Otome Game Revival!
11 #11~ Goddess
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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11 #11~ Goddess

[System]: what song are you going to sing user? I'm quite curious🤔

Lori was looking out of the carriage. She heard Flora's question and frowned. Actually...I haven't quite figured out what song to sing from...

[System]:hmmm...ah! I know! Why don't you sing that song that you sung last time for the Second Prince!

Lori gave another frown. I dont know...it does not seem like a song that a crowd would like.

[System]: think about it though, singing that song made the second prince's heart skip a beat! Imagine doing that to a whole crowd! You will win everyone's hearts!

Lori smirked. Well, if it is like that, then I guess I will have to oblige and sing that song. Good thinking Flora.

Flora was stunned! Did....did she just compliment me?! Flora almost fell our of her chair that she was working from. A pile or papers were on her desk. The heavenly God had asked her to organize them that evening.

~~~~currently at the gathering~~~~

As the nobles were gossiping away, a carriage could be seen pulling up. Everyone stopped what they were doing. Curiosity, jealousy and excitement could been seen from the crowd. A man who was sitting near the Crown Prince and the Second Prince whispers to his friend next to him. The Crown Prince perks up and leans a little closer to the man to get a better hearing of their conversation.

Young Man #1: that must be the second Miss from the Prime Minister's household! I hears that she is a real beauty! Let's see if it's true or not!

The Second Prince, who was also secretly listening on their conversation gives a death glare at the young noble. How dare he show interest in my Rose! Thinking this, the Second Prince starts to get worried. All around him were young handsome men. He did not want any of them to look at her. Only he can admire her beauty! The Second Prince  clenched his fists and stands up.

The Crown Prince frowns at his little brothers actions. In all of the years that the Crown Prince has known him, the Second Prince has never acted this way for a girl. Especially a spoiled brat like the Second Miss from the Prime Minister's household. The Crown Prince has heard hundreds of rumors about her behavior and actions. Just thinking about it makes the Crown Prince want to personally get rid of her himself. So why has my little brother changed all of a sudden? Were the rumors false?

The Second Prince quickly walks over to the carriage. He wanted to be the first one to see her before the rest did. The Second Prince wanted to let all of them know that she was his and no one will ever covet her. Only him.

Lori waits for one of her servants to open the door. Surprisingly it was the Second Prince who opened it up for her. He had a loving smile plastered on his face. A hint of lust could also be seen. Noticing this, made Lori want to cringe. Why did she have to land herself a psycho Prince who is very possessive and demanding? The Second Prince reaches out his hand waiting for her to take it. So she did. The Second Prince happily helps her down. He smiles even more when he notices that she was wearing his color.

[System]: it seems like the Second Prince is happy! You made his day hehe😍😍

Lori wanted to puke at Flora's comment. And how did I make his day already? I just freaking gave him a fake smile!

[System]: Its because you are wearing the Second Prince's color!

Lori wanted to die inside. It's not like I had a fucking choice! Ughhh I want to leave this place already! Let's quickly get this over with.

The Second Prince leans close to Lori's ear.

Second Prince: You look gorgeous today. I am pleased to see that you remembered to wear my color.

Lori fakes a blush and drops her head.

Lori: Rose is happy that the Second Prince is pleased.

The Second Prince had to push down the urge to take her in his arms at that moment. Why is she so fucking adorable?! She is so sweet and delicate looking. I will cherish and protect her always.

[System]: Kyaaaa! Cuteness overload! Omg😭 I want a man like that!

Lori ignores Flora, she was not interested on what the Second Prince was thinking this time. Just thinking about it made her want to run from the Prince's touch.

As they got closer to the crowd, gasps could be heard.

Young man #2: wow! Such a beauty!

Young man #1: a beauty? More like a goddess!

Young man #3: the Second Prince is very lucky to end up with a graceful delicate young beauty such as her.

The young noble ladies showed hate in their eyes. They were all jealous of the attention that the Second Miss from the Prime Minister's household was getting from the men.

Young lady #1: hmph, she does not look that great to me, there are far better looking beauties out there. So what's the big deal?

Young lady #2: obviously your blind then. Can't you see that all of the men are attracted to her? Look, she gives off that "I am weak and need protecting vibe" look. What a faker.

All around him, the Crown Prince could hear the jealousy, hate, lust and admire from the crowd around him. With everybody in front of him blocking his view, he could not get a better look at his little brothers future wife's features and additude.

Lori noticed the jealousy, admire, lust and hate from the crowd. She just smirked inside. Hmph! Wait until these haters see my talent in singing. Then they won't look down on me.

Little did Lori know, that the other young ladies were thinking the same thing.


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