Otome Game Revival!
12 #12~ First love
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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12 #12~ First love

Lori looked at the jealous young noble ladies and smirked at them. Look at them, they are all so petty. Most of them would probably try to act like my friend or pretend to be nice. Ahh the hardships of being insanely beautiful. The Second Prince grabbes Lori's delicate soft hand and pulls her along in the Crown Prince's direction. Lori gives a small frown. She hates it when he touches her. Now what does he want? Lori sneaks a glare at the Second Prince.

[System]: if it was me, I would let him touch me any time😍

Lori almost puked out of her nose after hearing Flora's comment. Ewww! Too much information Flora! As Lori and Flora were having a mind argument, the second Prince glances over at his beloved.

He frowns at her face expression. Lori gave off the face of a constipated person. But to him all he saw was a beauty who gave off a shy and worried face. Am I doing something wrong? The Second Prince then glances down at their entwined hands. The Second Prince's smile deepens. Ohh I get it, she must be shy because we are holding hands in public, and we are not married yet. How cute! The second Prince, who had it all wrong turns to talk to Lori.

Second Prince: do not be shy my cute little Rose, there is also nothing wrong with what we are doing. We are, after all soon to be married. So, no worries.

Lori, who was confused at his words, look down at their entwined hands. Lori wanted to roll her eyes. Does he seriously think I'm either worried or shy about us holding hands? Pffft. Man this really is the olden days. *sighs* Now I kinda miss my old life and modern human interactions. Lori looks back at the second Prince to reply to him.

Lori: your words comfort me Second Prince.

Lori gives a fake blush and squeezes the Prince's hand to lead him on more. The Second Prince gives her a wide grin and continues to take her to his older brother. He really wants his older brother to meet his true love. He respects his older brother and wishes that his Rose and older brother will get along. After all, those two are the most important people in his life besides his Imperial Mother and his father.

Lori who was confused as to where he was taking her decides to ask Flora. Flora? Where exactly is he taking me?

[System]: he wants you too meet his respected older brother the Crown Prince! *sigh* he is also a hotty that I can't have or touch!😭 *cries*

Lori wanted to shove a sock up Flora's mouth. You and your fetish for handsome men. Flora and the Second Prince finally walk up to the Crown Prince. The Second Prince talks first.

Second Prince: older brother! I finally get to introduce you to my true love and soon to be wife, Rose.

The Second Prince smiles and waits for his older brothers response.

The Crown Prince looks at his brother's future wife. His heart skipped a beat. The Crown Prince has never seen such a beautiful woman in his entire twenty-one years.

The Crown Prince had the urge to reach his hand out and twirl her dark raven hair between his fingers. He could smell a faint scent of flowers coming off of her. How lovely...I think I'm in love.

If anyone would have ever heard the cold Crown Prince saying that he was in love in just one glance, they would be puking out blood! The cold and murderous scheming Crown Prince was actually in love! Is this called love at first sight?!

Oblivious to the Crown Prince's growing affection. Lori gave a small smile and gave a bow for greeting.

Lori: Rose greets the Crown Prince, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.

The Crown Prince hides an upcoming blush on his usual cold and none emotional looking face. She's so cute! I have this need to hold and protect her always. The Crown Prince coughs and returns the greetings.

Crown Prince: the pleasure is all mine. I'm happy for the both of you.

Saying those words were like knives stabbing at his aching chest. Why must it be you that I love Rose? The Crown Prince returns his attention to his little brother. He reaches over and gives the Second Prince's shoulder a squeeze.

Crown Prince: congratulations little brother. I wish the both of you well.

The Crown Prince wanted to bite off his tounge, every lie he spews from his mouth wanted to make him puke. Rose, I want you...but I can't. He gives another look at Lori. His heart starts to beat fast again. No! I will have her! The Crown Prince glances at his little brother. I'm sorry brother, but this time I won't let you get what you want.

[System]: poor Lori...

Lori gives a little sneeze. Was someone talking about me? Nah never mind.


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