precious Rose now.

Lilly: *still crying* prince, why? I love you, why won't you choose me? You promised! You promised...

Lilly crumbled to the ground feeling broken. Her bright and beautiful face was now puffy, and red from the tears flowing down.

Instead of feeling bad for his ex lover, the Prince felt disgust. It was that bitch who lied about her sister being incompetent and unruly. The thing he hates is fakers, and most importantly, liars.

Second prince: this Prince does not want a liar. This Prince only wants Rose as his woman. Not you. Now leave before I kill you.

[System]: ohh, shit is going down😂 now I defiantly need some popcorn.

Oh and Lori, he hates fakes and liars. *hint *hint

Whatever helps me complete my mission. *smirk*

Lilly: second prince, no please! Don't leave me, I love you!

Ugh, this bitch is hella dumb! Guys don't like crazies honey!

The second Prince started to feel more disgusted. Lori was right, men don't like clingy woman.

[System]: uhh, Lori? Can I have some dating tips? You seem like you know men...hehe

Lori rolls her eyes.

Second prince: Rose, come. Let's head back over to your courtyard.

The second Prince gives one more glance at Lilly who was crying on the ground. Disgust could be seen in his eyes.The Second Prince stops walking because he thought of something. This bitch might come back and try to hurt Rose again. The Second Prince then turns around and looks back at Lilly.

Second Prince: if I ever see you or heard that you hurt my Rose again...I shall personally kill you myself. Nobody touches what is mine. Got it?

Lilly started to tremble with fear. She took the second prince's words seriously. Because she knew he was not lying.

Lilly: ye...yes Second Prince. I understand.

Second Prince: good.

[System]: damnnn! I need a man like that!😍😍

Lori almost puked up blood after hearing the prince's words. Wtf! This boii is psycho! We have only met for a day and he is already obsessed! And really Flora? Your into the psychos? *face Palm*


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