Otome Game Revival!
7 #7~ New mission
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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7 #7~ New mission

After the whole incident ended, the Second Prince bid his farewells with Lori and promised to come visit soon. The Second Prince then rushed back to the palace to ask his father the emperor to move up the wedding date. But Lori didn't know that last part...hehe

[System]: Ding! You have completed your first mission! Congrats😁

Lori: that was easier than I though it was going to be. Quick! Let's get on with the new world and mission, I want to be as far away from that psycho Prince as soon as possible.

[System]: .....

Lori: ...what?....oh no...dont tell me I have to complete another mission in this world.

[System]: correct!😄 Ding! You just received a new mission! Do you accept?

Lori: do I have a choice?

[System]: unfortunately no😁

Lori: then why even ask?

[System]: because, I though it would  not be polite not to ask😄

Lori really felt like strangling Flora at the moment.

Lori: just tell me the new mission.

[System]: alright! Your new mission is...*clears throat*

Lori: well?

[System]: answering host, join the yearly competition that the king throws for young nobles, and win the competition.

Lori: ...and what exactly is this competition?

[System]: a singing one! Isn't that exciting! I love singing *sighs* I wish I could join in on it...

Lori: You like to sing? What's your favorite type of music?

[System]: kyaa! I'm glad you asked! Okay don't judge but I like kpop hehe..ever heard of BTS?😍 I love them!!! Damnnn,

this just makes me think about Jimins 6-pack😍 *drools* omg! Don't even get me started on their new album😍😍😍😍

Lori: okayyyyy! I'm sorry that I ever asked.

[System]: hehe...sorry about that, I was kinda fan girling


Ding! Incoming signal! It seems that your father has come to see you. Get in character!

Lori: yeah yeah, I know, but seriously though! I feel like I'm going to die! This freaking dress I'm wearing has too many layers!

Lori looks down at her new dress that she was wearing. A long light blue dress was tightly fitted against her.

[System]: Well I like it, I think its very beautiful😍

Lori: of course you do, it was the Second Prince that picked out this damn dress and forced me too wear it! He was all like,

"Wear it my love, since you are my woman, you need to start wearing my colors. I don't want to catch you ever wearing any other color besides mine". Ugh!! Like seriously! What a weirdo!

[System]: *whispers* well I think it's quite cute😝

Lori: I really need to get out of here...soon.



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