Otome Game Revival!
9 #9~ Secret revealed
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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9 #9~ Secret revealed

Later that night while Lori was fast asleep, the Prime Minister was still up, secretly residing in the hidden chamber.

[System]: Ahem! *clears throat*

Author: .....what is it Flora? Can't you see that I am busy?...

[System]: can't you just tell the reader's that it's a torture chamber?

Aurhor: Flora! That was expose to be the climax!!! Thanks for ruining it😑

[System]: ohhh, okay that makes more sense. Sorry! Please go ahead and continue creator!

Author: *sigh* anyways...

[System]: wait!

Author: now what?!!

[System]: Don't forget that your order from Amazon came in today! Hmm...what was it again? Ah! Now I remember! It was a book! I think the title was called..."10 ways to easily get a boyfriend" or something like that.

Author: *blushes* Flora!! Why would you mention that stuff right now! Ughhhhhh😭 *runs away of embarrassment*

[System]: my bad...*evily grins* well looks like I'll have to write this chapter... hehe.😈 be prepared Lilly, this is what you get for trying to get with MY man.

Sadly the Author never realized that she has been played...badly.


The Prime Minister sat on a chair waiting silently for Sirus and Farna to show up. Suddenly two shadows pop out of nowhere. The Prime Minister glances at Farna, who had a knocked out maiden currently in his arms. Siris steps up to talk.

Sirus: master *bows* I have brought the girl just as you requested.

The Prime Minister nods his head and turns his head back to Farna who was holding the girl.

Prime Minister: Farna, bring Lilly to the table. Make sure she is tightly strapped up too.

Farna nods his head and swiftly walks over to the long wide table that used to be brown. As it was now covered in dried up blood and other unknown fluids. Farna was swift with dealing with Lilly. After he was done, he stepped back and looked at his master for the next order. The Prime Minister stood there for an extra minute. He then made up his mind.

Prime Minister: throw cold water on her and wake her up.

Farna nods his head and heads over to get a pail of cold water. When finished, he dumped the cold water all over Lilly's delicate face. Suddenly Lilly tries to spring up, frightened and confused. She weakly tries to sit up but realized that she was tied down.

Lilly: what...What is happening? Wh..who are you?

Lilly looks at the man who threw cold water on her. Farna just starred at her, making no action to talk or move at any time.

Sirus: your wasting your breath miss, he does not speak. For his tounge was  sliced off for disobedience.

Lilly was stunned! Who would do that to someone?! To go that far....am I next? Oh gods! Please save me!

Prime Minister: enough chit chat.

Sirus turns to his master then bows, walks to the wall and stands in silence. Farna just stayed in his spot, still waiting for his next order. Lilly stunned, stays still. The Prime Minister notices Lilly's action and chuckles evily. He then walks to stand in front of Lilly. She stares at the old man in freight.

Lilly: father....what is going on! Why is father doing this to me?!

Fear could be seen in Lilly's dark eyes.

Prime Minister: Don't give me that kind of look...daughter. or should I say step?

Lilly who was shocked, couldn't believe what she heard! He knows! How does he know that I am not actually his birth daughter?! No this can't be! The Prime Minister notices Lilly's shocked face.

Prime Minister: surprised that I know about that slut of a concubine's secret?

The Prime Minister looks at Lilly's face looking for a reaction. Dread could be seen on her face. Pleased to know that he got the reaction he was looking for, he kept talking.

Prime Minister: I was not all that amazed that your mother, cheated on me. I knew from the start that she was not carrying my child. But I wasn't  that ruthless to kill an innocent baby. So I waited. Do you want to know how I got rid of her? Go on... ask me.

A sick sadistic smile could be seen on the Prime Minister's face. You could tell that he was enjoying this. Lilly, seeing this was shaken to her bones. She couldn't believe this man! He was the one that killed her mother! Hatred was building up inside her.

Lilly: so it was you who killed my mother! You bastard! You lied to me! You said that she died of child birth.

Tears start to fall down Lilly's face. The Prime Minister just stood there and watch her cry. He just smirked and continued.

Prime Minister: why would I let a slut like your mother continue to stay in my home! She dare to fuck one of my servants in my home! A lowly concubine of mine dare to do indecent acts shaming my family name!

Lilly stopped crying and gave a deadly glare.

Prime Minister: You still have not asked what I did to your mother. It was quit the show. She begged me for days on that same table that you are lying on now, to stop the torture. Of course I obliged. So I finally took her life by allowing herself to end the suffering. Do you wanna know what she did? She asked for a dagger, so I gave her one. She stabbed herself in the chest, slowly bleeding. You know...her last words were quit funny. Instead of asking to keep you safe or cared for, she asked me to keep her lover alive, not caring about you one bit.

The Prime Minister started to laugh madly.

Prime Minister: oh! And let's not forget! I, keeping my word, gladly accepted her last request and kept her lover alive.

Lilly was stunned. She could not believe what this man was saying! Her birth father is alive?! Looking at Lilly's face and understanding what she was probably thinking about, he smirked and gave her the answer she was looking for.

Prime Minister: ohh? You want to know who your birth father is? This is going to be interesting.

The Prime Minister looks over at the quiet man in black and gives him an icy glare.

Prime Minister: Farna, why don't you come over here and get a better look at your daughter. After all, this may be the first and last family reunion.

Farna gives a bow and swiftly walks in front of Lilly. Lilly almost fainted. This quiet man was her father?! Farna gives Lilly a blank look and continues to do so.

Prime Minister: unfortunately your daddy can't speak. I had is tounge sliced off years ago. I found his voice quit annoying, especially his screams.

Lilly wanted to scream in anger. How dare he do this to her family. I will kill you! I swear on my life that I will end you!

Prime Minister: I don't think you will get an reaction out of him. He's a quiet one.

The Prime Minister starts to laugh at his joke.

Lilly: Please! Just let me go! Whatever I have done, I am sorry!

The Prime Minister gave her a cold glare.

Prime Minister: whoever lays their hands on my precious daughter must pay the price, and sadly that's you my dear. I raised you as a daughter of mine, even knowing who you truly were. But you still tried to disrespect me by picking on my precious daughter! I've had enough! Now is the time to finally deal with you.

The Prime Minister looks at Farna. Farna secretly clenched his fists. This was it, he had to do it. He always knew this was how he was going to get revenge on him. Making him kill his own daughter. I'm sorry Lilly, this father of yours has failed you. Maybe in our next lives we will have a better life. I'll pray for your soul and mine. Farewell. A small tear could be seen slipping down Farna's face. Farna advances on Lilly he pulls out a dagger. Lilly notices what is going to happen so she tries to struggle to get free.

Prime Minister: wait.

Farna stops his advancement on Lilly.

Prime Minister: I almost forgot to tell you, that maid, the one that used to serve your mother. I got rid of her as well. I knew she was the one who told you the truth. I remember when you came to me as a little girl asking about where the maid went. So sad. *sigh*

Lilly wanted to strangle that man! How dare he do this to her! Lilly silently cursed the Prime Minister. Promising to get her revenge in her next life.

Prime Minister: continue.

A loud scream could be heard from Lilly. A dagger pierced her heart. She took her final breaths and looked at Farna, her father for the last time. She secretly whispers to him

Lilly: I forgive you.

Lilly says as she closes her eyes forever. Farna clenched his fists and steps away.

Prime Minister: good job Farna.

The Prime Minister walks up to him and pats his shoulder.

Prime Minister: You have finally paid your debt. Now clean up this mess. I shall give you the choice on dealing with Your daughter's body. I'll take my leave now. Sirus come.

Sirus: yes master.

Sirus takes a quick glance at his good friend that he came to know well over the years working together. He felt bad for him. He does not deserve this kind of suffering...

The Prime Minister and Sirus walked out, leaving Farna alone with his dead daughter. Farna walked up to Lilly. He lifted his hand and gently pushed her bangs away from her forehead. He then leaned down and gave her a kiss. He untied her and lifted her still body in his arms. Then disappears to deal with her body. Sirus waited for his friend that night in their room. It was early in the morning when Farna came back.  Sirus wanted to comfort his friend but he did not know what to say. So he left his friend to grieve.


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