Otome Game Revival!
10 #10~ Rumor has i
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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10 #10~ Rumor has i

In the early afternoon, the maids of the Prime Minister's household were rushing to get Lori ready for today's gathering.

One maid in particular, who was doing Lori's hair, found an accessory that stood out from the rest. It was a dark blue lotus hair pin. The maid smiles and showed Lori.

Maid: young miss! This hair accessory would go great with Your light blue dress!

Lori looks at the pin and cries inside. What is with the color blue now?! Just because I wear a blue dress everyday, it does not mean that I like the color! It's because of that stupid second Prince and his demands, that I am currently in this predicament. Lori looks back at the maid and fakes a smile.

Lori: Its lovely, please do put it in.

The maid happily agrees and puts the lotus pin in the middle of Lori's bun on top of her head. The rest of her dark raven hair cascaded down to her back. The maid blushes.

The Young maid's face webt completly red after completing her look. Wahhhh, she really is a living goddess!

Lori silently sat in her chair not minding the intense starring that her little maid was giving her. How could she blame her? Lori was the same way when she first got here, she couldn't stop starring at her own current face! Amazing right? Who wouldn't be so lucky to have a devastating beautiful face like this? Lori smirked as she thought this.

Maid: young miss! You are truly a goddess! The second Prince is lucky to have a maiden like you.

Lori just smiles and looks at the copper mirror in front of her. But secretly happily gloats. This body I am currently in is amazing. I could probably even get a man looking like a hoboe to be honest.

Lori thought this as she turned her delicate head from side to side in the copper mirror. I wish I could be reborn in this body after I finish my twenty missions. *Sighs*

[System]: *Rolls eyes*

Maid: young miss, it is time to go.

Lori nods at the maid and gracefully stands up from her chair. Lori follows the maid out of her room and heads out to the carriage, off to the noble gathering.

~~~~currently at the gathering~~~~~

About a hundred young noble men and women were gathered at the most popular tea house in the kingdom.

The young men attend each year to find possible future wives, and watch as the attractive young ladies perform today at the contest.

The young ladies also attend for a possible future husband, or to compete today. Currently, all of the young nobles were secretly whispering.

Young man #1: I can't believe it! The crown Prince is here!

Young lady: maybe he's looking for a a future wife!

The young lady glances at the crown Prince who was seated at the very front of the pavilion, where the young ladies would soon perform.

Young lady: kyaa! He's so handsome! Maybe he will choose me!

The young lady pats down her dress and straightens it out. The young noble man just rolls his eyes.

Young man #1: maybe...but look! Isn't that the Second Prince sitting next to him? Why would he be here? I thought he was already smitten with the older miss from the Prime Minister's household.

Young man #2: didn't you hear? The second Prince dumped the first miss for the second one. They were engaged anyways. It seems like he changed his mind. If so, I wonder what the second young miss looks like!

Young man #1: I'm also curious as to what she looks like, I don't believe the second miss has ever left the Prime Minister's household, because rumor has it that she already was head over heels with the second Prince, and never wanted to attend.

Young lady: I also heard that the Second Prince even asked his father the emperor to move up the wedding date! That second miss from the Prime Minister's household is very lucky to have one of the handsome prince's as her soon to be husband.

Young man #1: yes! I've heard that as well. Interesting...just what made the Second Prince change his mind? Wasn't he just smitten with the Eldest Miss?



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