Otome Game Revival!
8 #8~ Doting father
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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8 #8~ Doting father

"Roseeeeeiii!" Lori was still checking out her blue dress when she hears someone yell her name in a cringy way. *shudders* who the hell is that?

Lori turns her head to the spot where she heard her name being called. A fat short man was happily skip walking torwards her direction.

Lori heard giggling in her consciousness.

[System]: that would be your Father, the Prime Minister. *giggles*

Lori almost puked out blood! That little fat dwarf is my father?! The most feared and respected man in court next to the emperor?! Wtf!

Lori's reaction was to be expected. For the time that she has been staying in this game, she has not met her current world father. He was nothing like she expected.

The fat short man landed his last skip next to Lori. Looking at the short man who is her current father up close, she blew out a sigh of relief. Thank the gods, Luckily Rose did not inherit her father's looks! Besides our hair color, we look nothing alike.

Prime Minister: Roseeeii! My dear daughter! How have you been?

Lori fakes a gentle smile and gives a bow.

Lori: this humble daughter greets her Father. Rose has been good. Rose thanks Father for his concern.

Prime Minister: enough with the formalities. There is no need, we are family.

Lori: of course, Rose shall do as father asks.

Prime Minister: I heard that the Second Prince has finally accepted the marriage proposal! And has even asked his father the emperor to move up the wedding date!

I'm so happy for you my daughter! At first I was a little against it, but to make you happy I asked the emperor to engage you both. Now I have no more worries! Now you can be with Your love.

Lori: yes, I'm so happy that everything worked out. But...did you just day that the Second Prince asked to move up the wedding date?

Prime Minister: yes! Isn't that great?! I'm so happy that your wish is coming true!

Annoyance seeped into Lori. That damn crazy Second Prince! He even moved up the wedding date! I need to quickly finish up this mission so I can leave.

[System]: Its not that bad👀😍

Lori again, felt like rolling her eyes. She felt like she has been doing that lately. Of course you don't think it's bad. Why cant you see that he's psycho?

[System]: <<<<<<*fan girling*

Lori: Father, if you don't mind, Rose is not feeling well and would like to rest before the noble gathering tomorrow.

Prime Minister: of course! I'm sorry my dear, I know that you have been weak and sickly since you were young.

Lori hides her sarcasm. Hmph, weak? Yeah right.

Lori: thank you for understanding father. Rose shall bid farewell now.

Lori gives her father a bow and starts to walk away. She turns to take one more glance at the short fat man and notices that he has a sad look on his face. She wrinkles her brows in confusion. Why does he look so down Flora? Did I do or say something wrong?

[System]: according to my data, the original Rose always used to give her father a peck on the cheek after their chats. It seems that it was always the Prime Minister's highlight of the day. *sight* I wish I had a loving father like that~~😔

Lori grins. Alright, I'll give him what he wants. Lori then quickly turns around and yells.

Lori: fatherrrrr!!!

The Prime Minister looks up to see his beautiful darling run back to him. His heart lifts from the gloom that he was feeling moment's ago. Lori reaches her father and gives him a peck on the cheek.

Lori: I almost forgot! Rose shall take her leave now.

The Prime Minister gives a warm smile pleased that she remembered. When his precious daughter was out of sight, his gentle smile turned into a dark one.

Prime Minister: Sirus, Farna, show yourself.

Two black shadows appear out of nowhere and kneel at the Prime Minister's feet.

Sirus: greetings to Master.

The two black shadows kotow twice.

Prime Minister: stand.

The two fully black youths stand in union.

Prime Minister: I want you guys to investigate and find the person who left that red mark on my daughter's face.

The Prime Minister notice Siruses face twitch.

Prime Minister: what is it? Speak.

Sirus: there is no need to investigate. It was your eldest daughter who slapped young miss.

The Prime Minister made a dark face. Deep madness could be seen in his brown eyes. Sirus and Farna saw this and started to tremble in fear. Their master was known to hold grudges, and would return that grudge into his own sick little game to torture that poor soul who ever goes against him. How else did he get the Prime Minister's seat?

Obviously getting rid of the other competitors who got in his way. Sirus and Farna know this well, for they were the ones who tortured and got rid of them by the masters orders.

Prime Minister: bring her to me. I'll be in the under ground chamber.

Sirus felt bad for the eldest miss, but he must follow orders.

Sirus: yes master.

Both black figures jump and disappear into mid air. The Prime Minister gives one last glance into the distance and walks away. Lori, who knew nothing of her father's plans, casually sat on her chair sipping tea, while a maid brushed her dark raven hair.

If Lori knew of her father's behavior or what he was planning on doing, she would be puking out blood.



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